Lil Red

New Lil Red Slot and 30 Free Spins for Review

Lil Red will take you on a special adventure through the forest. Plus, there are additional 30 spins ready if you write a review.

Lil Red is here with all the familiar characters. Granny, the woodcutter, the big bad wolf, and the Little Red Riding Hood herself will make this trip more interesting.
They will take you on an adventure through the forest, and you will not go home empty-handed with the additional 30 spins we have ready for you if you write a review of Lil Red. Let’s find out why is this new game worth your attention.

Lil Red Introduction

Miss Lil Red is all grown up now, and she is looking out from the reels in a seductive manner. Think of it as a fairy tale with an adult twist. Let’s find out what will make you benefit the most.

The Wild and The Scatter

Wolf is Wild and if you get a reel full of wilds, which happens with relative frequency, that reel turns all wild – property to the matching reel on the Super Colossal Reels set. If you get multiple wild reels, multiple reels transfer. Wolf substitutes for all the other symbols, except Scatters. When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the gameboard, the Free Games Feature triggers.

Lil Red Free Games Feature

Grandma’s House appears on reels 1,3, and 5 of both the Main Reels set and the Super Colossal Reels set. Getting three or more Houses triggers the bonus. The free spins award as follows:

  • 3 Grandma’s House symbols: 8 free spins
  • 4 Grandma’s House symbols: 12 free spins
  • 5 or 6 Grandma’s House symbols: 20 free spins

The free spins work if a wild appears in any part of the Main Reels during a free spin. The entire reel turns Wild and then transfers to the Super Colossal Reels. If there’s at least one Golden Wild symbol, the reel turns Golden Wild and transfers and then sticks around for the next spin.

How to Get 30 Free Spins

Try your luck on this new game, and boost it with additional 30 spins just for giving us your thoughts in the comment below this post. Check the terms below.


  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is February 2nd, 2022, after which we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from February 3rd, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by February 10th, 2022, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

Lil Red slot



197 thoughts on “New Lil Red Slot and 30 Free Spins for Review

  1. I think little red was a great idea. I’ve only played it for a few minutes but it seemed to pay out nicely and then I love the bonuses and the fact that the more grandmas houses you get. The more spins.

  2. What a wild game! Super volatile but fun! I still have yet to get the feature but I can only imagine how much that typically pays.

  3. I haven’t yet tried this game but sure seems quite nice I’m very much sure you too will love it so good luck to all and let’s Hit a jack pot !!;;;

  4. Love this 🧚‍♂️ fairytale! And the game is wonderful, but also a game that that gives you plenty of good time as a player. How knows when the fairytale gets reel…if dreams about money it could be the game for you. Try it :-))

  5. I really liked the bonus free spin feature on the game. I said to my self this is going to be my new favorite game and I’m going to win a lot of money playing it. This game has a lot of potential to get some big wins. I really enjoyed playing it

  6. Lil Red has been such a fun game so far. I was given free spins 2 times. I will for sure play that game regularly.

  7. I love playing @ CasinoExtreme.. They give so many bonuses and I cant wait to try the new LIL RED SLOTS..

  8. Super cute slot and fun go play! The bonus paid was cool and paid pretty good. All around I give 4 out of 5 stars! 🙂

  9. I love this game already.. I haven’t played it much but what I have I loved.. it has plenty of ways to win big money mostly love the bonus round it has big wins that multiply

  10. Well I didn’t win on the new game but it looks cool. Maybe because it was on a free bonus I’m not sure. But the game is cool

  11. I believe this game has a lot of potential with the bonuses and free games. I enjoyed my 50 free games winning about $30. Hopefully some big wins on LilRed in the near future.

  12. I just played this and I have to admit that it’s really awesome I love the free spins round that is really cool to play the details of the slot machine is another cool thing about it….again extreme casino love the slot machine

  13. I haven’t played it yet but it looks like a good one can’t wait for my free spins to try it out and then I can give you a real review

  14. Lil red was a fun game and pays pretty well. I will play it again for sure. I haven’t got the free spins yet but I’ll keep trying. Thanks casino extreme

  15. I like this game for the most part. Bonuses and wilds are consistent and the payout vs bet size are good enough for me. Would recommend

  16. I like the bonus. I didnt get the grandma or lil red yet lol. But its ok not my favorite but I did play it with my own deposit. I will play it again to try and get the grandma and lil red. Free spins are the best part.

