How we treat women

How we treat women

How We Treat Women

There are places and people I do not like visiting. Life is hard enough with daily battles women are fighting in many fields. I trust each and every one of you ladies have met a person who is annoying by nature. Have you ever seen someone commenting a man’s weight while greeting and shaking hands? Exactly. Or, perhaps, suddenly bumping on him at the street and asking him casually whether he plans on becoming a father any time soon?  You will rarely witness that type of situation. It appears they are especially inquisitive when women are concerned. This is how we treat women.

He or she simply cannot help it. So, we say, ok, it is beyond this person’s control. However, once we let it go, the attitude that person has becomes mainstream. And then we enter the vicious circle. It made me think how we treat women in general.

Asking About the Appearance

Going back to the beginning of this text, it is really not ok to comment on someone’s weight or appearance in general. Women are especially sensitive to this subject. Regardless of whether they are too skinny or too fat. This is the result of constant media pressure on women to stay forever young, beautiful and attractive. We are also witnessing countless stories about famous women who lost weight rapidly after giving birth. Reality check: this is not possible for regular women with limited resources. Now, imagine if the woman to whom you said such a horrible thing decides to reply by commenting on your big nose, ears, lack of intelligence or weak arms. Women’s bodies are their superpowers, and malicious inquisitors should stay away.

Asking About Salary

Asking about salary is an indecent question in general. No one needs to know how much you earn. This question has entered our list because it is even more indecent when it is directed to a woman. We should all bear in mind that women still earn less than men in many industries. And it is 2019! As it is not enough of an injustice to treat them as less valuable. No one needs to rub that to their noses.

Asking About Divorce, Relationships, Kids

Asking about divorce and relationships in general is the same kind of indecency as asking about someone’s paycheck.  It is an intimate question and if you are not close with someone, this is a question to avoid. Once it comes to divorce or break up, in great number of cases, women are the ones who are left with kids to look after. They are the ones to make ends meet (and here we honestly applaud to single fathers who are doing their best! We salute you!) Furthermore, judging someone is a special kind of maltreatment. No one needs to know someone’s reasons for leaving, or for staying, or for having too many kids, or for not having kids at all. Maybe a woman is tired of too many try outs, health checks, bad estimates, treatments, injections, God knows! Or maybe she simply does not want to have kids. Everyone has a choice. And everyone’s choice should be respected.

There are too many inappropriate questions that women got asked every day. And not just women. We found some pretty crazy examples online. It appears a bit naive to talk about this nowadays when everything is allowed and transparent. Maybe that is the reason why people think that they should have insight into someone’s privacy the same way they do in some other life aspects. Luckily, we still have walls in our hoses and can keep our doors locked. Yes, we are online and exposed. However, no one can enter someone’s mind and their most intimate thoughts and talks with our partners. Unless we allow them, that is. Respect the females, the driving forces in life, the multi-taskers, the talkative, loving creatures in your life.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on whether women are treated fairly.


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