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Two Keno Winners, Instant Withdrawals and One Lucky Coupon

Our players chose the right numbers in keno and won. Read more about their ventures in this blog post.

Keno is a super fun and completely luck-based game, very popular among online casino players. Its popularity has probably been incited by the game’s enormous jackpots and big payouts. Seems that anyone can play it and it is true, but it doesn’t mean you should play just anywhere. Only if you play at bet safe and instant withdrawal casinos, like crypto Casino Extreme, you can be sure that you can win and get real money. Recently, we had two keno winners to prove that. Both of them used the same coupon which is part of the special Super Bowl promo, picked the right numbers, and got instant withdrawals. Stay with us to reveal all details of this great story.

How To Play Keno?

Many Keno players maybe don’t know that this game had a big role in world history. Legend has it that the invention of the game saved an ancient city in the time of war. Its widespread popularity helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. According to that Keno had a Chinese origin. However, the word has French or Latin roots and it was connected with the number five.

Keno has very simple rules, as easy to learn as to implement them. The main goal is to pick the right numbers and if you think about how to do that, read more in our previous blog post. The whole process of playing includes the following steps:

  • Select numbers from the Keno grid
  • Choose the bet amount
  • Wait for the numbers to be drawn.

Two Instant Withdrawals Delivered from Keno Grid

Now, we should return to the best part of this story and that is the fact that two Keno winners at Casino Extreme got instant payouts. There are several things that connect them. First, both have the gold VIP status at our casino. Both of them used the same promo coupon, won big, and got instant payouts.

Picking the right numbers provided the $4050 payout for the first player. Another lucky guy saw the $2220 on his casino account after playing Keno. They already knew, but some of you maybe still do not, that you should withdraw your funds in Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin if you use this crypto to make a  deposit. Either way, playing games at Casino Extreme could be fun, but also profitable.

Lucky Coupon

As we said, both of our keno winners started their winning sessions with one coupon that is a part of the Super Bowl casino promo, available during February. Namely, they claimed no rules deposit bonus which increases depending on your deposit. It is a very generous offer that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you know that from February 14th this casino deal will get even better. Namely, after each deposit, you will be able to get 56 free spins.

We did our best to present you with one more successful winning story. Now, it’s up to you to choose your lucky game, claim one of the big casino bonuses and play at instant withdrawal casino Extreme. Wish you luck!

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