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Hyper Wins Slot Review – Get 30 Free Spins

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Wow so early in the year and already we have an explosive hit on hand contending for the slot of 2022! I am of course talking about the new RTG slot, called Hyper Wins Slot. With its EDM soundtrack blasting through our hearts, let’s jump through this neon maze and see what the hype is all about!

Hyper Wins Slot Base Game

With gems and candy bursting out of the screen, it appears only one thing was on the game developer mind. Mobile! Now, this game is also awesome on the desktop but it appears that the folks at RTG are embracing mobile wholeheartedly. But, enough about that, let’s talk about the game itself.

While the neon colors are the first things that come at you, the game soundtrack is what takes it apart. The soundtrack isn’t there just for show, it’s there to get to you in the ZONE. Hyper Wins Slot is reminiscent of the rhythm games from ancient times of the early ’00s. Though what’s not similar is the huge top award of 5,000x the bet, per paid spin which is extremely rare but not surprising for this slot.

The beat keeps pumping while you keep raking in the dough. But, even more interesting is the fact that it’s also a classic 3×3 slot, like the ye olde fruit machines! It’s a heritage of over 120 yearsStill there we come a long way from the early years of slots, as this game pays any pay line you can imagine. The already mentioned candy/games symbols come in all shapes and sizes, from hearts to diamonds. But these basic symbols can’t compete with wild, well Wild and Scatter symbols of the Moon and Star, respectively. Let’s take a look at them next!

Wild and Scatter Symbol

A yes, the mystery of the moon shines brightly on those who open their eyes to it. Spoooooky. But for real, this symbol packs some extra punch and more importantly cash. As always, the wild is outshined by Scatter as this Star is shining like a full-blown supernova! 

Get 8, 15, 25, 50, 100 or 200 free games, with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 Stars triggering them by appearing anywhere, on the reels. But that’s not even the most important feature that is triggered by the Star. That distinct honor goes to the Hyper Prize Feature which ties nicely into our next segment.

Hyper Wins Slot Bonus Features

Finally, we can talk about the bonus features this game is sporting. 4 different bonus features coming your way, all unique and all are helping you get those sweet big wins! Let’s see who’s first.

Hyperwin Bonus Feature 

When 3 symbols (without wild) appear on the Bonus Line aka the middle row something magical happens. They transform into Moons, and an extra big hit of moolah comes your way. Pretty easy right? Well, buckle up because we are only getting started!

Free Games Feature

We already explained the Moon and Star(s), but let’s add a few more details in, just in case. During one of these free games (ranging from 8-200), the prize doubles when a triple (or more) Star is hit. Amazingly, this feature can be retriggered and you even get additional Moons, making those big wins inevitable!

Hyper Prize Feature

A yes, the big kahuna. The coup de grâce for all other slots. This feature’s why you play Hyper Wins Slot, my friend. It takes 4 Or more Stars, but it’s worth it. It’s important to know you can trigger it only before the Free Game Feature. 

For each Lucky Star you score you get a pick (so 4 or more picks). After that, you only pick from the 9-reel locations and reveal instant prizes of up to 1,000x of the original wager. All Free Game Features triggered during the Hyper Prize Feature play out after it!

Lucky Feature Trigger

Now the wild card of the whole group the lucky feature can trigger during any random spin. When triggered this shape-shifter morphs into the Free Game Feature or the Hyper Prize Feature. So, with all that in mind, you can figure out why this is a high volatility game not for the faint of heart.

Review Hyper Wins Slot & Get 30 Free Spins

But wait there just a sec! Don’t get discouraged, just yet. If you give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it and maybe even fall in love.

With a perfect blend of futuristic and old-timey elements plus a high volatility, this slot has something for everyone. It’s also my personal pick for the slot of the year.

But don’t just take my word for it, play it yourself! And then share your experience through a review of Hyper Wins Slot in a comment below this post and score 30 free spins on Casino Extreme! What are you waiting for, get in!

