“I, Zombie” Slot Reviews of Our Players

The new RTG release “I, Zombie” is come at the right time! Halloween is very close and a slot with this scary theme is a good choice to prepare for the holiday which will celebrate around the world. Once again, we ask you to review a new game and for that, we reward you with 50 free spins. This promotion is up to date until 24th October, hurry up and grab your free spins! If you want to know what our players like and what they not in the slot “I, Zombie“, read some of their best reviews.

Fun slot to play. Free spins triggered pretty frequently based on the roughly 300 spins I played. May experience a little bit of lag on older devices. 

I, Zombie is the perfect themed slot game for the Halloween season. I like the bonus rounds esp. when the reels hop to adjacent reels – you can score big. Good game.

I really like this one. It’s a lot like a ghost ship with expanding wilds and potential for lots of free spins. The graphics are cute and even the music on this one is worth leaving the sound on! Good luck guys!

I, Zombie is a fun game. I love how the zombie jumps around and I found that getting the feature was not all that hard to do. A great game to come out right before Halloween. It does spin slowly in opinion so for those who like to spin fast patience is a virtue. Thank you for another great game and I look forward to what is next. 

I wasn’t super impressed with i-Zombie, it feels like many of the newer RTG games feel too similar to each other and slow to spin also compared to older slots. Felt a bit cheesy to me but then again I didn’t hit a bonus and I’m not really into Zombies

This new slot is very cool love the walking wilds have not got bonus yet but plan on hitting it thanks casino extreme you guys are awesome.

Played a few spins on this zombie slot and it is awesome just in time for that scary night cool graphics a must try thanks casino extreme for being the best online place to be.


1 thought on ““I, Zombie” Slot Reviews of Our Players

  1. Love this iZombie game! the suspense of whether or not the mirrors are gonna expand drives me nutts,but just when I think they’re not…BOOM! they fill the board again.That’s one sexy zombie too,love the bouncing..LOL. If you get lucky and get three or more mirrors during the free spins you get anywhere from 6 to 30 more spins(usually 18)!
    keep the ne game coming Casino extreme..having a blast here.

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