Neon Wheels 7s

30 FS On The New Neon Wheel 7s Slot

Neon Wheel 7s brings cool graphics, spectacular payouts and 30 free spins to start with! Check it out!

Known as a very rare element on Earth, neon is found only in very small traces in both the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth’s crust. But from today you can find it at Casino Extreme’s. We present you the new slot Neon Wheel 7s! Step on stage and spin the wheels while pink and blue neon lights flash at you! Let’s introduce you to the new game and find out how to get 30 free spins.

Neon Wheel 7s Slot Overview

In the new game, vibrant and quite easy on the eyes, traditional Bars and 7s spin set on the reels with flashing neon lights and a pulsating soundtrack. The slot has three reels and five paylines that can bring many lucky moments. With a superb graphics,  a lot of exciting features and top award of 50,000 times bet per line, Neon Wheel 7s meets the needs of both low and high rollers.

Special Features

Neon Wheel 7s is a perfect combo of classic and modern video slot features. On the reels you will see classic symbols as Bars and 7s. But surprisingly massive winning potential, Bonus Wheel feature, and free spins multipliers are what makes this release extremely exciting and entertaining.

Land 3 Scatters (Wheel symbol) anywhere on the board and trigger the Bonus Wheel feature. Bonus Wheel reveals a prize that can range from 8 to 12 Free Games.

There are also Multiplying Wilds which appear on reel 3 and have the power to instantly triple any prize. Among Bars and 7s symbols, there are Wheels which offer you to win an up to 100X win multiplier and free spins, or a $5000 instant jackpot.

With all these interesting additions to already thrilling gameplay, Neon Wheel 7s is more than worthy of your attention. Try this slot as soon as possible and meet the unexpected win.

Book Your Spins On Neon Wheel 7s Slot Today

To make things even better, Casino Extreme blog gives you 30 free spins to complete your joyride on Neon Wheel 7s! Just leave a review in the comments below the post and you can unwrap them whenever you want! Don’t forget to check the full terms in the Cashier.

Casino Extreme is famous for bringing high-quality slots, each better than the last one and this one is certainly not the exception. Give it a spin and check if it’s true!

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is September 7th, 2022. After that, we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e., starting from September 8th, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by September 14th, 2022, at the latest. That is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free spins winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than 10 $/€/AUD per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

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93 thoughts on “30 FS On The New Neon Wheel 7s Slot

  1. Casino Extreme is the first online gaming I’ve experienced. And so far, they are exceeding my experience and expectations. The graphics are good. Both on PC and Android. I even have a good time if I don’t hit. Which makes the experience all the better. Thanks Casino Extreme.

  2. Love playing the new game and Had a blast playing it. Very addicting and see my self playing much more of it in the future.

  3. Game changer on deck … between all the love already for magic green 7s… royal blue 7s and even the mythical purple variety.. You add bar and triple bars flying at you with wilds on every other spin… and then.. THEN you throw in the bonus magnifier wheel!!!! Forget coffee , no need for red bull anymore … if the this game can’t get your heart to pick up the beat…. well friend , you’re already dead

  4. I think the game is beautifully laid out it could have a few more bonus features but all in all I would recommend this game to any casino lover. I would also like to see the graphics just a little bit better overall lovely game would love to try it with the 30 spins you are willing to offer thank you very much have a wonderful day. Jason

  5. Neons 7 is a simple but addicting game that’s filled with big wins, big bonuses, and tons of fun! It’s a game that will have you jumping for joy when you hit it big time!!

  6. Soooo, I totally love this game so far. And the fact that it has a .05 cent option makes it better if you do your daily free spins and win let’s say… 2.00$ then do that 5 cent roll till you get 10.00$ then start another game for a 20 cent roll.

