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Our Player Crashed the Slots and Win $10.000

One of the players who are best known for their frequent winnings is Casino Extreme loyal buddy, Scott.

You already had the opportunity to read about his great winnings when he won $24142, or when his lucky game was “Big Shot”, such as one animal which also brought him big cash. Once again he proved that he really¬†knows to play slots.

His latest win we put on the list of big wins immediately, because it is $10.000! This time he played numerous slots, but some of them were his best choice.

He decided to become a storm chaser in slot “Triple Twister“, to pick up the eggs in “Hen House” and to go Fruit Loops for “Triple Toucan“. If you want to find more about this and other slots Casino Extreme offers you, read game reviews on our blog.

Last thing, but not least, if you want to see your name on the list of latest winners log in at our casino lobby, chose some game, play and enjoy! Our customer support is ready 24/7 to answer all your questions and to lead you to the steps for making a deposit and get your withdrawal.

Maybe, your winning strike starts on the reels of this amazing slot! Check it!

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