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Enjoy in the Adventure With New Game Banana Jones

When you think that there are too many snakes and ladders, they will appear again. Exactly, this is the focus of the brand new game “Banana Jones“. This is one of great specialty game which launched RTG and now you can enjoy playing.

Banana Jones is on a mission to save the magical Crystal Banana. He must reach the temple before the Crystal Banana ends up in the hands of the evil Leopold the Leopard and his army of snakes. Your mission is to help Banana Jones navigate his way through the ominous Temple and find the Crystal Banana while battling the slimy snakes of Leopold. Banana Jones symbols are scattered across the board and it is your job to collect them – as you roll the dice and move across the board.

On this Snakes-&-Ladders-like game, you’ll get to roll the dice 5 times on each bet. It means that you have five chances to help Banana Jones complete his expedition. Beware though that if our hero lands on the head of a Snake, it will move down to its tail and away from the temple, while landing on the base of a Vine will bring him closer.

Banana Jones slot

Your winnings will depend on the symbols you collect. And remember that once you reach the temple, the Crystal Banana Quest feature will be triggered to spoil you with additional prizes. If Banana Jones lands on the head of the snake, it moves down to the tail of the snake. And if it lands on the base of a vine, it moves up to the top of the Vine. Symbols collected are tracked by the counter and are paid according to a pay table.

The Treasure Wheel is triggered when Banana Jones lands on the Treasure Wheel Head of the board and it awards 1 spin for a cash prize.

During the game you can select the chest and fruit inside the chest will be added to the counter. There could be a banana, grape, apple, plum, pear.

You will enjoy helping Banana Jones to reach the temple. Try this game immediately in a fun mode and when you think you ready for big prizes, play it for real!




3 thoughts on “Enjoy in the Adventure With New Game Banana Jones

  1. Ok the third set of rolls I had I won 125.00 getting sent back on snakes I believe 4 times but ever since then I havmt won anything I like the game EXCEPT the spinning wheel I can’t stand that it gets so happy over 2 cents what how’s that a heroic win LOL come on if it would just leave the wheel with my 2 cents or any other .1 or .2 or .5 win I would still play it but theres nothing heroic about a win less than your bet that’s actually a loss in my book well that’s just my opinion thanks.

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