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Interesting Facts About Halloween

Dressing up as a witch or zombie, eating tons of candy, and lighting the jack-o-lanterns will can’t come soon enough. Yes, we impatient waiting for the most amazing holiday – Halloween! For the beginning of October,  everyone starts to prepare yourself for the All Hallow’s Eve. Until you do that, check out some really interesting facts about this holiday you probably don’t know.

The origin of the Halloween costume was in Celt’s tradition

Celt’s had an ancient holiday Samhain, which was a day used to establish the end of the harvest season and the beginning of wintertime. They believed that in this period was made the bridge to the world of the dead, and wore costumes to keep the evil spirits away.

Fear of Halloween really exist

People who are afraid of Halloween suffers from samhainophobia. They fear to celebrate this holiday and also to wear costumes.

Spider in the Halloween night

According to one superstition, if you see the spider on Halloween night, it means that the spirit of a dead loved one is looking out for you.

“Guising” for the candies

Children in Scotland and Ireland used to do something called “guising”. It means that they should dance, sing or tell a joke in order to get candy.

First jack-o-lanterns weren’t made out of pumpkins

All around the world pumpkins are most common with the lanterns that light at the Halloween. But, first jack-o-lanterns in England were made of beets, In Scotland and Ireland, they would carve faces into turnips and potatoes.

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