Best Halloween Movies You Should Watch

What’s Halloween without scaring yourself with some scary movie? This is the part of the year when witchers, vampires, zombies, and other spooky creatures are welcome and you like to watch them, but only on the screens. Be prepared for that night and check out the list of best Halloween movies you should watch them.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Someone who never heard a name of Freddy Krueger and don’t feel fear, probably don’t exist. This classic horror film is a serious spook and if you want to be afraid all the Halloween night, watch all the sequels, including the 2010 remake.


Another movie character who scared many people for years is Michael Myers. He escapes a psychiatric hospital on the night before Halloween and returns to his hometown to terrorize neighbors.

The Shining

This is the ultra-scary film with Jack Nickolson in one of the creepiest roles. He is a writer who went with his family to an isolated Colorado hotel to overcome his writer’s block. His son starts to see the dark spirits that haunt the hotel and after a snowstorm traps the family in the hotel, Jack becomes more and more influenced by the ghosts.

Would you Rather

Eight people become trapped in a creepy mansion where one lunatic force them to play a sadistic game for a large sum of money, but the game gets more and more twisted as the night goes on. Don’t be afraid, Casino Extreme offers you plenty of games that are scary but fun. You could enjoy playing slots “Witches Brew“, “Voodoo Magic“, “Panda Magic“, “Ghost Ship“, “Eternal Love“, “Count Spectacular“, “Bubble Bubble 2” in our spooky monthly promotion just several days yet.

A Quiet Place

This recently launched movie takes place in 2020 after most of Eart’s population has been killed off by mysterious creatures that humans based on sounds. One family trying to protect themselves by living in silence.

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