Nine Realms slot

30 FS to Battle Ancient Warriors on Nine Realms Slot

Check out our latest dark-themed slot inspired by ancient warriors and battle your way to 30 FS!

Prepare to embark on an adventure-filled journey filled with dark magic and ancient enemies on Casino Extreme’s incoming slot release called Nine Realms. The exciting fantasy world of the game inspired by mythological warriors introduces some brand-new features that are going to keep you on the edge of your seat! And to help lighten up your path on this journey we’ve prepared a little reward in the form of 30 free spins. Bear with us to find out how to claim them.

Nine Realms Slot in General

Nine Realms Slot is RTG’s take on the mystical fantasy world of mythological warrior cultures with 243 paylines during Base Game and 78,125 ways to win during Free Games. The volatility of the game is as high as the temperament of ancient warriors that inspire some of the symbols. Winning combinations are formed by these symbols appearing on adjacent reels from leftmost to right, except Scatters, which pay anywhere on the gameboard. Scatter is represented as the Free Games symbol and the top award goes up to 2,500x times the base bet. What also makes the Nine Realms slot unique is that it adds two new special features along the Free Games. The Mystical Zone and the Gatekeeper Portal Features.

Mystical Zone Feature

Mystical Zone consists of all positions on reel 3 during Base Game, while during Free Games it is made up of the middle three positions on reels 3, 4, and 5. The function with the same name is activated when a stacking Warrior symbol fills the entire Mystical Zone. Any other Warrior on the gameboard can change into the triggering Warrior, and the game pays according to how many of these symbols there are overall.

Gatekeeper Zone Feature

Because it can happen at any time throughout the Base Game and Free Games feature, Gatekeeper Zone is the feature that surprises players the most. However, it can only be activated after a non-winning spin. The Helmet symbols that make up the Gatekeeper Portal appear on the gameboard in random places. Afterward, they will morph into the corresponding Warrior emblems. And once they emerge all wins get evaluated.

Free Games Feature

As far as Free Games are concerned, they start when the Scatter symbol appears on reels 3, 4, and 5 at the same time. The gameboard expands from 5×3 to 7×5 during this feature, offering players the aforementioned 78,125 ways to winning combinations. Additionally, the Mystical Zone expands to encompass reels 3, 4, and 5’s center three locations. The bet cannot be altered during Free Games, but it must be played at the bet amount of the spin that set them off. Once there are no more Free Games available or the maximum payout is reached, the Free Games feature comes to an end.

Battle Your Way to 30 Free Spins

If you want to join the ranks of greatest warriors worthy of Valhalla, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Claim your 30 free spins in exchange for a review of the game that you can leave in the comments. Also, be sure to check out the terms of the promotion below. Battle on!

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is August 3rd, 2022. After that, we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e., starting from August 4th, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by August 11th, 2022, at the latest. That is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free spins winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than 10 $/€/AUD per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

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101 thoughts on “30 FS to Battle Ancient Warriors on Nine Realms Slot

  1. Hi this game has great graphics and i like the games that are the ancient based ones this is a good one and easier as can use low bets

  2. Nine Realms is a fun and unique slot game with multiple ways to win like the Mystical and Gatekeeper zones. I like the unique wilds feature and the graphics for different characters. Best thing about this game though is the free spins/bonus round which gives a lot of chances to win on expanding reels. Will definitely be back to play this one some more!

  3. a this was a fun game I didn’t get to hit the bonus so I didn’t get the experience that unfortunately this time but hopefully with these 30 spins I’ll get the experience the bonus and see what it’s like it was a fun game even though I didn’t even win much playing on the 50 spins still had a lot of fun.

  4. This is the spot u need to be playing at. No joke. They take care of their people. Yes, speed of payout is important, and they deliver, but its the times when u dont have alot of money that they show how truly amazing they are.

  5. So far I played the game once and I’m not too impressed with its ability to hit often and or have yet to see its payout abilities. However, there are some cool features that allow for free spins, as well as pop up wilds etc. I’m sure I’ll be playing it more to know whether its a choice game or not.

  6. This is a very cool game with the characters coming into play in each of the 5 columns. I’m definitely ready to play it again.

  7. Awesome game love the bonus round and hit pretty big on it will most definitely be playing again. Look forward to winning with this slot.

