What Our Players Think About Slot “Gods of Nature”?

Do you like to share your experience in playing games with other players? If your answer is “Yes” then you also like to read what they think about one of our latest slot games “Gods of Nature”. This slot also named “Tian Di Yuan Su”. If you don’t play jet this colorful slot, check out reviews of people who did that. You should listen to them because their experience is firsthand.

The new game has really great graphics and that makes it more fun to play. I have not noticed big wins with this game, and the feature seems few and far between, but overall I still like it better than some other ones.

“Tian Di Yuan Su” is a 30 line Chinese-themed slot packed with action and features. The sun is wild and a moon can give you up to 33 free spins. The game utilizes the elements such as earth, wind, fire, water, wood that payout good wins, but they have much smaller combinations using playing cards that pay a lil smaller but still decent. Overall..a very colorful, fun, and exciting game guaranteed to kill boredom.

This game is so damn awesome. there’s no way you can hate on the game that has a bonus round like this. It’s the same type of bonus round that you get in the game Cai Hong. Tons of free games that can be multiplied by I think up to 18. This is where the money Is at.

Really cool game, it looks like it could be an anime series. And everyone on here couldn’t be more right about it being hard and having your bank drop pretty low but I’m going to keep playing at it and hopefully, it will pay off and if not at least I had fun.

I haven’t played much this game but from what I have played I gotta say I love the vibrant colors and awesome art. I did think the game is a little too slow that is until I put it on turbo and then it’s just perfect. Still looking for that big win.

Very nice game, a lot of excitement in it! good bonus feature and payouts are very nice! I really like the moon feature of it! also is good playable on mobile casino!

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