Santa's Reel Wheel

Take a Ride on Santa’s Reel Wheel With 30 FS

Ho! Ho! Ho! Let’s put you into Christmas mood with our latest Santa’s Reel Wheel Slot and an extra present in the form of 30 FS.

The common wisdom says that the Christmas season starts as soon as Thanksgiving ends but with Extreme’s MasterCard-accepted casino things tend to go as fast as our instant withdrawals. You probably haven’t even finished your shopping wish list for Black Friday, and we’re here to put you into the Christmas mood with our new slot release. Santa’s Reel Wheel is here and along with it, Santa brings to you 30 FS!

General Features of Santa’s Reel Wheel

Santa’s Reel Wheel comes in a three single-line game special format with all symbols paying any line reflecting Santa’s generosity. And speaking of generosity it’s best seen with the top award that goes 50,000 times bet per line. The symbols are all about the festive season with Blue Diamond serving as the game’s Wild and Fireworks as the Scatter. It’s also arranged in 3 levels with each one of them holding potential for great wins.

Level Up Features of Santa’s Reel Wheel

Speaking of levels, they’re the primary special feature of Santa’s Reel Wheel. The first level is the primary 3-reel game, with the second and third levels arranged above it. The additional levels are locked at the start of the game but there are a couple of ways to unlock them that look like this:

  • Any win on the primary game, or 1 or more Fireworks occurring in that game, activates the 3-reel Level 2 game
  • Any win on the Level 2 game, or 1 or more Fireworks occurring in that game, activates the 3-reel Level 3 game.
  • Any win on the Level 3 game, or 1 or more Fireworks occurring in that game, activates Santa’s Bonus Wheel.

The locked reels will display a picture of a layer of translucent ice with a locked padlock and a losing combination (with no fireworks). The translucent-ice layer will be animated (as specified in Game Behavior) to disappear after the level is unlocked, and the reel will then begin to spin. All levels in the game are paid and in Free Game’s case, the game starts on Level 2. As far as the wins on Level 3 are concerned getting 1 or more Fireworks Scatters on the gameboard will activate Santa’s Bonus Wheel from the game’s name.

Santa’s Bonus Wheel Feature

The Santa’s Bonus Wheel Feature provides you with the chance to win plenty of additional bonuses. The main ones being the Mini, Minor, Major, Grand, and Mega Bonus. If Santa’s Bonus Wheel is turned on when you are in the Free Games, they will commence on Level 2 for each Free Game. And activating it during Free Games gets you either additional free spins or the Fireworks Bonus.

Fireworks Feature

Fireworks Feature triggers when it’s awarded in Santa’s Mega Bonus Wheel and it changes the game grid to 15 spinning positions, including the Level 1-, 2- and 3-reel positions. You also get another 3 re-spins with any of the triggering Fireworks held in a position. If a new Fireworks appears in a spinning position, it is held for the remainder of the feature. Then the number of remaining re-spins resets to 3. At the end of the re-spins, all prize values and/or Bonuses displayed on the Fireworks are awarded. And the best prize during this feature is the Grand Bonus of 1,000 times that you get if all 15 positions fill up with Fireworks during re-spins.

Get Your Christmas 30 FS Gift

It’s time to stuff your stocking with Christmas presents and turn them into riches! With a little help from your favorite instant withdrawal casino of course. As usual, all you have to do is leave a review (of at least 20 words) in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check the terms of the promotion beneath. Wishing you the merriest of Christmas season!

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is November 30th, 2022. After that, we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from December 1st, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by December 8th, 2022 at the latest. This is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

98 thoughts on “Take a Ride on Santa’s Reel Wheel With 30 FS

  1. I really like this game. Initially I couldn’t understand how you win money because most spins don’t score anything then bam it alls comes together

    1. At first it wasn’t my favourite play but after the bonus ran out and I deposited down to 1.00$ I hit the bonus wheel over and over and went up 750$! Great game try it!

    2. I love this casino! With all the free spins they throw around you almost wonder if anyone actually deposits. Well they do, and when they do they win. And when we win, we get paid out FAST!! Do yourself a favor and go Extreme!!!