  17. I enjoyed playing this new game especially growing up from an era where this was one of the coolest books as a kid lol I definitely can see this being a new favorite

  18. I Definitely enjoy playing this new red riding hood game. As with all of their games, the graphics and response time are/is on point. Another winner in my book! Nice work casino extreme!

  19. One of my favorite online casino games. Love the vast amount of slots there are. Always excited to see what new slots are and able to play my favorite ones. Very easy to navigate.

  20. Oh I love this game’s super fun..flashy and win rate is incredible…jackpots are massive and can’t stop spinning spinning spinning

  21. played lil red and had a great time winning. Very good quality game. was happy to see good graphics

  22. I love the game ! I have played it on one there site. This is definitely one of the best online casinos hands down!

  23. I found this game on another site and I really enjoyed it the Color’s and everything worked together with the sounds it’s just an all around good game

  24. Lil Red is pretty, but the win ratio leaves something to be lacking. Maybe I just need to play more or tweak my bet

  25. This has already become one of my fav’s the feature is the best, keeps me entertained and I can’t complain about the payout I received from this one.

  26. Casino extreme is the best! I have had alot of fun playing the newest slots and i won too. I will recommend casino extreme to all my friends. Thanks for being awsome!!

  27. Pretty good game all in all seems like there should be a three little pigs slot game as well should you just follow the nursery rhymes look forward to seeing it.

  28. Little Red comes to slots with a vengeance. The cascading free spins is in my opinion the best part of this slot. That and the random Wolfe wilds.

  29. Lil red is a great new game that when I first played seemed like every spin I won something. You definitely want to try it out good luck

  30. Lil Red is a great spin on our childhood fairytale. I think they did an amazing job with this game and I can’t wait to play again! Thank you for the free spins.

  31. I really like how Grandma’s House appears on reels 1,3, and 5 of both the Main Reels set and the Super Colossal Reels set. Getting three or more Houses triggers the bonus. The free spins award as follow

  32. This game is has the potential for some big wins. The free games comes with multipliers as well as the bursting feature which allows for big wins and excitement. The graphics are simple and a little old school but definitely nostalgic. Overall a fun addition to extreme’s line up!

  33. I like new games as they seem to be easier to get the bonus/free spins. I’d like to comment about little red but I’ve only played the free version. I don’t think I can leave a real review unless I play for real. I’ll be back with a follow up review on lil red.

  34. This is the same game I play at my local casino it’s one of my favorite games I can’t wait to win big on this one don’t miss out it’s worth the gamble!!!!!

  35. Sexy ass Lil red with her basket full of goodies skipping through the forest to grandma house , it’s beautiful characters and kinda tounge in cheek. Humour go hand in hand with the. Reels tht cut like woodcutter’s axe better sly as the wolf in this wild ass adventure

  36. I really love casino extreme in my opinion it’s been Fair and always paid winnings promptly probably one of the fastest paying online RTG casino. And being able to withdraw and Bitcoin is awesome too instead of waiting around a month for a check in the mail. Definitely recommend the casino to anyone looking to play some slots

  37. This is one the beat Casinos I’m the Solar System.. Jokes aside. Seriously.. Wish you’ll all the best. As you’ll not only look out for yourselves byt also the players hard earned money.. Cheers..

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  39. I would love to be able to get to play this game but I have only been able to spin it three times. I am so anxious to o see the features and payouts on it. I see the graphics are amazing on the game. I hope to get spins to play this amazing game soon.

  40. I like the graphics and the game features are fun and interesting, it will be one of my go to games!

  41. interesting game with lots of good reels and bonuses. decent wins with good pay outs. it’s an altogether fun game to play

  42. I really like this cake also playing at this casino I may not win a lot but I do win thanks guys for the fun and excitement you let me have

  43. I actually really enjoyed the template of this game.. I just wish the payout was better considering how difficult it is to win.. overall I like the game!