  7. Awesome game I like the low .05 bet compared to the .20 normal low be. Simple but fun game from an amazing casino

  8. Definitely liking this one it’s like a wheel of fortune mixed with hot 7s
    Definitely can win money and have fun with this one

  9. Not a fan of the new game it payed very little and it was so fast and kinda boring but idk I’ll try again see if my mind changes

  10. Neon 7th is an absolutely great game it’s got all you want from big bonus spins more bonus spins and the jackpot on the Wheel I’m really pumped about this game and I couldn’t believe it thanks Casino extreme

    1. Great 7s game. Bonuses come quickly and fairly often. Simple multiplayer bonus is also nice change of pace sometimes knowing what u will get

  11. Good online pokies sometimes get some good wins but sometime lose it all guess thats the way of gambling

  12. Can sometimes be really good and give you so awesome wins buts also at times it can take it all away guess thats the way of gambling

  13. awesome game easy to win bonuses hand frequently probably one of my favorite games now absolutely love it

  14. Neon wheel 7 is a nice game with good features. I like the bonus feature that you get to spin the wheel to get a prize. It should give the bonus feature a little more sometimes it takes a while to get the bonus. But overall a good game.

  15. Love love love this game ! Not oy are the graphics visually appealing, the wins will make you become addicted. The bonus feature is exciting and honestly easy to get. 10 out of 10 recommend this new game a d I’ll continue to play.

  16. Love the bonus wheel in this game. Great chances to hit big. The graphics is amazing with the bright colors. I have always loved bright colors and big wins!

  17. neón sevens
    This game is pretty amazing and also very simple. The minimum water is .05 cents at one per line for a total of five lines in play.
    There are bar symbols, multiple color 7 symbols, and a feature symbol.*(also the wild)

    You need three feature symbols to roll the wheel for a jackpot relativo to your water. I.E. .05 cents the jackpot equals 50 dollars.

    I am average of 1 dollar every spins on the feature. For five cents that is great.

    I like this game and look forward to playing it further to understand it more and learn it better

  18. Neon 7s over all, is an entertaining game with great features and bright neon color graphics. The reel spins are smooth and has the feel of a great quality pokie even on my mobile device. I like that it has an option for both the budget conscious at .05 cents a spin and higher rollers at $1+. Maybe could be a little more loose and hit the bonus feature more often. I’ll definately be playing again!

  19. If you like three real slots then I would recommend this one because it has multiple features that most three real slots do not like a free spin and wild feature that expands while in the free spin mode. Great slot in my opinion

  20. Difficult to get this game to payout when on the 5 cent bet. But I do like having this option because not many games offer a low wager for times when you have a few cents left and you’d like to do something with it.
    Love the bonus wheel and the game is very cute, great colors.

  21. The game is graphically nice to play. Simple and also not expensive. Lowest bet is 5cents which is commonly enjoyed by many players. I always enjoy the games that keep me engaged and if there are more wins than losses than all the better. Games that dont show even the slightest wins the smallest wins dint keep me playing. So this one is great.!!

  22. Super fun game love that the min bet is $. 05 as well plus I’ve always been a fan of the classic casino games

  23. Neon Wheel 7 is a mix of classic slots and New 3 wheel slots. I Love the Bonus Wheel because it has a variety of different wins from a multiplier *s bet to free spins. It’s a pretty good game not my favorite but it’s ok. I would play this game again and would recommend it to my family and friends

  24. If you want to lose money fast this is the game to play I tell you what the betting is crap 5 cents 50 cents and so on as a big jump between 5 cents and 50 cents when you’re betting real money Didn’t win anything on the 50 free spins didn’t win anything the 3 times I played after that And didn’t even hit a bonus I do not recommend this game

  25. This game is ok played it for a few spins I didn’t get anything but fun none the less. Could play it again to see what it’s really about.

  26. Honestly I actually really enjoyed this particular game. I started my bet with at five cents and had some pretty decent wins. I still play this game thank you for the free spins as well they were very much appreciated.

  27. I absolutely love this game. I’ve been spinning it all night and made 300$. There were some ups and downs with it but in the end I finally got the money and the thumb numbness I deserved.