      1. Santa’s Reel Wheel is definitely worth giving a try. At first it may seem like your never going to hit a good bonus but be patient bc you will. You’ll not just hit it once, but multiple times in a single round of play. It’s a very exciting and enjoyable game.

      2. Santa’s Reel Wheel is definitely worth giving a try. At first it may seem like your never going to hit a good bonus but be patient bc you will. You’ll not just hit it once, but multiple times in a single round of play. It’s a very fun game.

    3. I like this game and its festive holiday theme . It is really easy to get to the bonus rounds where the real money is made. I won multiple times already from the free spins alone

  2. I love this casino! With all the free spins they throw around you almost wonder if anyone actually deposits. Well they do, and when they do they win. And when we win, we get paid out FAST!! Do yourself a favor and go Extreme!!!

  3. I do enjoy the fact that Extreme lets us all try the games out with free spins before spending much money .

  4. Was surprised with this game, it didn’t look like I was going to win anything. I did and enjoyed the game and it was good to play something different from the rest. So now I like this game a lot.

  5. It’s a fun game. Definitely different then any of the other slots casino extreme has available. I would definitely play in the future.

  6. This game sucks – nothing great about it – the visuals are subpar – the RTP is low on the few games I have played. One can play 20+ games before a minuscule win is given. The reel wheel really sucks. I will not be wasting any money on this game, that is for sure.

  7. I love this casino!. I have played here for a long time.I have definitely won alot and also lost alot but I would definitely recommend playing with them!.!!

  8. Santas game is definitely different, a three reel slot that only lands one picture on the one reel, where were the other two? There are definitely some cool bonuses that will probably come with this game sadly i haven’t seen them yet, no doubt though someone will have a big win from it sometime soon. GOODLUCK

  9. Really fun game. I enjoy playing its very suspenseful. Had me on the edge of my seat. love this game and Extreame Casino.

  10. Did not really enjoy it at the start of playing it but when I understood what was going on and getting the feature I enjoy it really like the game pays out nice even on a low bet found it had to get a win when I was being a lil bigger it’s coz it wins big

  11. I love the new game , the line hits are a little bit harder to land but I do really enjoy the multilevel bonuses! Makes for a fun game!

  12. Always excited to play at casino extreme. They are always coming out with new games and promotions. They know how to treat their existing players right.

  13. This new slot is fun, unique, and a bit frustrating. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with the fireworks feature which has good pay outs

  14. It’s an ok slot not my favorite because to me it seems like your chances on hitting even a little decent is unlikely i am not a fan of the level up but that’s just me! On a positive note extreme casino you guys are still awesome!

  15. This game has nice graphics and I love the theme. I think the bonus should be received more often and I found it difficult to see lots of wins.

  16. the game santas reel wheel is quite slow. does not reward anything for double matches or a single symbol.the bonus round also dont feature a very rewarding jackpot. at most from a 1 to 10. I would rate this new game at a 2.

  17. I am anxious to try this new game. I hope it is exciting as they make it out to be but who knows soon we shall see.

  18. I love the many winning opportunities.
    Excited to play this slot more frequently.
    Fingers crossed for some decent wins, it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas

  19. I love this new game! My favorite part is the fireworks feature that allows you to win the jackpots. It’s definitely a new and interesting spin on the classic 3 reel game since you have to unlock the lines one at a time.

  20. This slot doesn’t pay very much , 50 spins paid a total of 20 cents lol seems like it could be fun though .

  21. Hello I like the game. It’s very fun and entertaining. I always appreciate holiday games and can’t go wrong with free spins.

  22. Nice fun game just in time for the holidays its an exciting game where as long as you keep stopping a firework on each row you’ll unlock the bonus mode its sounds easy but its harder then you think but its fun that’s forsure

  23. fun game to play, need those fireworks, and sometimes the 20 free games doesn’t end up giving much. but I like that it’s just 10 cent
    username rv2themoon

  24. I really enjoyed having a play on this new slot. I like the graphics as well as all the special features on it. I would 100% recommend it to my family and friends.

