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Sweet 16 Online Slot as One of the Hottest Games

Obviously, when players are choosing a game they want to play, they like to know which one is the hottest at some online casino. The very fact that it is very popular among others, makes that game desirable and a frequent choice. Sweet 16 online slot is that kind of a game at our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme.

Maybe, the people from RTG didn’t hope that candy-filled game could be so popular. But, its brave attempt appears to be a real success. Players started to spin the reels on repeat and this slot quickly became one of the most popular.


The structure of the 5 reels slots introduces an all-ways-pay feature. With 243 ways to win, morphing symbols and grouped wilds to play with, this slice of cake has plenty of great gambling ingredients. The winning combinations are formed by symbols on adjacent reels from left to right, except scattered “lollipops” which pay any.

Sweet 16 online slot uses a unique system where any winning symbols are morphed after awarding the pays. New symbols appear in morphed positions and may award extra wins! Morphing continues after each win until no winning combination occurs. A prize multiplier builds up for successive wins from the same original spin. Prizes are x1 in the first morph through to x10 in the tenth or better morph.

The scatter symbol is “lollipop” and “sweet 16” is a group of wilds on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 and counts for all symbols except scatters. 3 or more scatters trigger the Sweet 16 feature and 16 free games are awarded, during which Morph Magic multipliers range from x2 to x20. You can re-trigger the feature. Free games you can play at the bet of the triggering game.

All you have to do before you dive into all these treats is to set the bet you want to place per spin by pressing the up and down arrows. As soon ass you adjust your stake, press the button to spin or activate automatic spins to enjoy a candy shower.

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17 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Online Slot as One of the Hottest Games

  1. Hello I have been a loyal player on casino extremes site for years and have played and deposited a lot over that time. I have always loved the site and have never had a complaint about anything!! But I do today and thought I would share my thoughts. Since the beginning of this year your promotions for players have gotten so strict that even if you deposit the minimum amount of $10 you don’t qualify for any depositers weekly free spins when you used to honor any deposit? Now you have to deposit a minimum of $20 to qualify? There are no more coupons on the coupon page like there used to be? There are no more messages in the message box saying hello thank you for being a player or letting you know about promotions? And all of the new promotions now have to have deposits every time you use them? Don’t get me wrong there are many great things about the site but I feel like you’re site is going to loose a lot of loyal player’s because you don’t reward them with any thing worth the time of playing on your site. I’m sorry to have to let that out because I hate the fact that I have to say something negative about a site that I have always loved and though was the BEST!! Thank you User : Jknightjr11

    1. Thank you for your comment. Negative or positive we will listen to all comments. Your point is a valid one and we will forward this to the appropriate department for a review. Thank you for your loyalty and we hope that in the future we can reward your loyalty better.

  2. Its really fun. Its pretty hard to get free spins but theres long winning streaks that pay you well. All in all a good game.

  3. Sweet 16 slot game is amazing! It is one of the very few games that when when you get lineup of matching symbols they disappear and new ones up here without having to place a new bet, Letting the game go and go and go on for a long time and make you a big winner!

  4. I haven’t been able to log in yet every time I log in it just spins and Spins and Spins and spin I have perfect data

    1. Hello, Chiara! Please get in touch with our live support in case you have difficulties logging in.

  5. Sweet 16 blast was a blast for me. I plan to play again in the future . Decent payouts and bonuses.

  6. I’d like to thank extreme casinos for the opportunity on trying to win money. I’ve had my days some good and some bad but I think today will be a get day but I just play the practice on sweet16 slots and I think is a. Winner. It was winning pretty good but maybe that’s just the practice that paid out like that. Who know? I can’t just say honestly I can’t wait to try it out.

  7. The new game sweet 16 is awesome. Has alot of unique ways to win ad the buy feature and bet feature hightens your odds of winning. Extreme casino is really elevating it’s game.

  8. It’s a decent game. I like games that keep dropping. Keeps the excitement up. I enjoyed it even though my money went quick.

  9. I enjoyed playing the games on this site its mostly because of my experience with the game of greatest achievements and I recommend that you do the same

  10. I really enjoyed the game it’s a lot of fun u have a big chance of winning in this game most of the spins u win but of course u have to bet more to win more really recommend this game

  11. I like this game bc u can get bonus and climb up really fast especially when ur running really low on money it ,will boost u up almost every!

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