  8. It is always exciting when a new games comes out, it’s fun to see what the bonus will be or the free spins, how the game will play. I always enjoy playing on this casino win or lose its fun to think I could win at any time or lose lol

  9. The game seemed slow at first but as soon as it heated up it gets exciting. The potential for huge wins especially in the free games is astounding to say the least as the game play area triples in size.

    1. The game is all good I was just saying that I want play the game lot of the time with no interuption at all and the whole family loves the game…

  10. Game had good graphics and I liked the theme. The return seemed low . I won 1.52 in 50 spins. I’ll try again another time.

    1. I love this game I’ve gotten up to 60 its very interesting and would keep playing because I love it very much I wish I would cash me out big one day thanks so much for this new game casino extreme

  11. Wow this a big winning game when you get the wilds to come out the really pay big I like to bet 5$ a hand so I can see this one really hitting huge awesome job guys

  12. Very good game I enjoyed and would definitely play it again the wins are nice and game stays interesting thank you

  13. Totally love this game, especially the free spins and bonuses!! Love the graphics and game play. As always Brango delivers another great game, keep them coming!

  14. This is by far my new favorite slot. It’s got it all color ,sound and graphics are sick . The shear epic epicness of this new slot is one to be tried. So give it a go you w I nt be let down

  15. I think this game is absolutely amazing. It has lots of features and lots of ways to win big. I cant wait to hit it hard baby!

  16. Fun game with great graphics! I like the theme as it is different from all the others. I haven’t played it a lot but it seems the wins are either minor or massive. Volatility is exciting!

  17. i love the new game guys just the them alone was apealing then right away the gatekeeper bonus was soo awsome and the expanding bonus was an extra cherry on top reallly loved it

  18. This is an amazing game. And a amazing site definitely win big and big cash outs you need to sign up and give it a try

  19. I think the new game is ok it seems to be hard to get a bonus and the payouts are a little low but for the most of it I enjoy it as I do with all the he games it’s pretty much hit and miss with any of the games I play. But ty for your great and wonderful service

  20. This game is really interesting! I’m learning how it works but for what it is I like it soo far! A couple times durning free spins on a 20 cent bet I hit for over $75 which I though was pretty cool! Soo far soo good! Let’s keep on winning

  21. Hello to all my fellow slotetcular friends on my nine realm journey I was left lost and searching for even a glimpse of gold silver or even copper pennies and I barley racked up enough for a small pint of ale. I neither got a chance at any of the so called features in my short time playing before I ran out of coin to continue my journey further into the nine realms. I hope to again have a hand at the nine realms as I will continue on my spintastic journey of slotterlands!

    1. Samesies! Not one single chance to play ANY of the extra features and win less than $3 in 50 spins. I guess the few people that actually got a feature just luuuuv it, and the ones that didn’t well…we see it a bit differently.

  22. I klove this site including it sister sites this is a money all day no play play staright to the mula get your mula casino GIVER!!! Words cant even explain the value I hold to this casino love being EXTREME!!!

  23. Really love the new game 9 realms Really fun seemed like I Had the advantage more times than not all around just fun game fun game oh and I really enjoyed The Special bonus feature keep up the good work guys

  24. as a highly experienced online gambler, I highly recommend that anyone trying to enjoy online slots should really give this one a try. May the odds be ever in your favor.

    1. This game is a lot of fun, I like the theme and to he graphics are great. The bonuses are all good payout for everyone.

  25. Slow paced but highhhh payout. Won upwards of $1500 off a $1 bet. Does have drought periods so check your bankroll and if you start to dip, take a break and comeback. But the low minimum bet and high. Potential outcome can change your outlook against playthroughs in an instant.

  26. Exciting fun game with great features keeps you on your toes with great graphics seems to pay out pretty well to!

  27. Well i have been lucky enough to spin this game 60 times on Yabby and it was a trip cause i. Never fully made out the scattered function but this game gotta hit big and 20 cents bottom 20 line bet.. Check it out! I look forward to trying to grab a snack payout on the 30 freebies coming!