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is January 12th, 2022, after which we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from January 13th, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by January 19th, 2022, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

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173 thoughts on “Hyper Wins Slot Review – Get 30 Free Spins

  1. Only had 10 bucks and it didn’t really take off very well but I’m sure that’s all it was just about any game you pick on Brango that I found has potential to win money. I was just goofing off and gave it a few spins. So I figured I would put it in the blog and try to get some more spins. 🤙

  2. Another great addition for Casino Extreme. Awesome bonuses and features from the moment you start. Can’t wait to see how much this game wins me..

  3. I am excited to play hyper I know from past experiences that I will enjoy it extreme never disappoints when it come to slots an a fair game …

  4. extreme casino is a very fun and exicting casino and i enjoy all the extra bonuses that are offered with any deposit that is made it is really worth any money put into this casino.

  5. Hi I absolutely enjoyed this game and thank you for the opportunity to get some free play!! I love this casino . I have yet to withdrawal but everything else about the casino and this new game rocks!!!! We l l good luck and thanks again yall!!

  6. I think the features is aweaome on it I would continue playing that paticualar alot I enjoyed playing it

  7. Hi I absolutely enjoyed this game and thank you for the opportunity to get some free play!! I love this casino . I have yet to withdrawal but everything else about the casino and this new game rocks!!!! We l l good luck and thanks again yall!! Then yall like to entertain me with these bobot things we try to communicate unsuccessfully with hahaha thanks again guys have a great day!

  8. Yes. I played and enjoyed playing with this slot
    Psych. Dreamy and unpredictable are the words that can be used for this slot.
    I recommend you try this game once
    You will fall in love with that

  9. This new game is absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t play at any other casino. They are always friendly and they promise you lots of free stuff through there blogs but it never shows up. Now they have another promotion they are living about and making people wait some more for nothing. Thanks casino Extreme

  10. Hyper Wins is a fun idea, but it wasn’t my favorite slot. The bright colors and the way the symbols slide down is cute. I did not hit a bonus so I cannot speak for how it was. It wasn’t very high paying for me but every dog has his day, I suppose. I would like to see more classic 3 reel slots. 🙂

  11. Its a cool game just needs more wins and payouts great graphics and needs more bonuses

  12. So far, I like it… The games are cool… Not much luck yet, but it will come…

  13. I love playing casino extreme its the best casino I’ve every played at I would always and forever play. At casino extreme

  14. I just now tried this game and I LOVE IT!!!! Of all the slots I have played this is the best one so far, I’ve never commented on any slots and had no reason to. But I just love how it seems so realistic and the way you get wins is awesome. On majority of the games you have to have the same symbol but on this game, as long as u get three whether it’s two on one line or not its a win. The best part is when you get three symbols on same line they turn into wilds and win a little more then expected.. I give this game 10 STARS!!!! This game is now my all time favorite… THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY!!!!

  15. Hyper wins is super colorful and vibrant. Along with being fun. I didn’t play long enough to know about how good the wins are but I’m eager to find out

  16. Not a big fan of this game, it’s slow I can’t stop it during mid spin like a lot of the other slit games. But when it does but it’s pretty nice

  17. The game itself looks very exciting and fun and appealing appearance wise however out of 50 spins, the bonus was never triggered and my total winnings were $2.40 LOL not a great money maker.

  18. This game seems OKAY. So far, it seems a little boring. That is my initial thought about it. However, that may change if I end up winning a lot on it; winning seems to make games more interesting :). We’ll see how it goes!

  19. This game is a lot of fun I really enjoyed the free games featured. Casino extreme is the most real life like casino I’ve played online. You put your money in but you definitely get good returns. I would recommend this online casino with the best slot games to anyone.

  20. I have never loved a game as much as I feel in love with this one. It looks so realistic to being a slide. I like alot of the slots but this one is by far the best I have ever played. I love how when u hit three symbols in a single line that they turn into wilds and you win a little more then you would. Its just so hard to explain how amazing this game is, so I strongly suggest for anyone to try it out and you will see how awesome this is.. I RATE THIS A 10 STAR!! I know it is now my favorite game and I don’t see how another will ever be as good as this one!!

