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Five “Tasty” Food Travel Destinations

For many people some of the best memories from destinations they visited involve food. When you are thinking of Italy, certainly you imagine dining at the finest Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant. Also, if you are planning the trip to France, you probably have on your mind the unforgettable experience of eating Camembert and a fresh baguette. Food is apparently now the main motivator when people decide to travel. That has led to food tourism or food travel. There are five places you shouldn’t miss.

San Sebastian, Spain

This is perhaps the greatest food destination in the world, with more Michelin stars per capita than any other city. Located on the Bay of Biscay it is packed with history, culture and great food. One of the unique cuisine from that region is pincho, which is a traditional small bread snack eaten often in bars.

Mendoza, Argentina

Some of the best wines come out of Mendoza, but you have to try their local food, also. Many of the top wineries which have a breathtaking view of the Andes serve impressive wines and delicious food you would never forget.

Manila, Philippines

Manila is best-known for its street food. There are so many different specialties, that it’s impossible to list them all. One must-try street food delicacy is balut, which are 21-day-old fertilized duck eggs. You should also try siomai, a dumpling made from meat and vegetable filling and sealed with a special wrapper.

Paris, France

There are so many fun food things to do on food travel in the capital of France. But, no trip to Paris is complete without trying the food that makes this country so unique. These are escargot and frog legs, of course.

Hawaii, USA

Some of the best food in Hawaii you can find in parking lots, street markets, and sometimes just parked alongside the road. We talk about food trucks whose revolution hit hard and fast in Hawaii. You can now drive around the islands and find food truck areas with multiple vendors. It will be a very tasty experience. 

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