  25. This is a good game! Had to get the hang of it but I liked it. Great bonus when you bet more too! Def worth the try!

    UN: 2154395

  26. love the theme and the 3 line slot with elevating tiers. I still have not had luck enough to hit any bonus after 150 spins and the win rare itself has not impressed me out of a 150 spins at $0.10 I only hit for a total of $3.30. I’ll stick to my favorites from the past.

  27. This is not oa game I’m fond of. the wins seemed to be few and far between. However, if u are able to make it to the bonus round l-you do get ur bet multiplied reasonably it seems. I’ll try playing again because maybe it was just an off time for me and I’ll do better next time. as of now though, I’m not impressed with this one.


  28. The game seems pretty fun to play. I didn’t get a chance to play all the features but the ones I did get were pretty cool. I haven’t played many slots like this one it’s different and I like it.

  29. I really enjoyed Santas Reel Wheel, it is totally unique and unlike any others. Multiple different bonuses come together for a fresh spin on classic reels.

  30. To be honest, I feel like if you get 2 or 3 sets of fireworks in the same spin it should do more then just unlock the next level. The game is different which makes it appealing the way the bonus is set up .

  31. weirdest game I’ve ever played….not really all that fun hate the all blank spaces…a total thumbs down…I do not recommend this one …sorry for the bad reviews.

  32. I really liked the setup of this game. It’s relatively easy to get the opportunity to play for the jackpots, although I only got the mini multiple times, and was only playing for .10 so it was a small win. The game itself was fun though.

  33. Santa’s reel wheel is quite different from the usual. it’s packed with really cool features and bonuses and payouts are decent as well.

  34. This game has a unique layout, which is the first thing that stood out for me. The individuality of the game becomes clear as you begin to play, and learn that the format of the play, is just as original. All of the other slots I’ve played, the interest is for a consistent line up of symbols, where as in this game, you’ll be lucky if any line up! My experience was that the wins are from reaching the top tier (3 levels) and triggering the bonus. I did not not win anything until this point, and this was true each time. The point you reach the bonus round, I found it’s designed to prolong your time playing. The wheel consistently triggered and was given more spins. This too was consistent each time I made it into the bonus feature. Over all a unique design, and my only suggestion is that if you are going to play, I would go for playing no less than 50 cents spins. The profit off the smaller amounts felt too small. Other than that, I would say it’s worth trying!

  35. Overall this game is fun if you are able to spend the money to be able to make the money it takes a while to build up to the Santa whell the payoff has the potential for big payoffs! Overall a nice new twist to slot games!

  36. Santa wheel is pretty fun. the rockets hit pretty often and it opens up the ability to hit a free game and multiplier bonus. I’ll be playing again.

  37. I live the fireworks for Christmas 🎄 theme and the leveled tiers makes for great possibilities in winning big

  38. The idea of the new game Santa’s reel wheel, is absolutely my kinda game. But in all my 50 free spins i only got $1.70. Kinda lame smh. Fun game idea tho.

  39. I didn’t like the game that much. It was at first exciting because of the newness of the game but soon the excitement turned to humdrum. Hey I’m only one person with my own opinion. Maybe I’ll give it a chance again.

  40. Extreme is very generous with free spin bonuses especially on new games. This new game Santa’s Reel Wheel is fun and exciting. I cant wait to play this game again!!

  41. I’d like to leave a good review but u have not played at this place enough to do so. So maybe give me some free money so I can play a little rhen I can tell u what I think!

  42. I don’t about this new game , not very exciting to play . in the little that I played dosent have much payout opportunity..

  43. I didnt liked that game at all but at least there are 0.10$ bets but I prefer matching reels than mini-game style games


  44. I’m diggin This new slot it’s different so it took me a few spins to figure it out after I did it’s pretty kool another fun game at a great casino *****

  45. i didnt have any luck on it so i havent seen its potential for payouts but i kinda wish you could speed up the process of spins it kinda gets boring its slow

  46. Santa’s Reel Wheel is different from alot of slots. It seems to work from a tier presepective. the rockets on each line will trigger a bonus game or combination of rockets and winning lines. a very different game but I would need to play more to get a better feel.

