Labor Day fun facts

Labor Day fun facts

Labor Day Fun Facts

In hope all of you are having fantastic time relaxing, participating in our promotions and catching the last days of summer, we decided to walk you through memory lane. Today, we are recalling some of the most interesting USA Labor Day fun facts. Moreover, we are paying respect to more than 155 million people throughout the States who contribute the economy and the society through their work.

History Behind Labor Day

The origins of the Labor Day go back to 1882, when the first Labor Day parade was held in the streets of New York. Approximately 10,000 workers marched from City Hall to 42nd Street and further to Wendel’s Elm Park at 92nd Street and 9th Avenue. They participated in the speeches, concerts and enjoyed a picnic. The main goal was to draw attention to the fact they deserve reasonable working hours.

Although the year of the first march was 1882, it was not before 1916 that the labor law actually came into effect. It would be good to remind ourselves from time to time that our predecessors made history protesting against long working hours which we are accepting nowadays without questioning.


Many people consider the Labor Day an unofficial start of the NFL season. This is due to the fact that almost every year, the NFL plays the first official game on Thursday following the Labor Day.

“Bacon is a vegetable” is a true statement only on Saturday before Labor Day. This unofficial holiday is a reason a family can get together and enjoy the barbecue and the ever-delicious recipes that have evolved though decades. Remember to charge your batteries for future challenges that await you. There is no place like home and among people close to you to reset your mind. Have you had your portion of the “perfect bacon bowl” yet?

It has been estimated that Americans eat approximately 7 billion hot dogs every year. To the disappointment of many of us, the Labor Day is the day marked as the end of a hot-dog season. However, as Fall approaches, we usually switch to Halloween preparations. So, the pumpkin takes the throne.

As for clothing, feel free to break the rules of the etiquette and proudly wear white after Labor Day. The well-known tradition dates back to post Civil War society. Namely, the women belonging to the “old-money” elites looked down on women from the newly-established elites. Therefore, they made up this rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, and kept it a secret. It was a reason more to gossip the women who wore white during gatherings after Labor Day. Thankfully, the society we live in gives us the freedom to act and clothe ourselves the way we want. Braking the rules is liberating sometimes.


Those with slightly deeper pockets, usually spend the three day holiday away from home. Whether the destination is a more romantic one such as Half Moon Bay, California, Savannah, Georgia or a family vacation at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania, it is always beneficial to change the usual routine and atmosphere. Trips can bring families together. And what better occasion to travel than during the extended weekend?

Lastly and most importantly, when traveling, do not forget to be cautious and take care of yourself and your loved ones. Right after Memorial Day, the Labor Day is the 2nd deadliest holiday in the States. Do not drink and drive. Stay safe and enjoy this day! You have deserved it!

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