5 Uses of Cryptocurrency You Probably Don’t Know

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has grown exponentially because of its attractiveness to people looking to use this alternative money. Bitcoin is the most famous and most used crypto in the world, but others also have their place in the “blockchain universe”.

Cryptocurrencies start using for numerous transactions, especially because they’re decentralized, anonymous and digital. Although, you for sure use crypto for buying stuff online, many of uses will surprise you.


As Bitcoin becomes accepted by more and more retailers, people are going to have the chance to use them for a huge number of transactions. Travel transactions are just one category.


More and more, schools are accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This form of payment will surely grow as this currency becomes more and more popular.


Many startups are now using cryptocurrencies in order to fund their ideas, services, and products.

Wealth management

Wealth management is one of the most exciting ways cryptocurrency can be used. That’s why companies are giving investors some great opportunities to manage their wealth without boundaries or restrictions.

Online gambling

More and more online casinos offer cryptocurrencies as a depositing method. You already read on our blog about the benefits of using Bitcoin for online gambling and also, which is the best cryptocurrencies for that. At Casino Extreme you can choose different cryptos to make a deposit, and if you first do that, we have for you a great bonus.

Also, you can get a boost on your first deposit in some altcoin you could choose.

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