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RTG Just Launched Unique Slot “The Cubee”

Are you ready for something completely different from RTG? Check out the latest release “The Cubee” and you will know what we talking about.

You can enjoy the exciting time travel adventure with likable character and help him defeat enemies. Your task will be to help Cubee rescue the Stone Age, the Era of Piracy and the Viking Age from malicious Rocco and his buddies and see that he safely returns to his beloved Cubeeland. real series video slot

This video slot hasn’t traditional reels and paylines and an unusual collection of symbols appear anywhere. Axes, cannons, bows & arrows, opponents appearing in different shapes and colors, and transparent power balls all have unique functions. The enemies of the Cubee is Spike, Casper, Lucifer, and Bones. All of them deliver cash rewards and use weapons to make Rocco weaker, and power balls to increase Cubee’s strength. The latter also functions as Wilds and each counts as a defeated enemy. The role of a Scatter symbol has cannons or bows & arrows, which depending on the era you currently are playing.

Each time you click the Spin button, the portal will eject a set of 8 floating symbols – enemies, weapons and power balls. A payout is awarded for at least 3 beaten enemies, and once Rocco himself has been defeated, Cubee can move on to the next era.


You have to know that your progress is tied to the amount you’re wagering per spin and every bet has its own progress saved. If you decide to change the wager once the game has started, current free spins and multipliers will be saved and the meter updated for the new bet amount.

In the upper left corner of the display, you can see current free spins and bet multipliers.

The Cubee” isn’t a video slot like you used to play, but you can be sure that it is very funny!

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