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The Meaning of Colors on The USA Flag

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ― Wassily Kandinsky

We have no other means to express light visually, except by color. We are light, as it is everything around us. Colors are “silent” companions. We are massively surrounded by them, and they have strong influence in our lives. However, we rarely think about them and the meaning they leave behind. If you wish to live a fuller, more balanced life, you should invest in exploring the meaning of colors. These are but a few guidelines for the meaning of colors on the USA flag.

In most of the situations, we can choose the shades we wish to include in our daily routine or our home. But, sometimes, we have no control over the colors to which we are exposed. Colors are used to manipulate our brains, to attract attention, to make us buy a certain product, to enhance our productivity, to calm our mind… Colors are carefully thought of when used as official symbols, such as flags, for example. The founding fathers were probably aware of the colors’ power, and they used the ability of strong colors to transfer the meaning of unity and awake the patriotic spirit. It is interesting to know that there are approximately 30 countries in the world featuring red, blue and white on their flags. Have you ever wondered why red, white and blue are so powerful all over the world, and what makes the US flag so special?


Colors on the USA flag


Possibly the strongest color in the color spectrum. It is known to symbolize energy, bravery, and to stimulate enthusiasm. It is often related to extreme feelings and passions of different type. As such, color red is often perceived as a call to action. It also bears the sense of dignity. In many countries of the world, red is deeply connected with our inner core. In India, it represents the basic chakra connecting the universal energies. In China, it represents fire, while at the same time being the symbol of good fortune and scaring away the bad spirit. In central Europe, red is perceived as a symbol of fertility and life, and as a powerful color in fighting off the demon. In the US, red usually stands for the ultimate features: resilience, stamina, and courage.


Blue is not the neutral color, nevertheless, it seems everyone likes it, or at least – no one has any strong opinion against it. We are actually immersed in blue, one way or the other. It is associated with the sky and the oceans, and as such it symbolizes heaven, freedom, serenity.  Blue is a cold color, bringing peace and calm. On a deeper level, it transcends into indigo, and eventually purple. Ancient civilizations considered different shades of blue to be associated with mental development and reaching the higher stages of intuition and wisdom.

In the USA, symbolism of color blue has evolved, and it relates to vigilance, perseverance & justice, which was quite logical, as all of the three features require clarity of the mind, wisdom, and tendencies toward freedom.


White is the first association to purity and neutrality. This is the color of a fresh start, a painting that still needs to be painted. It evokes mental clarity and truce. In different parts of the world, white is often worn in celebrations of love. However, there are regions where white is considered the color of mourning. Either way, it is used in crucial rituals: whether those connected with birth or with death.  Ultimately, the Bible refers to white as the color of light and the symbol of the divine. As such, the white has certainly found its place on a flag, signifying purity and innocence.

Do you prefer basic colors, or choose to mix and match? Let us know how colorful your life is.

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