Player’s Review of slot “The Three Kingdom Wars”

Best review of some game is a review which wrote someone who played it. We asked our players to write their impression about one of the latest RTG slots “Three Kingdom Wars” and got some really great reviews. All who wrote a review got 50 FREE SPINS for playing this slot. Check out all reviews of slot game “Three Kingdom Wars” below the blog post HERE.

We separated one of these reviews which is very detailed and we take it on the whole.

I’d say I’m a pretty frequent customer at Extreme, and the games can start to seem redundant, to say the least. Every once in a while tho, the man with a plan unloads a new slot that blows my mind. Lately, it was fantastic, followed by Asgard. I thought nothing could be coming good enough to pull me away from either of the 2. Then came “Three Kingdom Wars” Wow. Yes wow. The sum of my feelings towards this captivating colorful whirlpool. From the moment the game loads, it reaches plumes of mystical smoke around you to draw you closer, almost whispering the promises of riches that await you. The nature of its high volatility is immediately apparent, as my first spin struck a 10 cent payout, followed by 2 or 3 with no luck at all. But on the 4th spin, I was blessed with a five of a kind, thanks to the dragon wild in the middle row. Not long after, 3 scatter symbols whisked me off to the feature. Part 1 is 5 free spins with 2 or more scatters landing extra God Spin bonuses. Those with luck on the side can even earn a feature retrigger with the landing of all three scatters. When the games are complete, your God Spins begin. Dependant on how many bonuses were won, you could have several extra perks including 5th reel wilds, grouped empress, scatter pays 3* along with other multipliers that leave winnings potential possibly endless.

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