5 Fun Facts About Casinos and Gambling

Gambling has gone a long way from the painty stone, which was used for play games in pre-ancient times, to today’s online casino games. For this long period playing games was changed and many stories about gambling were formed.  For you, we mark off some that are funny and crazy, which you for sure would never know. These are five fun facts about casinos and gambling.

Devil’s number

Roulette wheels are numbered from 1 to 36, and the sum of all the numbers is 666. We don’t tell you that is the number of Devil! Because of that, some people think that roulette is a Devil’s game.

The first slot machine wasn’t in the casino

The mechanic Charles Fey invented the first slot machine “Liberty Bell”  in 1895. and it was not made for a casino and based far away from Las Vegas. He put the machine in his auto shop in San Francisco for customers to play while they waited for their cars to be fixed.

Australians are the biggest gamblers

Almost 40% of Australian people claiming to gamble at least once a week. Also, Australians spend more on gambling than all other forms of entertainment.

You wouldn’t like to be from Monaco

Monte Carlo is a gambling paradise but it is a forbidden area for citizens of Monaco. In the mid – 1800’s Princess Caroline made it illegal for citizens to gamble. She thought it was a smart idea because she insisted that the revenue generated come only from foreigners.

“Penny slots” are the most profitable games

Regardless, this slot machine so-called “Penny slots” makes more money than any other game in the casino. This is not surprising when you know that slot games are most popular in many casinos, especially online casinos. Look out for our offer of slot games and play them here.

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