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Heroic Win On “Cash Bandits” Slot (VIDEO)

Try and open the vault. Mission impossible, right? Well, not for Scott who nailed it on our sister Casino Brango! He got the chance to crack the vault in slot “Cash Bandits” and how he started was not very promising.

He tried the number 2 and only got one hit with the big vault on the third spot. Afterward, luck was tested with the number 4 and BOOM! One hit on medium and large safe and most importantly two incredible hits on the vault.

The 4’s came in the first two places so that meant that he was left with three more picks to open the 50 free spins. More than enough some would say, right? The next pick was number 3 and strike! No hits. Coming up next was number 5, Scott decided to round them up. And that was the right call in any way you would have imagined. Hits followed one after another, medium safe unlocked giving him additional 10 free games with a +2 multiplier.

There was a hit on the large safe and was one number missing from the +20 games with a +3 multiplier. What about the vault? What about the freaking impossible to open the vault?

Nothing, the missing number was 5 and open Sesame! The vault was unlocked giving him +50 games with a +4 multiplier! Just like that, just like that. No biggie for him, simply heroic. One more attempt was left and who even cares he already has 65 free games with an 8 multiplier. Let’s try number 8 and once again hit! Oh, got to love those hits!

Large safe cracked and on top of everything +20 games with +3 multiplier. Bruh, 85 free games with x11 multiplier. What the heck? He won those free games with a bet of $12.50 We have families to feed Scott! Common! Once everything was done winnings from the spins were rather impressive. Incredible $8,572.00! Once he contacted us on chat INSTANT withdrawal commenced!

You can check out this heroic win in the video below which was courtesy of Scott himself, shot out to him, and big thanks for that!


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