  21. Hyper Wins is another good addition to the casino. I love when the stars and hearts light up and just multiply. Try it out!!!

  22. I can actually say that this game has its name for a reason. It sure HYPED me up as soon as I tried it out. It is by far the most amazing game I have ever played.. I just love how the symbols turn into wilds when they they are on same line and how much more you win and I have never seen anything like it!! 5 STAR ALL THE WAY!!! I strongly recommend this game to everyone!! IT IS NOW MY ALL TIME FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!

  23. I have to say, I really love the 3 reel slots more then I do the 5 or 7 reel.. and the moon and stars as the free games is an added plus, haven’t yet gotten the free games but can’t wait till I’m winning with them

  24. This is by far the best game I have ever played. The one game that actually deserves a 10 STAR!! I love just how realistic it looks and it truly is as of now my favorite. I don’t see any other game as amazing as this one. I strongly recommend this to everyone!! It’s only a few days in for the year 2022 and I just dont know how to explain how amazed I am by this game!! 2 THUMBS UP FOR SURE!!! Great job!!!

  25. I played Hyper Wins slots many times. I enjoy the game as well. Give this slot a chance. Good luck!!!

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  27. I have been a member of this casino for a while and I think they have awesome graphics when it comes to the games, the promotions are fairly good

  28. Of course one of the best ones I have seen with me you don’t have to wait and you can’t stop it

  29. I love the bonus rounds on casino extreme they never fail to pay out like many other online casinos one of my favorite casinos online 😁

  30. Pretty good if you can get a bonus and it pays out and you can triple up and build your stack quickly try it out!

  31. Extreme is the best. I’ve said it before… when it comes to payout speed, extreme fast! Chat support is the best with speed, and friendliness. They never leave me with questions unanswered. Good job casino extreme and thankyou

  32. It’s definitely bring 2022 to that new edgy fast fun would love to experience it for real not just for practice! Taiboogie143

  33. Very, very fair when it comes to winning🥰. It all deppends on how much your willing to bet per spin. This game is so beautifully designed. Best looking game online. Will be playing it again lol

  34. I wasn’t impressed with this new game. I got a bunch of features but it just wasn’t an “exciting” game to play. I will give it another play I am sure. Lol always like to give the new ones another shot but if you are looking for a thrilling slot play… this isn’t it in my opinion. I hope it is better to the rest of you!❤️

  35. SUPER COOL 😎! I love the non traditional pay lines. Definitely a refreshing change in the the game line-up. Looking forward to winning big 👍!!!!

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  37. I was not impressed with the game,untili actually hit a good spin. When you winit is a good win;) I’ll keep playing!!

  38. Then game is ok. Not really my style.im into being able to stop reels when I want. But I m sure then payout will be a blessing to any and all who play it. So good luck to all and happy new year!

  39. Then game is ok. Not really my style.im into being able to stop reels when I want. But I m sure then payout will be a blessing to any and all who play it. So good luck to all and happy new year!

  40. I love casino extreme the games. The customer service is a fast and efficient. The hyper is awesome. Everyone should try it out.

  41. I thought the graphics were awesome.. I just didn’t like the fact you couldn’t stop the reels on your own.

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  43. This is a really cool game. Visually it’s bright and eye catching. You have the opportunity to win big with multiple wilds, free spins and bonus rounds. Try it. You will love it. A+

  44. I liked the spin effects. Very different than most slot games I have played. The game offers free spins, rainbows give you a larger win. Hense the term Hyper I would suggest to everyone to play a least once. It’s not my preferred type of slot game. This slot won’t be in my favorites. However, it has many different ways to win. When it pays you could Hyper Win!

  45. I believe that the thing will be fun and exciting to play just like all the other games on Casino extreme are can’t wait to play it

  46. I thought this was a fun game with alot of opportunities to win. I will diffently enjoy playing it more!Ashtynv96

  47. I love casino extreme .the games are the best and funniest . Easy and quick deposit and withdrawls.

  48. Love this game I win more than I lose can play this game 24/7. It’s like I can’t lose

  49. With a perfect blend of futuristic and old-timey elements plus a high volatility, this slot has something for everyone. It’s also my personal pick for the slot of the year.