  28. New has nice theme and is has really good payouts and leave it to casino extreme bring another great slot to there long list of phenomenal games to play great job

  29. This game was absolutely amazing. I like all of the features that it provides I like that I hit a mega win right off the bat. I would recommend this game to any and all gamblers

  30. I love the new game with the free spins I can’t wait to play it again it’s exciting to play all day

  31. This is very fantastic and fun of the game what so ever been playing slots. I am recommending to play this slot. Good luck to you!

  32. I’m still so so on this game. It’s hard to follow or know. What’s coming in a win. It has so much going on and so random. But I’ll continue to try it out and will update this in near future. Game just read lease today

  33. I never ever played this kind of fantastic and exciting slot game have been playing before. It is so fun and much more! Have a good day!

  34. I played this game. Wasn’t that exciting for me. But some others might like it but just my opinion . It wasn’t that great

  35. Not really my type of game. The small amount of money that you use for your spins really don’t get you any type of payout

  36. Love the theme for the game nine realms. The bonus wilds when they appear are great. Love the extra playlines in freespins. Abit volatile in regards to wins. But when it does, it’s pretty epic!

  37. Nine realms review
    Game features:
    Reels: Five/Seven
    Rows: Three/Five
    Paylines: 243/78,125
    RTP: 96.00%
    Wilds: Yes
    Free spins: Yes
    Bonus game: Yes
    Progressive: No
    Mobile: Yes

    Nine Realms online slot, has the standard five reels, three rows and an exceptional 243 paylines, including an unique feature called the Mystical Zone. The autospin feature can be set to infinity, as well as the roll speed can be increased in the click of a button.

    Mystical Zone: This is the feature on reel 3 that you see surrounded by a mystical border.
    When you get a stacked Warrior symbol it splits into any warrior symbols and fills in any matching symbols.

    Gatekeeper Portal: Can be randomly triggered in the base game or free spins.
    Can only be triggered on a non-winning spin.
    The Helmet symbols will morph into matching Warrior symbols.

    Free Spins: Scatter symbols that are labeled Free Games will appear on reels 3, 4 and 5.
    Once this happens it triggers 7 free spins and the game board becomes from 5×3 to 7×5 giving the player a total of 78,125 possible winning combinations.
    The Mystical Zone also increases, covering the mid section of reels 3,4 and 5.

  38. This is alot of fun to play. It’s engaging and has a lot of cool features I really enjoyed it alot and you will to

  39. This game is a lot of fun. There are so many ways to win. I got lucky and hit $90 on a .20 cent spin so of course I’m hooked!

  40. Hey I played this game the other day and the payouts were awesome I made some good cash off of it and recommend it to anyone who wants to make money!

  41. It’s an great game! Lots of ways to win.? Playing here is fun, great way to win extra cash and have fun at the same time. Payouts are always under an hour using bitcoin. I’ve cashed out several times!!!

  42. i liked playing the game it looks good, but it just didn’t payout for me. I wasn’t able to get free spins or the bonus but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

  43. I was not really impressed at first but then I began to change my mind. I felt the payouts were a little lacking until I started hitting some sizable spins. I can say it’ll take a hefty bankroll unless luck is on your side. But it’s a game I will surely play again. More features that I didn’t get to see. Until next time 9 Realms …….
    Thank you Extreme. Two thumbs up👍👍

  44. The game has great graphics. I enjoyed playing it, I wish I would have won more money. Overall I had fun.

  45. I think the graphics were very niice but when the wall of symbols came up 2 times i did very well until i decided to get greedy before thinking. Oh well could of gone either way . Next time around ill try to take it slower!

  46. This is a cool game. Seems to get a fair amount of bonus spins and usually nice paying. Plus lots of big money plays in the regular game… give it a B

  47. The visuals are pretty cool but after 50 spins I only came up with less than 2$ and didn’t activate any of the bonuses or free spins. I’m sure I’ll come back and try again in the future. But all in all not my favorite. Casino extreme on the other hand has been by far my best online casino experience!

  48. The new realm slot is a new slot that has a different gameplay experience. Volatile is high on This game or low. I meant it’s hard to hit anything or the bonus sorta. Which means it probably pays out high when you do hit. We shall see

  49. Idk I love there’s another new game but this one seems to be one of those hit big once a blue moon if you can but maybe just need more time on the game. Always love new games though… excited to see how this really can pay

  50. So far this new slot has me hooked! its super fun and exciting and keeps the anticipation going for another great win after another. Alot of ways to win which is why this slot is on the top of my list to play!