  47. Username. BlackJackJosh
    I Enjoyed the new game. Fresh layout was nice for a change. Hit the bonus once for $5, Otherwise don’t expect to make any significant wins on any spins that don’t result in the feature. Thanks for the spins kn this new game Extreme!

  48. I just wrote. novel about this casino about its perks and disadvantages, well the improvements they could use but I lost it before it sent I think idk it disappeared

  49. While I appreciate anything free that come my way, this game was very disappointing to me. At the time that I played my free spins of this game, I didn’t do well at all. I consistently had the fireworks show up to advance to the next level been reaching the third level of the game but rarely did I win anything for them.
    I ended up winning approximately three dollars out of all 50 spins. For even the very low wager of .10 cents per I expect at least to win at the very least $10. Due to the Christmasy/Happy Holidays theme of the game, I had somewhat high expectations of more excitement, opportunities to win with every spin especially if you get to level three or you get the bonus wheel.
    I can say its 100℅ different than any game I’ve seen before though.

  50. game is hard, not quite sure I care too much for it. I will need to play it a few more times to determine what f it’s one I will like. but thank you for all the games you do provide

  51. I just played Santa’s reel wheel for the first time on my favorite on line casino which is the fastest online casino payout site there is ! as for their newest game it’s visiously fun and fast as well as challenging the effects and colour is perfect for the season and allthough wasn’t mu
    y night to ight I. an see high payouts on this game I’d recommend trying this game and hope it’s a permanent option to play even after the holiday season is over good luck and happy holidays!

  52. I really did like the santas reel wheel slot. It was different than other slots, as the two levels above will only unlock on firewords or if a match is found and you get some payout. Then I hit the fireworks bonus, and it was very cool – much enjoyed it and just in time for christmas!

  53. This game seems to have a decent payout percentage and is definitely a seasonally appropriate game. I definitely enjoyed playing this game for my first time.

  54. I don’t know how I feel about this game maybe because the free spins are at 10 cents so no big money but after the promo I wasn’t getting as much bonus reels. but it seems that way with all the new games . I’d like to give it another chance because I love Christmas.

  55. this game was awesome very good images the bonus was fun and fair the theme was awesome and I enjoyed overall playing this game would play it again .

  56. Great game started a little slow but ended up liking the features great graphics clean set up I got the bonus a few times the little rockets are cool

  57. After Reedeeming the free spins and trying the game out I thought the game was like any other new slot released where you constantly try to hit a bonus but the way its set up this slot actually hits quite frequently, I can only imagine what I would have had for a total on my account after finishing spins! this game has potential to make something out of nothing!

  58. I enjoy it when the bonus hit. this game is my type of game play for the bonu and whatch the cash flow into my pockets.

  59. love this game and it’s fun Christmas theme. a bit more on the variable side but pays very well when it hits. definitely worth a try if you’re into different and more unique non standard slot games.

  60. Santa’s reel wheel game at first, to be honest : ) didn’t seem as great as all the other new games that have come out. But then I saw how it worked, it’s actually not bad at all : ) you hit the fire work to move UP the reel level (which isn’t hard) and then you can get different rewards : ) pretty fun : )

  61. Casino Extreme always brings the new, hip, and fun slots! I enjoy all the holiday slots so this one is perfect for me! thank you casino extreme, you rock!

  62. I honestly don’t like the new Santa game but you know there’s more plenty games here that I love playing . But overall wins or loses know your limit and capabilities of funds

  63. The 3 level fire crackers are an interesting feature, just pops up randomly occasionally and has the potential to go on forever, unspectacular graphics.

  64. Honestly, I love this game, its much different than the other slots, and its actually one that doesn’t ruin either the thanksgiving or christmas mood. Happy Holidays to all

  65. I don’t see Santa on there and it’s hard to win big so it’s perfect for Christmas. baby Jesus would be proud of his uncle santa or Satan or whatever happy holidays

  66. i think this site as a real players site meaning the always have great promos and treat you like a real person i really recommend any player to log ln or sign up you will not be disappointed at all

  67. I did not like this game at all.. it seems like it would be interesting but the win rate sucks.. and it seems to be too much work just to get a simple few cents.. after 50 spins I won .23 cents.. smh if your going to make it so challenging to win atleast make the prize worth it.

