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“Plentiful Treasure” Slot Reviews of Our Players

Who would you be believed more about a slot game, if it’s not another gamer, that has already played it?

Once again, we gave our players an opportunity to write a give their honest review of our new game.The game has come out with some top end reviews . Cory said that it is one of his favorite games, and Charles thinks that “Plentiful Treasure” has a lot of money to be won.

Check out what some of our other players had to say about the new comer to Casino Extreme :

Really fun game to play. Minimum bet a little higher than most slots that are available to play, but plenty of big wins to make up for it. One of my new favorites.”

“Plentiful Treasure is a really exciting game to play. The minimum bet might be higher than most games but it is well worth it. My first time playing I won a mini jackpot. I would highly recommend that everyone should try the new game out.”

“Plentiful Treasure has a lot of money to be won. They have a pearl that multiples with a winning hand and you can win a jackpot.”

“This is a really really cool game fill the pot to receive the pot treasure bonus i have won on this game a couple times and I can’t stop playing it you can bet from .08 to 8.08 amd up to five different jackpots go and play @ Casino Extreme and see what I’m talking about i give this one 5 stars as well as Casino Extreme.”

“This game is a lot of fun. I have gotten the main feature once and picking the coins was alot of fun. The graphics are good and it is extremely colorful. If you havent tried to you need because it is worth it. Thank you extreme for always providing us with great games as well as customer service.”

“This game feels exciting, rich colors and gold coins keep you spinning while not one, two but three different jackpots await for the next lucky player. I can see some big wins ahead on this one for those play with patience and start with a decent bankroll- just as the jackpots are plentiful, so is your minimum spin on this one. Good luck everyone!”

Does are some cool reviews we would say. If you have not still tried the game click on the image below to try it absolutely FREE.


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