    1. Leo 7 is very awesome the coloring is very good very Spanish give you a chance to win and get your money that’s why I love extreme casino

  28. Not sure if my first review was saved so I’ll make another the new game feels like it could be really good I like the low 5c bets so we shall see how it plays out

    1. neon 7 is very awesome the features blows up my eyes as I see it it brightens up the room when it’s dark in the room and of course the number sevens got his own color to each one but the best thing is the bonus when you get the three spinner balls neon 7 is the best extreme casino really went out with this one

  29. This is such a good game! I love the 3 reel format and those bonus wheel spins are not shy at all. I have made to play this slot everytime I log since it hit the site. I don’t see that changing anytime soon either.

  30. Neon 7th is an absolutely great game it’s got all you want from big bonus spins more bonus spins and the jackpot on the Wheel I’m really pumped about this game and I couldn’t believe it thanks Casino extreme

  31. Game is very popular but got to be able to get the hang of how the lines actually payout and what the bet is and winning table means from the system and symbols equivalates too

  32. Neon 7 is a game with great features and bright graphics. The reel spins are smooth game does not lag down my mobile device. If your on a budget this is a great game eith bids as low as .05 cents a spin also for bigger spenders you can bid well over $1 per spin. The bonus feature was a littlle hard to hit. I’ll definately give this slot another try. Happy Gambling .

  33. this thing was fun I can only bet 5 NEONS50cents sometimes when you run short of money I would play it again I put it up there in one of my favorites. I also like that there are five ways to win and the bonus is great.,

  34. I have enjoyed this game alot already. I must say this may become one of the best slots on the site! I have been playing here for a long time and always end up getting nice surprises like this new game.

  35. This is a 3 opportunity to get some spins in ! This game is amazing to me because of all the different bonuses you can get

  36. Hi really enjoy this casino and some of the games most recently played neon 7s was fun neon lights payouts are resonable and bonus features are especially cool look forward to playing more

  37. This slot from what I remember is a 3 reel slot. The free spins were ok. It seems like an average 3 reel slot. Everything you would expect nothing more nothing less.

  38. The bonus wheels hit pretty frequently and even though none of my wins were very big, I played for hours and tripled my deposit at cash out. The colors are bright and the music is fun. I’ll be playing this game often.

  39. This game is ok. Once it’s not the newest slot out tho it win rate will be reduced and it will become unplayable

  40. I usually don’t like 3 Reel slots but when I tried the newest RTG slot Neon wheel 7 I was hooked! Started on the lowest denomination bet until I could change denom to 0.5 and spin without keeping track of my balance. All in all neonwheel7 is making my top 5 slots from RTG.

  41. Overall fun game I enjoyed playing and seeing all the different features I’m looking forward to playing it more

  42. I played this new slot game today, was really impressed with the bonus wheel. I enjoy the neon colors and the bet options are also nice, reminds me of the slot machines we have here where you can bet as low as a penny and yes occasionally you do come up with the penny and nickel bets. Great new slot, can’t wait to play even more!

  43. Only had enough for a fewspins but it was ez on eyes and the graphics didnt slow down the game at all it seemed. DIDNT WIN 🙂

  44. Love this game I hope that everyone gives this game a chance & I see it becoming one of the most popular casino games that they have to offer what a real treat

  45. This game is awesome. The win rate is good but the 5 cent option makes it so worth it. The bonus wheel is too consistently low but overall better than most three reel

  46. This game hits, it is a great addition to the game collection and one of the best recently added new games. Lots to look forward to with various wager options which can be very helpful. Overall highly recommend.

  47. I do love a good 3 reel slot, but to be honest, this one is not as exciting as I would have hoped. But, for 30 free spins, I’ll play and enjoy! Lol.

  48. Better than I’ve thought before. Making silver status proves you’re as good as your advertising and I respect the speed of every cash out as you’ve not failed to let me down. If you who are reading this you must give this casino a constant go for they are true to their words and then some. Your perseverance is well deserved Extreme! Neon Wheels been a great great game and we’re Loving the graphics as well looking forward to more!!!