  50. Hyper wins is a very radical futuristic new game. It’s exciting and I love the neon colors and bright gems and all wild moons symbols, plus landing on the bonus stars which trigger the free spins feature. I enjoyed playing this game because it’s an all-ways- pay slot and pays frequently. I also like the pleasant music in the background.

  51. I thought it was a pretty good game although I did it enjoy the graphics that much. But it did provide good enjoyment.

  52. Casino extreme is a fun game it pays out and I don’t have any problems at all. I highly recommend this game to all my friends and family.

  53. Love this game! It may take a little time but when the bonus hits that’s when the funds will roll in! Great new look and feel instead if the classic 3 reel. I’m hyped!

  54. This is my favorite 3 Reel slot to date! Got a really good futuristic vibe. Hyper Bonus is where it’s at. I have had really good luck with the game so far! Good Job!

  55. Great game seems like it has the potential to be a nice payday.. I like these type of games there fun to play

  56. Well people i want to say that Hyper Wins Slots are the best inSlots in town i hope you in joy it

  57. Love this game with many option and Winning possibilites. Always suprising and fin to play

  58. I’ve played the game a few times & so far, it’s sadly not shown too much promise.. no good wins yet. I hope it was just a bad day for me & not just the game.

  59. This game I have played before find it to keep your attention into keep playing it ..don’t mind it at all ..

  60. A good way to start off the new year with such an awesome game. I like it it’s different and something new.

  61. Awful. One of the most boring slots I’ve ever played. The animation is horrible and the game in general just really makes no sense. I never got a bonus so I can’t comment on that but I’d imagine its no better. Maybe someone else had better luck but it’s a 0 from me.
    Just like this casino is getting to be. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  62. I do believe it just game is going to be just as much fun to play what’s a lot of free spins and extra bonus is just as the other games are on Casino extreme I really enjoyed playing that casino games at this casino

  63. This is a great game. Lots of fun, exciting and the potential to win a lot of money.

  64. I really love this casino they are good place and have alot of stuff for people to get free spins, everyone should join.

  65. I played it and liked the gems. I got the stars and they gave me a bonus. I didn’t hit anything huge, but did hit five bucks on a 20 cent spin.

  66. This game is fun, colorful and exciting. I haven’t won anything yet so, we’ll see. Extreme casino gave a nice reward for leava review so here it is.

  67. Perfect selection for the big gambler in everyone with the bonus feature and free spins

  68. The new game Hyper Wins is not a game to play if you are looking for excitement.
    The appearance of the game is basic shapes.
    3 stars triggers the feature which is just a continuation of the game.
    All in all, if you just want to play to pass the time, this one will do.

  69. My honest opinion is this new slot will be a big hit and pay out well if you have enough to play each spin on a higher denomination. I plan to try this next time I deposit because Casino Extreme gave me free spins to test it out and I feel like its going to be calling me back for more fun and good pay outs!

  70. It’s fun Android playing it and I think everyone should try it it’s worth it for real

  71. It’s a fun game but doesn’t seem to pay very well. Hopefully I have more higher paying wins next time I try it.

  72. This game is super fun and I love the free spins every day!! Gives me something to look forward to! Highly recommend!!

  73. I recommend Everyone try the newest slot Hyper Wilds at Casino Extreme! it has some cool features that are quite unique im sure you will love. At first glance you might think its a regular 3 reel slot but once you give it a try i assure you that it is so much more! have fun and happy new year everyone.

  74. This might be the easiest casino to navigate that I’ve come across. Great bonuses that you don’t have to jump through hoops for and a great VIP Program. Definitely keeping C.E in my arsenal.

  75. Awesome game, great colours and graphic and pays well. Has to be one of my favourite games to play. Try it for yourself.

  76. I really love playing at casino extreme. They have been extremely fast with Payouts every time that I win. I have not won on the new game yet but I am excited for the adventure yet to come. This is the only casino that I would recommend to anyone because it is legit it really does payout.

