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What Our Players Think About Game “Banana Jones”

Recently we surprised you with one special game which not look like something you play usually. It is “Banana Jones” and it’s in the first place, for those players who love board games. We at Casino Extreme wanted to know what did you thinking about it. For your reviews, we rewarded you with the great prize. Opinions about this game are divided and we are presenting some of them.

“Banana Jones is a fun game…it’s for those players that like board games and if land on a secret door, you get to spin the wheel of fortune…if land through the final door you get to go play match game to open chests for prizes. Fun.”

“This is a really fun game but is it is extremely hard to win. For the life of me I cannot spin the board and hit anything over a .5 and out of the countless times I’ve gone to the bonus room I have only managed to get one Color other than purple which was I think was blue one every other time I’ve hit the minimal purple stones but I keep playing because it is fun.”

“Had a good time playing this game actually, was able to win a decent amount too. Few things though: 1. It can eat up battery when played on the computer (at least for me) 2. Wasn’t too happy that I could only play via computer and not via mobile device 3. Wish I could have skipped over or made it go faster than 2x speed. As a slots player, it was slow moving. However, payouts were good and it is fun.”

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“Hey guys, you’ve got to log in and try banana jones had great time playing. It’s a fun and different way to roll. my fav is when you reach the end but it seems to me like the banana avoids me it might b the jackpot idk but it’s fun… I also enjoyed the bear bonus but the layouts on that seems a little repetitive.”

“I do not like this game one bit. I like the idea of the board game but the game itself Is bad due to little prizes, not enough payout and lack of creativity on the bonus games. I know this is the first of its kind so I can’t wait to see more but this one is just to hard to get into.”

“I like the fact that the game is not an ordinary slit game like all the others. I liked the somewhat adventure u have to take. Wish the wins were bigger but that could be said about any games win lol!”

“Banana Jones was a nice switch up from traditional slot games but really left me wanting for more. It is a very basic game with an ending that isn’t very exciting- if you are lucky enough to get there. I felt like the max bet amount was too low, and opportunities to win were sparse. Not a bad game though and worth a try if you are burnt out on your usual slots.”

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3 thoughts on “What Our Players Think About Game “Banana Jones”

  1. One word BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO VERY EXCITED TO TRY THIS GAME BUT SO VERY DISAPPOINTING .Not as I had expected , it seemed to go on for ever without much excitement in play . No sorry it was just not the game for me .

  2. Well today changed my mind I know how to get a different amount on the bonus wheel .01,.02,.05.,1,5,10,20,50 I hit a 10 today a 5 I’m liking the game alot now so add my last replay and mix it with this reply and sorry know I will not tell if I can figure it out so can you. “Luck is a skill set made to be refined ” #WINNIN @ #EXTREME

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