A Wild Bunch of Meerkat Misfits Brings 30 FS

Join the Wild Bunch of Meerkat Misfits and grab your 30 free spins for a review!

Lock & load your guns and get ready to join a pack of renegade meerkats on a mission to save the animals of the savannah, while cashing in on some serious treasure! Casino Extreme’s new Meerkat Misfits slot is about to take us on one hell of an adventure! And as usual, that’s not the only thing you’re about to take, as 30 free spins await for your impressions! You can check the terms of the promo below.

General Overview

Meerkat Misfits slot is RTG’s latest, which has managed yet again to surpass everything in terms of graphics and storyline. The 5 reels 30 fixed paylines slot transposes us to the dusty world of the African savannah with scenery straight out of some Mad Max movie. The high volatility of the slot that pays 2,000x (500×4) is the logical continuation of the story. Especially once you get to know the ferocious characters that serve as the Symbols.


The bunch of misfits that serve as the game’s Wilds are the four eponymous meerkats. They play the roles of Scout, Hunter, Muscle and Commander. Each of them carries a prize multiplier that increases for every Wild in this way: 1x for Scout, 2x for Hunter, 3x for Muscle and 4x for Commander whenever they show up on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. They also substitute every symbol except the Scatter which triggers a special Free Games Feature when you get three of them to appear.

Free Games Special Feature

What makes this slot’s Free Game Feature so special is the fact that it has 4 different stages. It allows you to advance progressively with every new retrigger. The first awards you with 7 free spins and 1x multiplier, the second 8 free spins with 2x multiplier, and so on. Once you get to the fourth stage and clear it up, it resets back to stage 1. We should also add that the progression through Free Games is independent per bet level and primary game reels are different per every stage.

Grab Your 30 Free Spins

If you want to join this gang of mischievous misfits in their noble mission to save their habitat, we’ll help you by giving you a little head start. Join their endeavor by giving Meerkat Misfits slot a spin, and we’ll reward you with 30 FS for your review. And the meerkats will show their gratitude with a fair share of spoils from their burrow. Jump aboard!

Terms of the Promo

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is June 22nd, 2022. After that we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from June23rd, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by June30th, 2022, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

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82 thoughts on “A Wild Bunch of Meerkat Misfits Brings 30 FS

  1. A nice game and not boring, you will enjoy playing it and there is a great opportunity to win a huge amount of money. Try it and go into the fun adventure that will give you fun and money

  2. The new game misfits seems like it’s gonna be a good one. I hope I get lucky. U guys better join the play

  3. I enjoyed the theme of the game as well as the winning rate, hopefully I will get to progress through the stages. Give it a shot I think you will like it

  4. I love this new game. It’s colorful. The features are. So fun. Great job keep up the good work.

  5. This game was alright so far it might have a little something to it if you get lucky and bet big

  6. Not all that much fun in this one felt like this game was force could be better but only play once so I’ll give it two more trys before I fully say ion like it

  7. Very fun game I enjoy pressing the spin button over and over. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose but it is alot of fun

  8. The new game is cool you get bonuses really easy you want a lot of money a wild Bunches of meerkat misfits

  9. I really like this game even though it took a minute to load first three spins I had give me a bonus I like it very much and it’s pretty quick to learn and it doesn’t take everything you got in 5 minutes. So I would recommend this to everyone

  10. This game is amazing! I love the wild as well as the free spin retrigger feature. This will be my go to game for the foreseeable future.

  11. This game looks amazing. I can’t wait to play it! Extreme has always been great at releasing games that are not only fun, but entertaining! Keep it up extreme! You guys rock!

  12. I love this game ! It reminds me of cash bandits with the wilds and the 5 of a kind, making it easier to get big wins. It’s fun, and I like the bet options. This is definitely a game I will continue to play no matter how much I deposit.

  13. I’m not a fan. When I played the payouts were very low and even with the free spins bonus it’s not worth the cost of the spin. The concept is cute. The name is trendy but the game won’t be something I frequent.

  14. This is a super fun, visually pleasing new slot! Great effects and features with lots of different ways to win. I was only able to play a few spins but definitely looking forward to spinning more. Thanks Casino Extreme!

  15. this game seems ok, i have only played a few spins so far but am excited to try out the free 40 i just got from subscribing. will update!

  16. Honestly one of my favorites. In all aspects of the game. Reminds me if trigger happy. A favorite

  17. the new game is dope especially the multiplying wilds…and they give out free spins like its nothing lol but in all actuality its a pretty decent game all around

  18. I’ve played this game on there sister website and I actually won it’s a pretty badd ass game that give out free spins like every other spin I won a total of 100 dollar s from this game you should give it a try you will not be disappointed it’s badd ass casino extreme is one of my favorite site I go on everytime I get a chance I go on it and gamble because I always come out a winner thanks

    Username name: Lawerence92

  19. Username: 19hart19
    What Little I have Played of this Game was pretty Cool. Amount of Free Spins starts out kinda Skimpy 7; however there appears to Be Various Levels within Bonus. All in all I see the Potential for Lots of Fun if you were to get on a Winning Streak

  20. This new game meerkat misfits has some awesome bonuses and it’s a 80 percent payout rating. And the payouts from winning lines are high

  21. Cool and fun game, which was nice of casino extreme to give away for us gambler’s to graciously accepting with dinner forks and knives in had ready to devour a chance at free money and insight on this fun new game! Thank u extreme.