  77. Casino extreme is one of the best apps that I have ever played at to gamble. They are truly fast at their payouts. I have nothing but a great time playing here. I don’t know much about the new game but I am excited to play it. I am a loyal customer to casino extreme because they are actually what they say they are!

  78. This is a cool new edition to a awesome casino I found it quite enjoyable for a extended period as it has nice art and is a rewarding game all round

  79. This game seems like It will be just as fun and exciting as the others I’ve played on casino extreme

  80. I love brang it’s the best casino ever deal with and no matter what it is fast and secure with cash out I’ve never played the new game but it seems fun and legit

  81. This place is great and offers a lot of things for customers who play you get a right reviews and get free spins I’ve never had a better place I would recommend it to anybody

  82. I enjoyed the game so far. At first after 35:plus spins without hitting I started to wonder then I hit big so far so good. It’s enjoyable to play

  83. Great graphics. Only thing is I haven’t gotten many free spin wins. Other than that I’m glued to it already!

  84. Already in the new year is there a new hot game but not only that it comes with 4 great bonus features and pumping music to keep them reels going How Extreme is that? Extreme Casino has got me even more addicted with this new Hyper Wins slot! Don’t knock it til you try it!!!!

  85. This casino game is one of my favorites to do when I’m home relaxing. I play a few times a day

  86. Game is awesome wish you could win alot more I’m going to rate this 7 out of 10 because you don’t win often but when u do it’s big but still vary entertaining without a doubt

  87. The HYPER WINS slots ate unique and challenging but all the fun you would expect from a class awesome game.

  88. It did very well on the free spins and the payout was great. I wish I hadn’t stopped playing it very good slot!

  89. This game was pretty fun. I like the lucky trigger feature. The.free spins didn’t pay much, However. I will play it again but it was okay.

  90. The games are really easy to play. I love there customer service. They are very helpful. I would recommend everyone to use website.

  91. A great game! Very colorful and payouts seem to be pretty fair. Live the bonus feature and I look forward to playing more of it! 4.5 stars!

  92. No matter what game I try I always lose no matter how much money I out I always lose u lose lose lose I hate myself I want to die someone please help me my cash app is $lodogg56 plz thanks you

  93. I played the game but it wasn’t giving me anything maybe next time it will ,but other than, that I love casino extreme it’s the best casino site I’ve ever deposited at. Thank you extreme

  94. Hyper spins is not my favorite! I’m not a fan of the way the reels spin. I appreciated the free try but honestly couldn’t wait til it was over!

  95. I’m still in the air whether I like this game or not. I won’t lie. It’s definitely different but I’m giving it a shot 🙂

  96. The new game is very playful and lots of fun. I love playing at casino extreme because they have the fastest payouts. I love to pass time playing here. They are legit. I love it!

  97. I kinda thought it was boring but when I opened up the game it got me to stay on the game but I couldn’t win anything but I’m hoping near future it’s going to bring me Funds’s like the site usually does868em650

  98. This game is fun, colorful and exciting. I haven’t won anything yet so, we’ll see. Extreme casino gave a nice reward for leava review so here it is.

  99. Hyper Wins Kinda slow in my opinion. Also very predictable. Not very impressive compared to most of the games on extreme. Not for me.

  100. Great choice of games great customer service. Highly recommend this casino to anyone who loves big wins

  101. I am looking forward to trying out the new game that casino extreme just added on to the website. Seems like it’s gonna be an enjoyable game to play. Hopefully the outcome will be a good one cause if so I just might have found my new addiction. Out of every other casino website I’ve signed up with ( which is pretty much almost every site known to man.. lol) I can say casino extreme is at the top of my list of recommended casino sites. With that said I’m ready to test out the new addition to the extreme experience. Thanx casino extreme you guys are the best!!!

