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The Most Frequent Objects Bringing Luck

There is no man on the Earth that didn’t think about luck at least once in a life. Usually, it happens when we at some life crises, but it wouldn’t be always like that.  In those cases, we think of everything that should bring us luck, and some people believe in some animals as their lucky. Others like to read quotes about luck as a motivation or to take some lucky objects everywhere and every time. These are some of the most common objects people believe bring them luck.


A horseshoe, open end up, on a door is believed to be a protective talisman in many cultures. It symbolizes good luck, power over evil, good fortune, and fertility. Horseshoe is associated with a horse’s strength and dependability. Greeks believe that it symbolized the crescent moon, which is the symbol of fertility.


This is the most common lucky symbol in Native American culture and it is considered good luck because it catches the negative images from dreams. This is based on the Legend of Nokomis, a story about one grandmother named Nakomis, her grandson, and a spider. Each day, Nakomis watched the spider working on his web. One day grandson wants to kill him, but grandmother didn’t let him do that. In return for saving his life, the spider gave her a present. It was the special web he made for her. Only good dreams will go through the small hole, which means that only good dreams will be remembered and bad will become entangled in the web.


Probably, everyone knows there is a saying: “See a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have a good luck. Leave it there and you’ll despair.” Coins are lucky in many ways. Some people believe that if the coin is face down it’s best to leave it on the ground. Also, coins that are bent or have holes in them are luckiest of all.

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