  44. This is so far the best casino that 8ve played that has actually been true to theyre word and actually sent me my money with in 2 hrs of withdrawal

  45. i found Lil Red very amusing to play. It was entertaining and engaging. My favorite part was when you would get three or more of the little red books for your bonus game. EXCITING!

  46. Fun game to play. Brings back your childhood with the big bad wolf. Havent seen that big win but im sure it will come.

  47. vibrant colors exciting game play. fun bonus game. I actually really enjoyed the way some grannies morphed into a a wild wolf in grandma’s cloths. that was clever. I definitely recommend it. its pays well too

  48. This game is so much fun!! Take a chance and maybe win big money!! It’s worth a shot!!.

  49. As always casino extreme brings the fun with their new game. Very visually impressive and fun to play. I’m definitely looking forward to playing more and seeing what that bonus unlocks. Definitely worth some spins!

  50. So excited to play this game. It looks like so much fun and who can beat free spins to go with the game also. It’s so lucky. Thank you to the developers

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  52. Hello i havent played yet because its a new game i just saw it when i logged in but im very excited to play just oike all the other great games u have! Ty if i do get the free spins

  53. Little red is here with all the characters. Its fun and she is just like little red ridding g hood.

  54. Game is so freaking cool! Killed it guys! Definitley play the heck out of this awesome new slot! Letss goooo!

  55. Not to bad of a game. The features came often.
    The winnings were nice for even the minimum wager.
    It’s a game I will play again. I give it a 2.5 out of 5

  56. It seems like it will be a very fun game. It also seems like it will have tons of potential.

  57. I can not wait to try lil red it has so many bonus oppurtunities to hit big bonuses…This could be my favorite slot ever!Cant wait to play

  58. I absolutely loved this game. Its been awhile since ive seen a new game on casinoextreme so it was a lil treat seeing Lil Red!

  59. Funn game. Definitely be playing this game when I deposit more funds. Bonus comes up frequently in this game. Compared to others. Thanks for the free spins casino extreme rocks

  60. This game has me hooked. Like that I can stop one reel at time instead of all reels at once.

  61. I loved playing this game..and playing at this casino.. I spent hours on this app playing. Easy wins! A great time

  62. I haven’t yet had a chance to play the bonus’s are vague in what needs to be done to play and I probably won’t get my 30 free spins here

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  67. I really like the game Lil Red and was doing quite well when I stopped. Hope for the same results from slot when my money is on the line. But I’m bout to good find out. I really liked the game and graphics. They did a great job with game design and graphics

  68. Hello I like the new game really have not played it a whole lot let but looking forward to playing it more thanks for all the new games

  69. This game is what was needed since the hyper spin garbage was released. Back to big reel spinning

  70. This has to be by far the best game with all the free spins you can get in the game and the winning aren’t that bad of a pay out pretty sweet how many 5 in a row you can get

  71. I like how the free spins are a different winning version then the regular game super fun game if you like the story

  72. This game is so exciting for several reasons. I was impressed with how the Bonus Feature is explosive & if you play 8t correctly, you’ll find that your winnings multiply very quickly.

  73. Lil red is one of the better games i only wish the features hit alot more and that they would do away with .2cent payout. But i enjoy it

  74. Lil Red is entertaining but not what I expected the play through is way to high I won $9.89 on the free spins n my play through was $3599.00

  75. Lil red will be the next jackpot game that will have someone happy to play I played it an is hooked on it I like it better than I expected to like it an now that I spent all my money I’m trying to find a way to put money on my account so I can play some more I hope the casino will bless me with a couple free spins lol I advise you to play this game it’s awesome

  76. Hey CasinoExtreme. I like the new game, thanks for adding it to your library for me to enjhoy. i think the color schemes are toi similar, but I love the bonus. Red riding hood is gonna pay up for me..i feel it!!

  77. There has been a lot of Hype about Lil Red but to be honest as an avid player the bonus wasn’t to spectacular and the were far and few in between. I didn’t like the format and it’s basically just a typical slot. Nothing Red … about it. See ya!