  68. The common wisdom says that the Christmas season starts as soon as Thanksgiving ends but with Extreme’s MasterCard-accepted casino things tend to go as fast as our instant withdrawals. You probably haven’t even finished your shopping wish list for Black Friday, and we’re here to put you into the Christmas mood with our new slot release. SantaWell Well well lets see if this place is really legit i can wait to see all the excitement .

  69. I love this new game santa reel wheel. everytime I have played this casino game I have cashed out 1 time already from the free promotional spins for 100 dollars already

  70. Ho Ho Ho!! ok so I’m saying if you have the dollars and the nads to lay some big bets then Santa’s Wheel will have you spinning all the way to the Bank, if you think it’s all Reindeers and Candy Cane you might end up riding Santa’s South Pole.

  71. Love this game very unique and different keeps me on edge of my seat really enjoyed playing this game you guys always kill it with fun and game spins best in town

  72. Not a fan of the new game. If u get 3 fireworks in a line shouldn’t that automatically get u firework bonus. And just takes a lot just to get a winning spin but won’t turn down the free spins.

  73. alexisj15
    I just don’t really know what to say about this game. honestly I didn’t even win anything on my free spins I won maybe 80 cents so that means I got very few wins at all out of my 50 spins and that’s just devastating so that’s a no-go for me my vote is zero and game quality or game payouts

  74. With all the free spins they throw around you are the Best ✨✨✨✨✨ if anyone actually deposits. Well they do, and when they do they win. And when we win, we get paid out FAST!! Do yourself a favor and go Team Extreme!!!

  75. I like it pretty good game, again I am waiting for a scatter bucks slot game in the future which would be nice addition to the online slots world either way good game like the bonus games and can’t wait for what’s next

  76. I like the buildup as you get the fireworks, to the bonus wheel. I was confused at first on how it was progressing forward, but after a couple more spins I understood. Very entertaining game.

  77. This new game is sure to get you in the Holiday Spirit! It’s action packed fun is a real treat and the festive colors are sure to make you smile:) It’s bonus is feature is a total trigger treat! Play today, tomorrow and throughout the Holiday Season on this fab new find!

  78. I think this is going to be a great new game It kind of was hard to understand it first but when I got it it was very fun I couldn’t stop playing it I actually paid 20 more dollars of my money and made money great game two thumbs up

  79. I really enjoy this game ! On my 3rd spin i hit a jackpot and it blew my mind! Best game on this site so far! I highly recommend it!

  80. didn’t care for this game at all. of all the games I’ve tried this one takes the cake for being the worse. save your money and try something else.

  81. How it adds up a win is confusing but its still fun to play. Wasnt impressed by the amount won from free spins or the fireworks bonus…

  82. this game is really fun and exciting for the fire work unlock feature to unlock the free spins and bonuses… I will keep playing this slot

  83. I did not know what to think when I began playing this game.Once I started to get the rules and how this game pays it ended up that I would say that this game is not half bad.

  84. I absolutely love this game. It’s definitely my new favorite. I love the features and the very unique layout. Some similar features of other games but definitely has its own unique style.

  85. I really enjoyed playing this game. It gives lots of opportunities to play in the bonus features. I especially like the respin feature. New favorite.

  86. This game is really challenging to say the least. It seems to be pretty tough to get through all three levels . I’ve managed to do this 3 times.

  87. Really enjoy the games here. You win and lose but the bonuses are great and the freebies are pretty nice too. Enjoy playing when I can. Definitely worth the time. Fun games. Great service as well too.

  88. The whole game was cool to play. Would have been nice to win especially after getting three bonus rounds.. but won nothing.

  89. I enjoyed the game IDEA immensely. It’s just insane to me that out of 50 spins. I only won 30 cents Jeesh lol. Fun game though.

  90. The game was good didn’t get to win much but I love overall website offering great incentives know how to keep excited!

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