  49. I played the neon wheel and it was a great game.. I just did not understand when I’ll get 7 7 7 in a row. Sometimes I would get b paid and others I would not. But other than that it’s a great gam the payout is great better than betting 50 cents and Winning only 5. That is crazy.

  50. This was one of the games I really enjoyed playing and also like that it started u off at 5 cents a spin. But also gives plenty of chances to win some money, and play the bonus. The color and graphics collaborate together. Altogether this game was fun great game they came out with for online casino.

  51. I love this new slot!! It’s pretty, addictive, it hits big and I love the fact that you can bet as low as 5 cents when you’re down to your last little bit lol. Also I love 3 reel slots and wheel slots and this is both! Love love love it!

  52. The game is kind of basic and I couldn’t get a bonus round. Those are usually the games I blow all my money on trying to figure out. I guess time will tell on that lol


  53. Hello i juste whana say that it is such a great game and the feature are great and rhe free spins are cool si go a haed and play.

  54. I think the games are awesome, the neon 7’s game is so colorful and fun to play. It has a beautiful layout, and so much fun to play.

  55. Didn’t have the best of luck playing Neon 7’s. I do like the colorful graphics and low minimum bet. Another to add to my list of favorites! Maybe I will have better luck thanks again Casino Extreme!

  56. This is a pretty fun slot. Colors are fun. Its simple and very clean as far as the layout. The bonus feature hits a lot more than I expected. Which is great. The betting increments are a little scattered, but still worth it to check out,

  57. I really liked the game its remarkable how with .5 i was able to hit $100 on my first spin but sure enough i won and got greedy and gave it right back but for the most part it actually is a good game i would recommend play low and as soon as you hit leave or you will end up doing the same mistake i did

  58. Impressive game, it’s simple and seems to hit the bonus often. I like the low 5 cent wager and I like spinning the wheel during feature, it is nice to get multipliers.

  59. Nice game. Very clean old school feel to it. I’m definitely going to keep playing it. Bonus seems to hit often. Also the 5 cent bet minimum makes it fun time passer.

  60. I tend to stay away from 7’s games because they seem rigged to me, and this one is no different. I like the theme and the colors and all but besides free spins from leaving this review, I don’t think I’ll be playing this game at all!

  61. Kinda slow game it seems to me. I like the 5cent bet though. Not one of my go tos to make my pot big , but nice to try once I’m spinning bigger bets

  62. This slot is a nice addition to the casino extreme library. While it doesn’t stand out as wildly unique like some other games, ie sweet blast, hog luau, etc; it is still very enjoyable.

  63. I enjoyed this game. The low betting requirements were nice! I won like 60$ on the bonus round, which was sweet. All around fun slot. 7/10.

  64. I really enjoyed the slot machine, I
    The payouts were pretty consistent. The small betting requirement of 5 cents was cool as well. The bonus round was great, I won 60$. I’ll be playing this slot often!

  65. I like this game because of the pretty colors, but the 7’s don’t line up very often… I wonder why that is? Anyway hope the next game is more cool

  66. I really liked this game. Loved the graphics and very upbeat and colorful. Was only able to bonus once during my free spins and obviously betting such a ridiculous amount of money, you can’t really win anything. Looking forward to actually playing this slot with real money.

  67. I played this game just a little bit, but even in that limited amount of time I was able hit multiple bonuses. Free spins would be amazing for this game. Please and thank you! Hopefully this month you guys have many more free spins codes for us to play with.