  78. the casino is one of the best games I’ve seen in years and I have been having so much fun with the game and it is better than the other ones that I have been in

  79. Lil Red is a new slot but with a familiar story except that for this slot u actually want the wolf to come out since he is wild i got the free spins pretty quickly but didn’t get much from it but overall nice new game can’t wait to hit a jackpot on it

  80. Casino EXTREME was the 1st to credit my account with free spins to check out Lil Red. I can’t wait to play it again when I make my next deposit, I can really see it being a great payout game. Thank you Casino Extreme, for always keeping me busy with cool new slots to try out!

  81. These casino is the best always give free spins and also has the best games ever. I will totaly recomend to anybody to play. And theae neww game that they came out with the lil red is the best of the best.

  82. Little Red Riding Hood oh my God I bet you is the best game thanks for a chance to play your game with 30 free spins I can’t wait to play

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    This is the game you need to be playing at Seriously.
    I like the new Lil Red Slot game. I had a fun time won with free spins and played some more

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  85. Yo this game is cool as all top ones. It pays fast and quite a bit of times favorites the wolves bonus. An it brightens your spirit with all the bright colors on the game..great game

  86. Casino Extreme delivers yet again with another hit game, Lil Red. It is a new gaming experience on a classic tale. The visual experience is great, the layout and graphics are amazing. The best part is the bonus rounds, which combines numerous bonus features packed into one game. Increasing the chances to win. Overall I loved it. Great job casino extreme. That’s why Casino Extreme is the best online casino in the business.

  87. The bonus round is hard to come by but I like the game payouts and easy wins on the spins.

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  89. I really love to play this game because this game is so much fun to play and much more fun fun fun!

  90. It seems to be another rtg spin off…. Didn’t seem to pay well on wins . The rtp could be higher. Graphics were the usual…. Nothing much to cheer about. Enjoyed the free spins tho!!!

  91. This was a fun and interactive slot. It was a bit of nostalgia. The graphics were pleasantly surprising, showing originality with a modern twist. I haven’t gotten to the feature of the game in my playing so far but I will continue to go back to it as the payouts were generous for the amount of play on various low wagering amounts. This is a great game for the kid in all of us.

  92. Didn’t have the best of luck my first time or the second but third times a charm! The bonus spins can be very generous! Love the graphics and wins! Thanks for another favorite!

  93. Lil red is my favorite slot game of them all now it’s tops all of the slots. Hands down makes the top pick out of the whole casino. Hoping to hit big one day hopefully this is the slot to do so. Giving it a 5 star rating without a second thought

  94. I have only got to play a few spins but it seemed like a fun game. I loved the graphics and cant wait to see the bonus feature!

  95. This new game is a refreshing addition to casino extreme this is what makes me play here thank you extremecasino

  96. Amazing new game lots of fun with plenty of play lines. Casino extreme at its finest with another great new release on time, on point, and in style.

  97. Cool game awesome bonus and free spin rounds
    Has a lot of qualities that are important to me and I love the artwork as well

  98. I love the bonus! 15 free spins and cascading multiplier! I think I actually won enough on this game to cash out my free spins for real money! Perhaps bc today is my bday, or perhaps bc this game is so fn awesome!

  99. I have played this slot machine and I now have the insite of the slot machine and let me tell ya wow it is freaking awesome I especially like the bonus round that is one of my favorites….and the details I’m the slot machine is on point with that also I love this casino and their slot machines and their customer service is beyond this world thank you guys

  100. The game is everything to look for if you want exciting suspense have you on the edge of your seat trying to hit those spins fun and most daring I have played this far. Happy to see you all give us new games and options here in 2020! WTG

  101. The details on the graphics are great. The payout was not impressive, though – especially the Huntsman.. he paid like 70 cents for three (his role in the story just seemed like he’d be a higher payout). At the same time, there were plenty of Wilds – all in all, nice for a different spin but not much to write home about.

  102. like the graphics and the game features are fun and interesting, it will be one of my go to games

  103. Yeah its really one of the best bonus games I played and the plus more spins that it gives in the bonus section by the special icon for how more spins it can gives is adorable 🥰🥰

  104. Just want to say I enjoy the game very much and he’s a very good casino game this is a good casino I love the payouts even though I haven’t had the chance to have one yet but I do enjoy it little red is a great game and the whole casino and the customer support is wonderful

  105. I think little red was a great idea. I’ve only played it for a few minutes but it seemed to pay out nicely and then I love the bonuses and the fact that the more grandmas houses you get. The more spins.