  51. What an excellent new addition to an already enjoyably complete collection of games this is! I love it and can’t wait to test my luck more on this one!

  52. Great fun too pass the time always a blast when playing with this fast paying casino. Always something I look forward too

  53. this game seeems very eciting and promising and even the bonus does but ive played it quit a bit and to be honest its underwhelming barely pays anything that ive seen so far but maybe others have had better luck good luck and hope it turns out better than has been so far

  54. I actually quite like this game and have to say that my wins were pretty nice as well and I would recommend it to anybody who’s curious and maybe just needs that little push to try it out. The spin features really nice and overall I’d say it’s good quality slot option with some nice flashy graphics to go with it!

  55. always exciting when a new games comes out, it’s fun to see what the bonus will be or the free spins, how the game will play.

  56. Johnnyblaze5000
    So I got a chance to play this slot the other day and out of 50 free spins I only I had 3 spins hit for anything granted one was a $12 win. so I’m gonna play it a couple more times to get a better feel for it. It definitely seemed to have potential to be one of the better slots to play.

  57. This game is pretty cool. I like that it has many ways to pay and the free spins feature is awesome. Definitely recommend it. One of my new favorites.


  58. Well this game sounded cool enough but I didn’t get to experience even one of the supposed cool features. Not one bonus or whatever features are advertised and made only a couple dollars in 50 spins so can I say this is a great game? Hardly…what I experienced was not fun or exciting, just lame. Sorry but unless you got to experience even one special feature, you would feel the same way. I’ve seen people say the graphics are amazing, but they’re just average and nothing we all haven’t seen before. Wish I would’ve had a better experience…

  59. Well I played the game and I like the different realms with different leaders. But it seems to take a long time to get free game. When you get a full leader in the white box then it changes all leader to one. But the free spins go by fast. All in all it’s a nice game.

  60. It’s a nice game with some cool realm with awesome people. But I find it doesn’t give out a lot of free spins . And when it does it goes by really fast.

  61. Didn’t get to hit the bonus but still a ver fun game to play. Casino Extreme is always adding new versions of favorites and newest games.

  62. I like the game but think it should hit o little more… I also believe it should have more bonus features..

  63. Great game with even bigger payouts. Great resolution on the game and food color. All around great game. I couldn’t enjoy it without extreme.

  64. Haven’t had much luck on this game yet but seems like a very interesting game to say the least. Can’t wait to see some big wins.

  65. This is a great game with great graphics. It also features great audio. there is a lot to like with this game so I would suggest it for everyone.

  66. This slot game is amazing. I got the free spins and won big on the minimum bet amount. So, the potential is super great for huge wins even on the the lowest of bets.
    I certainly can’t wait to play this game again and again.

  67. The first thing I have to say is I think it’s great that we get 30 free spends for leaving your review. As for the game, the first time I spun I went on it but then after that it just went all downhill from there. Definitely was not as many bonuses as I thought there would be and honestly the game got kind of boring. Hopefully the next game will be better. I don’t think I would try it again

  68. So far this new slot is amazing the features and the overall design of the new game works all perfect not slow or glitchy like multiple games can’t wait to try more luck with those 30 free spins

  69. Dablkhand00

    This slot is trippy. The SCATTER HARD TO FIGGURE FOR ME one thing for shore betting a buck on this slot could pay you some serious cash. HOT A BIG ONE MY FELLOW GAMERS

  70. This game seems like it has lots to offer but I haven’t given it a good enough chance so I don’t feel I can weigh in my opinion. For me this will not be a go to slot however it has great potential.

  71. At first I did not care much for this game. yet I noticed that you can win a fantastic amount of money even on like 60 cents a wager. I recall winning close to 300 on just a 60 cent wagers. the freegames dont hit real often and i didnt even win much the first couple of times. However when i increased my wager a little and tried again it paid out EXTREME.

    good game high pay potential

  72. I like the unkown of nine realms, tons of variations and all that while paying good through the cycle and have yet to do so but anticatipate the bright lights and flahses of that bonus round hit!

  73. I wasn’t a big fan of this game or many of the new games to be honest this and khrysos gold I didn’t like but I’m just a sucker for the classics I guess but thank you for the spins!