  102. I had a nice win playing the min bet, yet still not so impressed with this game. It’s slow, can’t stop the reels and I just wasn’t as entertained playing it. Still love the casino though. 🙂

  103. Hyper win. I’m excited for sure , cause like the casino this game earns title of extreme , lucky triggers , free games and scatters and my favorite big extreme wins I mean this casino is known for extreme wins and by today’s standard it alot to says about a casino tht are a dime a dozen

  104. Hyperwins seems cool so far. Average payouts but I was super impressed with it having two different types of bonuses. Free spins and the one where you pick the symbol ! Awesome game ! Excited to play it more.

  105. I thought it was lame all I did was spin spin. Payouts are beyond low 50 spins maybe .10 cents. I don’t recommend it at all

  106. Hyper wins is he new awesome game I had a lot of fun on it it’s awesome also how when you get three Stars you get free spins no matter if it’s across diagonal up and down or scattered in a spin you get free games and that’s awesome


  107. I thought Hyper Wins was the shiznit son, plenty new dynamics coming at you. Out of the features the top three too mesmerize are in my opinion: Cascading/Waterfall Reelz with pleasing asthetics, STARS BONUS ALLOWING 1/or More stars to a reel, and lastly Combinations of moon wild and Star bonus to boot. This slot is all to easy too get ur bet set and two hours again u forget. Good work Casino Extreme. Always expecting kick ass entertainment out of you all but anyway that’s my take on it, Toodaloo ~ g*th b*y gan*

  108. This game is surprisingly different ! I think it’s a blast, it can be a bit addictive to say the least! I recommend anyone who plays slots to check this game out

  109. This game is a hit… The colors and layout of it is a great change of pace. I fully enjoy it. I cant wait till I hit a jackpot on it. Everyone should at least play it once

  110. What a fun new game… very bright and symbols are easy to tell apart. I didn’t like that you can’t stop reels on your own so you’re just dependent on good ol lady luck

  111. LOVE the LUCKY feature… got to pick 4 symbols and one of them had a $140 prize (I was only betting $1)! Made my day

  112. Very excited to try the new hyper wins slot. Have not yet but im sure it is a great addition to the many great games that are available to play on casino extreme.

  113. I really like this game for some reason it has a different feel than your typical RTG game. Highly recommend it

  114. Played it again and it actually is an awesome game. Would recommend it to anyone who plays.

  115. a really cool new edition to a awesome casino I found it quite enjoyable for a extended period as it is a rewarding game all round

  116. This game is meh to me. I understand that not all games will appeal to everyone but this one just feels like a placeholder.

  117. Hyperwins sounds good I liked the scatters free spins I had fun playing features big wins idea sounds good Username Melgozass

    The features are great,and I love this game

  119. The symbols and the way it lands are cute and the game itself, is pretty fun. I didn’t hit a bonus, but I’m sure I will when I play again. Thanks for the free spins to try it out, and in advance for the spins I’ll get for reviewing. Casino extreme rocks.
    Username Mrsem1

  120. Hyper win is next level ,rythym style kicking soundtrack and a fucking bad ass bonus system. This. Is the new face of slots , buckle up

  121. Hyper wins ,
    Rythynm game, sick ass bonus and scatters triple every win it’s like they kicked it In hyper drive this game will be the face of all new slots leading. Us into hyper drive to the future

  122. Hyper spins is a kick ass game it took me by surprise when I pushed spin and I love that it’s 3D! I’m definitely showing my friends,I know thay will love it as much as I do!!

  123. I really enjoyed hyperspins. It’s always a great time with new games and different features of the games. I enjoy casino extreme and it is very addictive. I recommend the game to everyone.

  124. Awesome new game with a big spin on the conventional way we are used to playing. BIG FUN AND BIG MONEY FOR ANYBODY WILLING AND READY FOR AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

  125. Hyper wins is a pretty cool game. It’s even colorful to top it off. At first I didn’t think I was gonna cry for it every much but after giving it a couple trys it proved me wrong that’s for sure.

  126. Great site, love playing the slots, I always have fun when i play at extreme casino. Customer service is very friendly and helpful.

  127. This game is a must play. The bonus is got some very well payouts as well as there free spins feature…the gems keep bursting into more fun for me to enjoy.