  106. This is the worst slot I have played in a LONG time. Wasted 50 free spins and 50 bucks and never once went up! Not a fan

  107. I absolutely love this game I’ve been playing nonstop since I was informed it was here!!! Absolutely love it can’t wait to hit the win of a lifetime on it

  108. Hi well I just have to say that I love this game! Very good odds to win on the journey

  109. I played it a few times so far and have yet to win any of those free games. I like the graphics, though!

    Username is blessedmsbaker

  110. This game is so awesome and the bonus feature is 1 of the best I have come across so far. If you like action then you’ll love Lil Red because this one just happens to be full of it and never will you get tired of playing it. Its kinda like a bonus that’s inside a bonus if that makes sense.

  111. Its always good to play new games….the exitment never stops cause you duno what to exspect….💥💯job well done.keep up the good work to entertain us.🌠awsome

  112. I think it’s a great game. Have not received a bonus on it yet. So I haven’t fully experienced the full game 😉 hoping with the free spins I can trigger that bonus! 🙂

  113. I liked the new “Lil Red” slot so far.. It has a lot of great features.. And the “Free Spins” pay pretty good..

  114. Awesome new game that hits and take advantage of the intro free spins for depositors and won $84 . Not bad for free spins , thanks extreme you rock !

  115. It’s a tale that is enjoyable yet gruesome with its undertones. I liked this game on other sites and I’m sure I’ll like this one as well. This site keeps adding games that just get better and better.

  116. Fast paced and fun. It wilds often, but also when free spins over, it didn’t hit nearly as much.
    That’s typical though. Fun bonus and it was exciting to see the features unfold. Looking forward to ripping through it with a Extreme bonus to help!

  117. This is a very solid game with the features however it is a highly volatile game so choose your timing well for a big payday. All in all I give this game 2 thumbs up! Good luck to everyone

  118. Lil Red Riding Hood was always a favorite bed time story for my kids! It’s kinda neat to see it here on q slot at extreme casino. I played it just a bit ago and hit pretty nice. I will be playing alot more on this slot in the near future. Bonus games aren’t to bad at hitting either.

  119. I think the farytale theme is a good idea! It is know and popular! I will enjoy this game! good luck to everyone!

  120. Lol red is a great game! I’ve hit a bonus pretty quick witch is always nice. I will definitely be playing lil red more than the other ones. Good luck 🤞

  121. Supnintense game, little lacking on graphics but fun scenarios like little red riding hood meets the exorcist lol

  122. This game is so awesome and the bonus feature is one of the best to try. If you like action then you’ll love Lil Red because this one just happens to be full of it and never will you get tired of playing it. Its kind of like a bonus that’s inside a bonus if that makes sense.

  123. I really like playing casinoextreme it great way to sit In relax in enjoy the game play in the various selections there is to play must say worth the time it takes to create the account 😁

  124. I love this new game lil red. The creators nailed it! The bonuses are great and easier to trigger, and the payout amounts are great too. This game us a definite play.

  125. So much fun and exciting to play! Go back to your childhood storybook memories and try it!

  126. This game is a awesome game.. Top notch effects and full of action to keep you wanting to play..

  127. I very much enjoyed my play of this game and look forward to much more spins from here moving forward! Definitely the opportunity to win quite a lot if you hit the bonus. Can’t wait to hit more than 3 bonus triggers.

  128. Love this game, the bonus was pretty quick go off, just loved it. All the characters are so detailed, it was an absolute joy to play.

  129. I think this was a good idea love playing little red it’s a good game to play with the bonuses and free spins are awesome

  130. I like the game so far,but I haven’t experienced the grandma’s house free spins. I’ve gotten the house but it never activated free spins, only the storybook has. I’ll try and keep playing to see what other cool little things the game does.

