Best and Safest Deposit Methods in Online Casinos

Top-notch payment options overview. Read on.

The ever-growing world of online casinos and the ever-growing crypto world have merged and gave us crypto casinos. Not only are these casinos the future of gambling, but they offer the best and safest deposit methods in online casinos. But, with so many payment options it can be daunting to choose just one. Luckily we have reviewed all the options and compiled them for you. So, sit back and relax while we tell you all the best and safest deposit methods in online casinos.

Electronic Wallets Deposit Method

Electronic Wallets and virtual prepaid cards were a popular alternative to the standard credit cards in the mid-’00s. Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz were the biggest digital multi-currency wallet providers that keep your transactions safe and speedy. And while the deposit fees might be low and withdrawal fees acceptable there is a big drawback. That drawback? These methods of payment don’t work in the US, Australia or Germany, so that’s a huge loss. I guess that’s why they were popular. Let’s see who is on top.

Cryptocurrencies (Best and Safest Deposit Methods)

Now we are going in for the real deal. They are fresh, they are fast but most importantly they are here to last. Yes cryptos, the bread and butter of most online casinos today, have changed our lives in too many ways to mention. The best thing to do here is to mention the best and most popular currency and let you choose for yourself. On a side note. You get a great promotion with a 200% crypto boost on your first crypto deposit (doesn’t matter which one)! Just use the 200COINS CODE and you’re in!


The one that started it all. Bitcoin has been here for 12 years and still going strong. It’s anonymous, has relatively low transaction fees and liquidity as an asset ensures that it will always have space. In our wallets, I mean. Here’s to you Bitcoin! But, only the best and safest deposit methods in online casinos can compete, let’s see who’s next.


The second in command, always looking to overtake Bitcoin, Ethereum is a marvel of engineering only rivalled (maybe) by Cardano. Now, the transaction fees might get big sometimes, but with some know-how, even that can get mitigated. Or you can just wait a minute or two. But, if you really can’t wait and are a fan of speed, boy do we have crypto for you.


Created as the silver to Bitcoins gold and with a less bulky encryption method than Bitcoin, this baby is made for speed. Coincidently Litecoin transactions are 4x time faster than Bitcoin and with lower fees to boot. But, more importantly, if you deposit in Litecoin you can withdraw in Litecoin which eliminates conversion fees and make the whole process even smoother.


When there was the first crypto (Bitcoin) there had to be a first meme crypto (Dogecoin). But, some years later when Elon gave it his name it showed the world that it’s much more than a joke. Plus, it’s mined together with Litecoin so they are pretty close in speed and fees, all things considered. So, if you think yourself a jokester this is a coin for you.


We saw quite a bit of the best and safest deposit methods in online casinos. So, what makes Dash stand out from the rest. Well, it’s faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum (even Litecoin), for once. And an avg. transaction fee is $0.01, which is wild. Let me repeat myself. $0.01! But, the phenomenal promotion (code: 300DASH ) at Casino Extreme is what pushes it over the top!


While Ethereum is trying to take Bitcoin down it should be watching its own back. Why? Because there is a new high-tech solution in town and its name is Cardano. Safe, fast and eco-friendly transactions are only some of the things that make Cardano (ADA) an attractive prospect to deposit in. But, as with Dash, there is a special something, something to sweeten the deal. Yap, a promotion! CARDANO30 and 300CARDANO are just some of the cool promotions you can get on Casino Extreme! Speaking of which…

What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino?

I am going to ask you what are you looking for when you are looking for a casino? Fun games? For sure are important. Great customer service? A necessity! But what is the thing that plagues the lives of casino goers around the world? Slow withdrawals. Cut that and you have a secret weapon that boosts the experience of all casino players that play at your casino. So, what is this casino where you have instant withdrawals within a click of a button? It’s Casino Extreme of course. So, go on there and have some instant fun.


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