  128. At first I didn’t like this machine but I gave it another chance and it really ain’t that bad I like it overall it wouldn’t be my go to machine but then again I’ve only played it like 3 times got free games and big wins off it but it could have been better I’m sure I’ll be back to play it overall 7/10.!!!!!!

  129. It’s alright I guess. Sometimes I get a really big win but for the most part I don’t win much at all.

  130. I like the game its cool in all I just thought it would be a little bit more on the game play its good don’t get me wrong buts not my type of game i am more old school I guess I would definitely try to play more of the game and maybe it will grow on me but if you’re new to slots give it a try you might like it thanks Henry

  131. I think the future is awesome and a decent fast placed game, yalls casino is far out the best, tour customer service is amazing, yall havebtye fastest payouts around

  132. Super cool game, I would recommend everyone to give it a try. The neon colors are catchy, gonna post this comment and hit the jackpot lol. Best of luck out there peeps..

  133. This game could be better. I dont like it much but maybe for someone else. Its a little to slow and too boring for me i like more action in my game honestly more bonus rounds and opportunities for big wins.

  134. This game is fun and the Lucky Feature pays well. However the free spins didnt pay as good. I will be playing this game again in the future.

  135. Hyper wins was different… I like it, the only complaint I have is u can’t stop the reel prior to it spinning all the way thru.. but besides that the game is wonderful 👍 😊

  136. It’s okay I just don’t like that u can’t stop it when you wish to because anytime I’ve played it for whatever reason everything is bright n colorful on it until it gets to stopping itself then I’m lucky to have a winning lot of J, K or A’s at best and that’s seriously just if Im lucky.

  137. Hyper wins is very fast and good graphics and all that I really get too much of a chance to taste it but soon I will keep up the good work guys

  138. I totally enjoy and love the new game it’s extremely cute and colorful. The free game feature is amazing the more stars the more games. My favorite thing about the game is the wild the moon is very colorful and cute to look at can’t wait to get more game play in on it

  139. Took a little bit to get use to to but Im really starting to like this game. Definitely different from all other slots.

  140. Wow ! Graffics gonna turn me addict maybe lol… played around 100 spins and my bankroll stays near the same, so payout is great cuz I triggered bonus only once. Already love that game 🙂

  141. New spot is full of new vibrant colors and layout. In terms of payout they are okay at best seems a bit tight but will have to give it a try using real money balance

  142. I tried the game out today be found it to be very uneventful even boring
    The game is glitchy it is evident when screen is being jacked with and payout is stupid low -after 90 spends only landed 39 cents! And ended with 4$.00 will not be playing again and if this site is exactly like this first game I played then I won’t waste my time or money on sticking around!

  143. Hyper wins is HYPER FUN!! From the free spin stars, to the wild crescent moons, this slot will have you feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster in space!! Don’t take my word for it, spin and see for yourself!!

  144. I got to play the new game and its interesting to say the least. I’ll mix it into my normal game play from time to time. I liked the feature on the game too.


  145. Not too impressed with this game I think it’s kind of boring and didn’t really win much.


  146. Yes the game has lots of colors… But i personally dont care for Hyper wins… I believe the name is an oxymoron… The game was anything but Hyper… In fact i thought it was very boring… And Wins i never did… Im sorry i love ur site but i just think this game is a bust… Dull… Boring… Doesn’t pay out… 3 strikes

  147. Although a visually stunning game in its ascetics , the rollover and game play seems slow and or sluggish ,and I never saw the bonus feature with a low win

  148. I love this casino because it isn’t predictable and they always have new things like hyperwins. I do like this game because there are many different ways to win and also get extra bonus spins. It does seem like once you start losing that it won’t bounce back. All together a good game.

  149. I love this casino because it isn’t predictable and they always have new things like hyperwins. I do like this game because there are many different ways to win and also get extra bonus spins. It does seem like once you start losing that it won’t bounce back. Great job guys!