  68. 7 is one of the best games they have came out with a long time it keeps you in thrilled while keeping itself everybody check out the game at the game of the future but it came out of pass I’ll talk to you again when you see me

  69. Extreme is my favorite casinos I love this games and enjoy every moment of it the games are awesome this new game I like a lot fun to ook play. Smirfie33

  70. That’s awesome they give free spins to try out new games, om always hesitant to put money on a new one so for me this is great

  71. Not my favorite game by any means. It pays off fairly decent though. There is just not a lot to look at.

  72. I got a “Big Win” on my very first spin on this slot. It was a $4 win on a five-cent bet, hello! So this game is straightforward in design and there aren’t a bunch of razzle dazzle sounds and graphics, but sometimes I just want to play a old-school bars and sevens slot. And this fills that desire nicely. I like the bonus wheel, that’s fun, and for all of us non-high rollers, the option for a five-cent bet can really stretch that bank into some good playing time, even if you won’t get rich! I can recommend this slot and will continue to play it unlike that one where bunnies get run over by a truck. Yikes, no thank you to that one! But no bunnies are harmed in this one, so go play it today!

  73. This game I didnt even win even when I spent 20 towards getting the free spins on only a 20 cent bet and prob ending up getting 5-7 dollars at the end wasting 20. Oh well maybe ill better luck with the 30 more spins if there still available still.

    user name janicebrad

  74. Neon Wheel 7 is a interesting mix of classic 3 wheel slots and New slots with free spins and bonuses. The Bonus Wheel is a fun feature with a mix of outcomes from bet multipliers to different amounts of free spins. Definitely worth checking out, especially with free spins.

    1. Really enjoyed playing the exciting new game Neon Wheel 7! It works well, is not glitchy, looks pretty and ticks all the right boxes for my enjoyment and adrenaline. Will keep playing this regularly for sure!

  75. I played The new game NEON WHEEL and I absolutely loved it. What I like most is the minimum play of $0.5 also the bonus wheel is a plus. The game has become a favorite. I play it often now. The pink 7s are a great amount when you hit them.

  76. The game has wonderful Graphics also the spins are quick instead of slow like some games also it could improve on the bonus round and it I’d imagine they could do something better than what they have now also I think that the bets should be able to be higher. The graphics in the game are pretty good lots of color I am I’m very impressed good work I’m very excited to play my 30 spins thank you very much for those as well

  77. The game is pretty good with the bonus wheel popping up frequently i was able to turn $2 into $120 but ended up giving it rightback but overall good game good mechanics

  78. Its a 3×3 with 7s and Bars that runs pretty volatile with potential for big payouts, but I haven’t hit one of those yet! I do like that the smallest denomination you can wager is $0.05. My only complaint so far would be that I wish I had more options for Wager Size but that’s just nitpicking. Overall, I like this game and you should give it a whirl!

  79. cool game, fun wheel feature with extra bonus games on the wheel. Very bright and colorful perfect for fall. I like it. It pays a little too 🙂

  80. Neon Wheel is a great game. The bonus feature comes up pretty frequently and it’s definitely one of my more favorite three real games to play you should check it out!

  81. Neon 7 is great game. i like a lot how the old was mixed with the new. i just dont get why the big jump from 5 cent to 50 cent to make a bet. what happened tp he 25 cent for us poor people .lol

  82. I love playing 5 lines 3 reel games. it brings the stakes higher for bigger and better wins!!! when I first started playing neon wheel 7’s it took me three spins to get bonus and I got the jackpot. I was shocked. love this game. it’ll def have my vote and play time always!!!

  83. I love this game it’s very winnable Neon 7th is an absolutely great game it’s got all you want from big bonus spins more bonus spins and the jackpot on the Wheel I’m really pumped about this game and I couldn’t believe it thanks Casino extreme

  84. All I can say is that it is about time that they came out with a good game that was entertaining, fun, and best of all included a bonus wheel! LOVE IT!

  85. I love playing 5 lines 3 reel games. it brings the stakes higher for bigger and better wins!!! when I first started playing neon wheel 7’s it took me three spins to get bonus and I got the jackpot.

  86. I got to play Neon 7’s because the casino gave me a free 50 spin to try it out .. I fell like I need to try it with a larger denomination and it would pay out really well…what is cool about this slot is you can bet as low as 5 cents. I will be trying my luck on it again soon!

  87. I absolutely love playing on extreme. this new game is so much fun. it gives out good bonuses. I just love it!!

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