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Crypto Presents Ideas for Every Real Hodler

Presents are a major part of almost any holiday, but Christmas sees trillions of dollars spent globally for those special things that’ll make loved ones happy. This holiday season you can put a little crypto under the Christmas tree and make it unforgettable. Check out our list of crypto presents ideas that will surprise every real hodler.


Certainly, there is no better present for a crypto fan. If you have a family member or friend who is already in the crypto world, just send them any amount of cryptocurrency. This is like the old-fashioned cash gift, but moving to crypto now. You only should choose which coin you want to give to someone. If you are considering Ripple, find out why it is one of the fastest cryptos.

Hardware Wallet

For every crypto-owner, the most important thing is how to keep it safe. To make this job easier, you can consider a hardware wallet as a Christmas gift. This is one of the hard storage solutions for storing cryptos offline to reduce access to hackers. There are several different types of these wallets on the market and you only have to choose one and make your loved one happy.

Bitcoin Vault

If your friend a little bit too obsessed with the safety of their crypto, give them another layer of protection with a Bitcoin vault. It features a 5 letter combination lock, where you must spell the correct secret combination to open the chamber.


Maybe, the most traditional Christmas gift is a clothing item. The internet is full of moderately-priced shirts, shoes, socks with printed logo of some cryptocurrency. You can’t go wrong with crypto socks, as well as snickers with Bitcoin print. Nevertheless, the most recognizable Christmas gift is a jumper with a holiday theme. We find the version with crypto motifs even better.

Physical Crypto Coin

This can be one luxury Christmas gift. On the Internet, you can find a range of Bitcoins made from solid gold. They serve as a means of storing BTC in its digital form inside them with a tamper-resistant hologram, so you would get two sides of the coin in one: functionality and luxury.

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