  150. Loved playing this game kept me on the edge of my seat with excitement very fun and addicting definitely one of my new favorites for sure foodie

  151. This game is pretty simple, but with fewer lines, it feels like it’s got a lot higher chance of getting non-paying spins. 🙄🤨😏 I haven’t had very good luck with this particular game yet, but hopefully that will change with these 30 free spins!

  152. This game looks really cool. I can’t wait to try it out! The 3×3 lines has me a bit concerned, honestly, but with the cool bonus features, hopefully I’ll have some good luck – and a fun time!!

  153. Honestly, I am typically not a big fan of just 3 reel slots, but this one isnt terrible. I like that free spins are a feature, although the payout all around isn’t all that much each winning spin unfortunately. This game definitely isnt in my top 3 and isnt one i log on and deposit to play, but i can never argue with free spins on any slot 😊

  154. All I can say is that this game surly is different. I have gave it a shot a couple of times no luck yet, but it doesn’t necessarly mean anything. You just never know maybe one day I just might win someting weather it’s something big or small. It’s just one of those type of games that I just have to get used to. It’s not that I don’t like it, it is very different though.

  155. I honestly do like the new game. I think its fun and you can win big. The random bonuss and the wilds are always a good surprise. Keep up the good work. Its awesome.

  156. I love playing hyperwins! For starters, the lowest bid is .20 which makes for more gameplay. Bonuses are abundant and sometimes you can win a lot! I definitely recommend this game for anyone. The only part that i don’t like is the fact that I can’t stop the reels.

  157. I did infact enjoy playing this game. Personally I have never been a fan of the style of games like this. But I did play and I did enjoy it. Always happy to see when RTG puts out new material, I am a huge fan. But I would definitely play this game if I needed to kill time to get through a playthrough or something. I did get the STAR bonus. It was alright. Not bad. RTG is the best at what they do and Casino Extreme and Brango are the best at what they do. 🙂


  158. Hyper wins is yet another excellent addition to the casino. The features are awesome, the design is beautiful and the winnings are awesome! I’ll be playing this one for awhile

  159. Hyper Wins is a fascinating new concept for a 3 reel slot! In this colorful game with fun dreamy icons, you spin and the reels flow like a river down and right off the screen! It is definitely high volatility but I can’t wait to try it again and see more of it’s bonuses.

  160. I have never won a game in this casino o never gotten free spins I wasted about 500 bucks with I ly wing 50 dollars I never get free spins I don’t know what’s this sites problem it gets to a point where I harm myself becuz I don’t win. I hate it but yet I still play hopefully soon we or later this shit pays off becuz I’m broke all the time now whenever I do get money I deposit it and I still don’t win please for God sakes let me win please thank you

  161. Lots of fun but I’ve not had much luck with it and have had a good deal of spins on it.

  162. This game is alright. I do enjoy when you get a bunch of wilds and then especially if you get the hyper pay bonus or whatever it’s called where the middle three symbols match and turns them all wild on top of it. Definitely makes for potential $$$
    My username is RyanIs2Dope

  163. I been playing on this site almost over a month now from a different site. First time I played I won and was able to cash out instantly with no problems. When I tried hyper win I also won the game is really fun. I like when it scrolls down and the effects it has. Love the stars . I especially love this game when it wins. I suggest that if you never tried this game try it at least once and you would love it as I do. Thank you

  164. I like the simple 3 reel slot, I haven’t had the fortune of seeing the “four different bonuses” but after writing this hopefully HOPEFULLY I’ll get to see what this new slot is all about. Good luck my fellow gamblers, may your wins be bigger than your deposit 😁 also, thank you Casino Extreme for actually living up to your instant withdrawal motto, I’ve never had to wait for more than 45 mins for any payouts so thank you. Cheers!

  165. The game was a lil confusing at first but after a couple of dollars I found out it was a money maker

  166. The game had me so full of excitement after I won over 50 dollars in n less then 5 minute’s

  167. This game is a game I would tell anyone with a casino extreme account to play this game and promise them that their account balance will go up fast

  168. i did not like the game to much it made no sense to me it wae not fun or intreting at all i will stick to my older gamemes

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