Fast Payout for Our Loyal Player

The latest big win was made by our loyal player Shannon who got $4000.

Day by day our players made big wins and their stories, published in the blog section “latest winners”, could be your inspiration. The latest big win was made by our loyal player Shannon who got $4000. We shouldn’t tell you that she got an extremely fast payout.

Winning Hits For Fast Payout

What is the magic of Sweet 16 online slot, we don’t know. However, what we do know is that it’s one of the most played games in our casino. Therefore, on its reels players are making big wins, often. The latest was of our lucky lady Shannon.

Among several small hits, Shannon made three which was over $1000. The first win she got during the base game. After that, she triggered a free games feature and made two big hits thanks to it. At the end of her game session, she claimed for withdrawal and got in just in a few minutes.

Free Games Morphing Wins

Sweet 16 online slot uses a unique system where any winning symbols are morphed after awarding the pays. New symbols appear in morphed positions and may award extra wins! Morphing continues after each win until no winning combination occurs. A prize multiplier builds up for successive wins from the same original spin. Prizes are x1 in the first morph through to x10 in the tenth or better morph.

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