“Stardust” Slot Reviews of Our Players

What is the best game review? That one written by the player. We know, that you agree with this and because of that, we asked you to write your impression about the new games that we launched. Our newest slot “Stardust” is magic. While you spin the reels you could imagine that you are sitting in a wonderful forest and that everyone around you is a fairytale! The specialty of this game is that Lucky Feature may trigger at the end of any normal game, which turns up to 5 reels wild for a supercharged bonus spin!

If you already played “Stardust” we know that you enjoyed and because of that, we want to remind you that Casino Extreme has an exciting monthly promotion and every Monday you could get 30 free spins on this slot.

Now, if you didn’t jet play this game, but we don’t believe it’s that, read reviews of our players. For sure, it will be very helpful to you!

“As with all new games that are released, I start slow. I have played Stardust a couple times. My last session, I hit a first spin bonus! I am not sure I like the .40 minimum bet but time will tell. Looking forward to a few free spins to try it out further. As always…Casino Extreme is the best online casino for U.S. players! Fast, fair, friendly and honest! Instant withdrawal is awesome as are all the support people!”

“Stardust is magically exciting. Those fairies have so much attitude I just love them, especially when they fill the screen and turn everything wild! The lucky spin feature was a super fantastic surprise. Can’t wait to spin spin spin again!”

“The new game, Stardust, is full of surprises. You will have used almost all your balance, then BAM! “BIG WIN!” and you are right back up. This game does take a few spins to hit some bonuses, but in the end, it is usually worth it. Give it a try.” 

Try this game and make sure they’re right!

“The mobile version of Stardust has a great new scenic imagery, especially if you’re used to playing the same slots over & over again like me. Controls and paylines are easy to figure out & I didn’t notice any bugs while playing, though all the new mobile games could definitely speed up the pace it takes from one spin to the next. I started out thinking this was a lemon & I could barely win a dime, but when I finally hit, I hit big enough to make up for it! 4 of 5 STARS.”

“Stardust is a well themed, visually appealing game. Played several different times, and though I didn’t see much action the graphics are pleasant and kept me interested. For me, the bonus is super hard to hit but pays well. I found the lucky feature a nice surprise added a bonus. Overall, worth playing, Stardust is definitely one of the better newly released slots.”

“I have played this Game many times, It was entertaining but very difficult to get the tree roots. I think I managed twice and that was sheer luck, not down to my play. Very similar to most of the RTG slots at the moment but still enjoyable. In fact, I have never uttered so many loud expletives in all my life while trying to beat the game. Really good Bonuses when you manage. Good Graphics better than some, only wish the reels would not spin so fast Yikes my poor eyes. really good game.”

“Great game you have a chance to win 4x if you land on the fairies, along with the random lucky feature, and free spins you could hit big winnings I would definitely recommend casino extreme if you’re looking for a great online casino with instant withdrawals!!!”

“Stardust is a fun a beautiful slot game. The fairies are wilds and if she changes color it’s a wild multiplier. Three willow trees grant bonus free spins. There is also a Lucky feature that triggers randomly at the end of each spin!”

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2 thoughts on ““Stardust” Slot Reviews of Our Players

  1. I really really like this game it’s a surprise every spin u might get ? And the trees they come when u least expect it this is a game to play if you wanna win big u will spin get alot of fairy’s which might or might not turn blue when they do it’s a multiply x 4 but u may have more than one fairy turn blue and if all of them turn blue look out cryptocoin wallet play this game and enjoy remember “LUCK IS A SKILL SET YOU CAN REFINE” so be happy and play happy #GOODLUCK Playing at the best online casino there is #CASINOEXTREME the peoples that work here are very good at there jobs trust me I can be a pill and they handled it with dignity and respect so much so that they have gained my respect that they will never get a hard time from me ever again so Casino Extreme staff I send this one out to you #GREATWORK

    1. Thank you for this great words! We try to do best for our players and appreciate when we got feedback from you. Follow our blog and official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, new promotions will be soon!

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