  74. I think it was a good game I didnt win anything either time I pkayed but overall it was fun. 7 out of 10

  75. So ready to explore all the game like this and then to come…let the fun and winning Begin……GOOD LUCK ….let’s play….

  76. I liked the graphics in the game definitely. I guess I just got caught off guard by the game play. I was a little confused at first. Maybe will try this game when I’m done with my usual ones.


  77. Great game, really easy to win big on low bets. Also great that there are multiple ways to hit big pots without having to get free spins. That being said I did go on a great run and hit free games a number of times in few spins. Highly recommended!

  78. From the reviews and graphics game seems intriguing. Haven’t ventured yet to play it due to missed promotion but I look forward to a change of game scenery.

  79. Hi this is definitely a cool slot Nine Realms is a fun and unique slot game with multiple ways to win like the Mystical and Gatekeeper zones. I like the unique wilds feature and the graphics for different characters. Best thing about this game though is the free spins/bonus round which gives a lot of chances to win on expanding reels. Will definitely be back to play this one some more!try it out

  80. What a game!
    It’s not like any game that I have played before. You can hit some really BIG wins on the free spins. Love it.

  81. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of this game. It hardly ever has any decent feature’s that account for anything..maybe I’ll warm up to it overtime but right now I’m now I’m not a big fan


  82. This game is actually door I’ve play and won before on a different platform and it’s a game to play to have fun and to win cash

  83. So I love whenever they have new games come out! I enjoy this game’s graphics and variety. It’s different than any of the other games, so different I’m not really sure how to win in every way. Also, I’m wondering if you could really hit big on this? I’m guessing you could because every time I’ve played it I’ve never won anything. But if you do, I’m thinking that’s when you really win big!

  84. The game has wonderful graphics and is similar to a midevule version of another one of my favorites, they should make more bonuses available and have more better almost story line integrated into the game. Best graphics tho by far I give it 9/10.

  85. its a good game but damn hard for me to win on the bonus you really need to hit something not sure what it is obviosly i didtn hit but i keep trying but very interesting has my mind wondering i still dont get most of it but learning so ya ill keep playing it for sure

  86. I personally do not like the game very much. It’s not very entertaining. My first first spin I did end up winning, but it went all downhill from there. I’m not really sure if I would play the game again. Hopefully the next time it comes out will be a lot better.

  87. I love the new game! The feature if my favorite part for sure. Definitely will add this one to my rotation going forward.


  88. I love the graphics of this game but I haven’t got to play enough to experience any bonus rounds yet. So the regular rounds dont seem to payout so well.

  89. I played 9 realms only a few times I enjoyed playing it but didn’t hit many decent spins I got free spins once but I think after I play a bit more the features will start to come out. Another RTG slot how can’t you love it

  90. The free spins I got made me not like the game. I deposited later and gave it a try again. I had some good luck and enjoyed playing it this time! I definitely prefer it on turbo play!

  91. It’s a very cool game. It’s something different than what we’re used to but it fits right in. Awesome game with plenty of giveback to players. Would definitely recommend.

  92. 9 Realms is actually a lot of fun, I’m a huge fan of games like these and this one really pays – and the bonus is a whole Lotta fun; triggers them frequently. Every spin that you make a hit pays well. Not many little baby wins.

  93. The game is all good I was just saying that I want play the game lot of the time with no interuption at all and the whole family loves the game…

  94. Cool game with nice graphic design which has awesome features. It’s got multiple different features during gameplay giving you multiple chances to hit it big. Had a couple nice hits put in the end wasn’t able to capitalize on them maybe you will be able to good luck. Username joshawa837

  95. 9 realms seems capable of big wins… Guessing it’s volatility is very high… Took many spins (100+ at least) to get the feature/free spins that expands the reels – giving, so far, the illusion of very big wins. The potential for big wins during the expand reels is there; just not for me yet… and that’s after 5+ trips to feature-land – cumulatively won the equivalent of 4 spins… at the most. Filed under bad luck. I’ll end with when big wins seem possible the game is more exciting and 9 realms definitely checks that box.

  96. i like wen they get new gamea on this site they always give u free spin i think that is smart to so u can see how the game is

  97. I thought the game was fun to play as well as very rewarding. The bonus game had me hooked I give this game 2 thumbs up. Graphic for the game we pretty decent

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