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Player Hits More Than 8k on Plentiful Treasure

One of the most popular slots delivered the huge win! Check it out!

Huge wins are back again! This time we have a player who earned more than 8k on the Plentiful Treasure slot game. We will tell you his story, but keep in mind that the next post can be about your story. Keep your spirit alive and try your best because your big hit is right around the corner. We are expecting you at Casino Extreme!

Make Your Next Spin a Win

Our player has won great, not one, but two times! The first time, he won $7,342.00 while playing Plentiful Treasure, on the Free Games feature. Additionally, the same player also won $1,020.00 while playing the same game and the same feature! What are the odds?!

Plentiful Treasure is a slot game that is one of your regulars. We, as well as all of you, are grateful to the people from RTG for making it possible to play it online, while the game was already quite present in the various land-based casinos. There are several players that have reached their goals while playing this slot game and you can read about them on our Latest Winners section.

Jackpot Fiesta

You have read it well, our player is not a regular winner, he is a Grand Jackpot Winner! It is always awesome when you win a jackpot, but when you win it on Plentiful Treasure the excitement is even higher. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is simple!

There are four possible jackpots and the biggest is the Grand Jackpot with a win of possible $5,000.00. So, our player has won a jackpot, plus some money on the side. To add, there are also other three jackpots, Major & two Minor ones. All of them are there to make your betting experience better!

Plentiful Treasure play now

We have seen the story of a player who won more than 8k on our slot. Visit Casino Extreme and make your hit! A lot of different games are at your disposal, plus you have an option to instantly withdraw your winnings. That sounds great, don’t you think?

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