  22. This new game seems to give you free spins fairly often and it’s a cute little game. I’ve played it quite a bit since released and I thought it was horrible at first then I was granted a mega win with just one spin so now I know that It to does have big payouts at times. You should for sure try it out yourself and I think you’ll enjoy it to.

    Username joshawa837

  23. I am looking forward to playing this game… as soon as I make a deposit that is. Why offer these spins without mentioning that a deposit needs to be made first? I will get around to depositing in a couple of days when my money gets delivered to me. It seems weird to not honor those offers when a person usually deposits 1-3 times a month. My apologies if I do not meet your high roller status… lol.

  24. This game not only had plenty of wins, I hit the free spins a few times, and the payouts are decent. I havent liked a new game in awhile but this one is good.

  25. I like this game based on my first experience. It seems to hit bonuses often and the payouts can be huge. The four stages thing is kind of weird…i don’t fully understand what that’s about. But all in all, i like it

  26. I played this game on another site and really liked it. There are frequent bonuses that go through 4 stages and i kept retriggering more spins in the bonus round. Huge payout. I like it a lot and can’t wait to play it again

  27. I didn’t get any free spins, but the game isn’t boring and it did pay out ok with the multiplier. I am excited to see what the free games are like.

  28. It hit free games a lot and easily the first few times I’ve played it but not so much now. I like the look of it and the pace. It’s one you can play for awhile to enjoy the sport of it.

  29. This game was particularly active and very colorful
    and exciting.
    Even without being offered free spins on
    this game I will be playing it again.

  30. hey there CE- I liked the speed of this game! unfortunately I did not hit any of the bonuses so I don’t have a real strong opinion on how fun it could be. probably won’t play again because of this. ty

  31. The new game seems like it’ is gonna be a good slots game and pay out really good.. I like the feature it has.. can’t what to play it more often..

  32. Fun new game cool theme free spin bonus seems to be frequent will play it more once I deposit again to get more of a feel for the game

  33. This one of the bat i don’t really like but i see it looks like it can hit big.. Check it out

  34. The new game is pretty fun. Seems to hit free spins alit and they seem like they really could hit good I’m ready to play more

  35. Really good game. Everything just went smooth and fun wins. Especialy The bonus. Not too haard to get either. 8/10 from mr zutt. I wish i could spinn faster than The turbo. Have a Great time with that game!

  36. Super fun game great bonuses and nice returns! Better then some of the games on this site! Still doesn’t beat my favorite game storm lords tho! Nice graphics and payouts what els could a guy ask for!

  37. Exciting new game at #casinoextreme !! The excitement comes from the graphics and the speed of the game. Can’t wait to play it again! And I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Thanks Casino Extreme!!

  38. Seems to be a really attractive place for people like me who love to have fun playing online casinos and extreme casino is the place to be, this game in particular is awesome! Hope to win some money to help with school and rent and this seems to be the site to be on!!

  39. The new game is cool you get bonuses really easy you want a lot of money a wild Bunches of meerkat misfits. The extra free spins are spectacular also.


  40. This is actually a pretty fun game and not just saying that either. But i DNT got any complaints about it except lol let us win more haha. Other then that i always play prob daily lol.

  41. The game itself is actually really cute. Does have the possibility of winning big on this, just depends, like all the other games. This is 1 of my new faves tho, you all should check it out asap!

  42. This game seems to be hit or miss and I mean really miss lol. The concept is fun but the payouts are just too low even with free spins.

  43. Fun Game! Bonus rounds and free spins are always a plus. Graphics could be a little cleaner and my lucky better thanks for the newest game!

  44. I love this game. Especially when the free spins are triggered! It’s a nice new game with soMe pretty awesome features to it. My favorite is when it hits five times and it gives you a big win in your bet! Great adddition!!!

  45. Definitely love this new game the bonus was hit my first spin it retriggered 3 more times each time you hit the bonus it puts you up a stage. The bonus rounds have a stage 4. Each stage is the corespondent multiplier. Very great graphics also

  46. I really like the game I did well on it and would love 30 extra spins to jump back into the action with a big win hopefully love playing at extreme

  47. A very fun game and not boring, you will enjoy playing it and there is a great opportunity to win a huge amount of money. Try it and go into the fun adventure that will give you fun and money I recommend

  48. I enjoyed this slot. I actually really like the cartoon graphics. That would be the main thing. I could see myself playing this game to get through a playthrough after I played my usual favorite 2 games. Not bad. I liked it. Didnt win on it but every slot has potential.