    The GentleGangsta

  131. It’s not so bad I guess. I tend to like the older games cuz I love when you win big and the little gold coins spill out lol.
    I like how often you win in this game, every few spins I feel like, even if it’s only a few cents, sometimes that is all ya need!!!!

  132. I think this game was a good idea even though I haven’t played it yet I’ve been reading about it and it sounds like it’s going to be to play thanks for the free spins

  133. Lil Red is quickly becoming a favorite slot of mine! It seems like every spin is a winner. I kept getting into the bonus spin feature it seemed like every other spin, which is always nice. The payout scale is beyond awesome and the surprise symbol changing to a bonus extra wild was a fantastic surprise. If you’re looking for a slot with winning odds, play Lil Red!!!

  134. Game not to bad of a game I don’t think I like the bonuses it’s got I like it all that’s what I think of it

  135. This game stands alone when it comes to games and Brango pays! Thanks for the latest payout Brango Casino. I will keep spinning this new game. Lil Red is the best

  136. I love Casino Extreme!! By far my most favorite online Casino. The New game Lil Red has made my favorite list for sure! It’s pretty and I love the way it rolls baby!!

  137. I love the theme, little red riding hood, I just love fairytales, they are just like these casinos, yep.

  138. It’s a decent game for some reason it reminds me a lot of Epic Holiday Party. The bonus is pretty captivating if you like cascading wins/increase multipliers. Pretty relatable characters.

  139. This is one of the most entertaining slots ever!! The free spin feature is awesome, it’s like bonus spins inside of a bonus spin feature…

  140. Awesome game, would be better to hit more free spins and bonuses when I play. Lol. Good job with the multipliers though, I definitely recommend this game to everyone. Thank you. Username- luxz304

  141. I love this game I even love casino extreme they are good at bonuses and are loyal I love this game more than more due to its difference I would refer people to this casino app also this game its wonderful

  142. Darkvissure:
    This new addition to casino extreme is very lively and engaging I really enjoy playing this brand new slot and getting those big wins. Will definetly be a new favorite and go to slot game :)!

  143. Hey I love this new game it’s awesome you have to check it out no joke it’s insane how much money you can make


  144. When I first saw the new game Lil Red I thought “Hey I can’t wait to play that game, looks exciting!” Unfortunately, I was hyped up just to be let down. The game was not at all “exciting” atleast not when I was playing and it didn’t pay out very well. I found myself patiently waiting for something catch my interest after playing for just a few minutes. On that note, I’d definitely be willing to give it another go. Any slot player knows one min a game might be hitting and the next it might not!

  145. I enjoyed the game especially the free spins. I really liked how fast they spun through, I also like the wild card and how it is played. I really like playing this game and can’t wait to play again.

  146. Game was awesome hit the bonus 2 times for 150 bucks didnt hit much else tho this casino is great u. Am really play for awhile on ur money best part it’s not ur money that give i free chips to play with 2 👍👍✅thanks casino extreme

  147. At first I skeptical about this slot. Now I love it. The bonus can really pay big no matter how much your initial bet amount is. I also enjoy how the game randomly drops extra wilds in after the spin is done.

  148. Lil Red has just what every slots enthusiast wants: bright graphics, good RTP, free spins inside the free spins, and much more. It has cascading icons when making a winning line in free play which allows for added wins during 1 free spin. And the changing wolf is an added bonus.

  149. Excellent form of entertainment . I express my , most honest opinion ,exciting games like lil red and dozens of other option of slots . I enjoy the games & i would recommend casino. Extreme

  150. This is one of my new favorite games the graphics are on point. The bonuses and free spin features are amazing

  151. I played lil red it has 20 free spins for 5 scatters it was fun like the art played games like red riding hood before the new games are fun username Melgozass

  152. I really like the lil red this is a good game to play i really like this casino platform i always win i dont hardly ever loose i would like to receive more freeplay and be able to win something big i enjoy playing actually all the games on the platform this is my go to whenever i want to play casino thank you

  153. This game is great!! 😃 I especially like the free games bonus. I had a big win from that. At the end of it I added 50-something to my balance and ended up with over a hundred, I spun the bonus while still in it and did a total of 45 free games, while I was on a free spin promo!!!!
    I like the graphics in this one too. Something different and new🤩


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