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Recent $16k Win on Cash Bandits 2 Slot

It’s big win time! Check out the most recent winning story about $16k made on a popular Cash Bandits 2 slot!

How often do you log in to your account with high hopes? Everyone plays to win and hopefully win big. When it comes to gambling – everything is possible, and life can change with one single spin. Here at crypto casino Extreme players win quite often and today we bring one of those inspiring stories. We’re not sure what to call it, whether it was good karma or the Cash bandits 2 slot smiled at our lucky player’s persistence, but he ended up winning nearly $16k. So, let’s dive in!

Free Games Feature in Cash Bandits 2

We don’t know what the secret to Cash Bandits 2 slot is, but we know that this game is one of the most played at our instant withdrawal casino. Since it was the winning slot, its Free Game Feature deserves special attention. We also call it the Vault feature which isn’t surprising when you know that the main character is a robber who wants to empty it. So, if you are eager to open the vault, you need to know how to crack the codes. However, this particular vault rewards significantly.

The Vault Feature triggers when 3 or more scattered Robbers appear anywhere. 5 vaults and a keypad are revealed and each of them requires a random 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 digit code to open it. 5, 6 or 8 numbers can be selected from the 10-digit keypad for 3, 4 or 5 triggering scatters.

Any corresponding number in the combinations will lock. 5 free games are initially awarded, with a free games prize multiplier of x2. Completing the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 digit combinations on the vault adds 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 free games.

$16k Worth of Winnings

We’re not sure what type of strategy our fortunate player used while playing Cash Bandits 2 slot but whatever it was, it obviously worked.

There were several different hits – firstly one of $2,850.00 in the base game. Then, the lucky player managed to open the Vault and during this special feature, he got some great wins. First, he hit $7,560, and after that, he had two smaller wins – one of $4,260, and another one was $1,000. All the combined wins amount to nearly $16k worth of winnings! Well done!

Try it Yourself

You can significantly improve your chances of winning a similar amount on Cash Bandits 2 slot by claiming the Sultry November promotion’s no rules bonus which gives you a 69% boost twice a day! Who knows, maybe we’ll see your story end up in our latest winners category next time. But don’t let that fame go to your head when you finally win. Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Recent $16k Win on Cash Bandits 2 Slot

  1. Has a lot of bonuses they sneak up on you it makes you wanna play more and the free spins you get the trick is opening them safes

  2. Epic game gotta love the cop n robber theme and there mini game braking into the safes is the best part to it even tho I haven’t been able to hit any of the bigger ones. My highest was the safe with the 4 digits and the lower ones too!

  3. i opened the 6 vault which was freakn unbelievable honestly didn’t think it was possible. in that 1 spin i open vaults 123 and 6, the bet was 75 cents i got 320 free spins thats 320 unbelievable. i only made exactly $1500 and u know i instantly cashed that out. it was so fun and entertaining when the 6 vault opened up i was ecstatic. i just wanted to share that here so other readers know they can open the vaults too.

    1. Thank you for choosing Casino Extreme. Wish you luck to hit big and feel the experience of getting instant withdrawal.

  4. Thank you for choosing Casino Extreme. Wish you luck to hit big and feel the experience of getting instant withdrawal.

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