    Username: Thekopeliz1

  49. This game is fun. A little different and hard to get free game bonus. But it is worth it because I have won more than I thought I would while playing. I would recommend this game to anyone who is sceptical about it. Great game!

  50. the theme is kinda all over with different symbols, the multiplier is so random that you never know when it will be applied if ever. The free spins feature hit so many times, but the payout on the freespins was a joke. Like less than $1.00 and that’s with re-triggering the free spins during the FS bonus feature – so 7 games plus 21 re-triggered and I only got $0.64. I don’t see myself playing this game in the future.


  51. So exciting!! A new game with specular imaging and amazing features, from the best online casino!! And my favorite!! Happy playing!!

  52. The best game on here in my opinion it pays and it keeps you in tuned with the game as well. I play it every dam day lol

  53. Definitely a cool game with bonuses that pay well when hit right. Can’t wait to really see what this will do when I get some good money on it…love new games and will probably be a top favorite!

  54. So far this game is pretty awesome with a wide array of bonuses, free spins, wilds etc and its payout is up to par as well and the theme is definitely one to enjoy.

  55. I really truly enjoy playing this game. MEERKATs are funny. Might be my phone but it was glitchy. First three spins gave me a bonus. I like it very much. it’s pretty easy to learn. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Fun fun fun

  56. This new game is pretty fun. Definitely no shortage of free spin bonuses and its very visually entertaining as well. I’m sure I’ll go back and get some more spins on this one.

  57. Meerkat misfits is a really cool game. This game has it all its bonus’s which are super fun and the wilds that are in play just triples the experience with huge wins. This by far may be my favorite! Awesome game for sure

  58. I think this game is fun and you have great chances of winning. I have bubbled up many times on this slot and just think the idea and graphics are outstanding.

  59. So far from what I have played on this new game, I can see a big potential for big time wins. The multiplying feature for the free spins is something new I have been waiting for. Can’t wait to hit that big spin on the top tier. I’m for sure excited for this new game.

  60. Really fun game easy to understand. If you bet big you get great results. I recommend this especially for new players. As a matter of fact I’m about to drop a deposit and play right now join me.

  61. Its not a bad game. Very colorful and interesting to play. However, I haven’t had much luck overall playing. Don’t let this discourage you. I’d give it 4 out 5 stars. Visually it’s awesome

  62. First time there has been a issue so I’ll give it another chance!!I haven’t hit any free spins on it yet so I can’t comment about that feature but everything else about this game has been absolutely spectacular so farThis is a great game. I did not hit any of the bonuses.. It’s very hard to get the bonus

  63. Great game just love it just love it it’s awesome I would play it every day every minute of the day

  64. I feel that this game is very fun and offers an excellent bonus round that almost everyone will enjoy. Definitely a well thought out game and super fun all around!

  65. Definitely one of the best new games this year. The feature is cool how it goes up levels and the wilds are also super cool and make for bigger wins. Nice work!

  66. The new meerkat game is awesome urgent really have to check it out it’s insane how much you can in the making languages $5 to start off


  67. Theres better games its lacking on Features
    In my opion and the free spins seem to never pay but i do give credit to the stage process that is a nice touch but overalll its not one of my favorite but to each there own just have fun is the main thing.

  68. All the games are the same. Make sure you cash out if ya hit big cause you keep playing and they will take it all back. Garaunted.

  69. Not too sure looks line a fun game after I get my free spins I’ll be sure to come back and let you know my opiniondave

  70. This game reminds me of Rudolph’s revenge. I like this game and hope that I can bet bigger to see big wins

  71. This game is awesome. It has really good payouts. Take time off your hands and never not havi g fun.

  72. I like the style of this new game a lot and the music is catchy and has good graphics. My only issue is the free spin feature, I feel like it’s hard to get the. Other games and you do get it. They never pay out big.

  73. This game has cool heal and great colors I played it a bit and didn’t ever get a big win just not lucky Enough I guess. Still fun to play.

  74. I really liked playing this new slot game. It has tons of features and would recommend it to anyone. I’ve had the chance to play in real money mode and just loved it, I can’t wait to play it again!

  75. Meerkats is pretty fun I like all the different wilds that appear. Also the graphics. The
    bonuses are different and I want to see something more cause I don’t really get too many multipliers. Other than that the game is awesome

  76. I like this games fast paced nature and when you win you usually win quite a bit. I could definitely deal with more games like this. Keep up the good work 👏

  77. I like this high voilety game it’s cool how in the bonus round you get those extras multiples to boost your winnings I like how each meerkat had it’s own value where they mutiply into different ones

  78. I like this fun bland game it look like it will be boring but when you get the bonus that’s the best part how it multiplies your wins and u get a chance to boost those winning

  79. This slot is really nice I like the details and the free spins are really good to not a single thing I don’t like good job guys

  80. This is another great slot guys everything about it is really awesome the details of the slot and the free spins rewards is awesome too

  81. The game Is cool and reminds me of cash bandits. I like the wilds and it’s easy to get free spins.

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