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Triple Cascading Win of $18k+ on Doragon’s Gems Slot!

Check out the story of an amazing triple cascading win delivered on our latest Doragon’s Gems slot!

It seems the dragons are all the hype this late August, and the new HBO series is not the only reason we’ve got to thank for it. We’re talking about our latest Doragon’s Gems slot that made its debut at our instant withdrawal casino a week ago and is already making waves with a triple cascading win of more than $18k for a member of our most prestigious Double Diamond VIP club! Let’s unravel the magic behind it.

The Magic of Doragon’s Gems Slot

Dragons are one of the most archetypical creatures to ever bless the field of human imagination. From ancient China where they represent a special lucky charm symbol that brings wealth and prosperity to the myths and legends of Europe where they’re considered symbolic guardians of hidden knowledge and treasures, you’ll come across them in every corner of the globe.

One of those myths also served as an inspiration for Doragon’s Gems slot. The fire-breathing beasts that dwell within the treasure-filled caves where precious gems await the bravest warriors to collect them is the main theme. The game comes in a 5×5 grid/25 paylines form with high volatility reflecting the unpredictable nature of dragons.

The Dragon’s Egg serves as the game’s Wild that substitutes every other symbol except the scattering Dragon Eye that can award you with an up to 13 Free Games respectively. But the most interesting part are the special features. The Cascading Wins with Added Wilds to be precise. Because the special nature of this feature is what made our lucky player make a hit of over $18k combined!

The Doragon’s Gems Slot Cascading Win Feature

What makes Doragon’s Gems slot Cascading Feature so special is the fact that it triggers after each winning spin, allowing random Added Wilds symbols to replace the disappearing winning combination ones. This means that with every new spin you get a chance to land a winning combination that can double your payout prize!

That’s exactly what happened to our fortunate Double Diamond VIP Player who scored three big wins while in a Cascading Feature mode. The first one got him an exact sum of $10,240.00, the second run was equally impressive at $7,168.00, ending with a nice finishing touch of $1,024.00 on the last winning combination. Guess he was brave enough to snatch precious gems from the dragon’s lair!

The Perks of Being A Double Diamond VIP Player

The fact that we mention him being a part of Diamond Double VIP Club is not empty talk, because it comes with several advantages that make things easier when you want your winnings quickly delivered. Because this would be nowhere near the big news it is if you aren’t able to claim the full sum the moment you feel like it.

With Double Diamond VIP status, your withdrawal limit goes up to $30,000 a week, so you can always expect to get an instant withdrawal of funds when you win this amount of money. To see what other perks also go with that status go check our VIP Lounge. Until then, best of luck!

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