Most Popular Gamblers Superstitions

Gamblers are probably the most superstitious people in the world. They will do anything to improve their chances of winning. Because of that, gamblers think that some actions will bring them luck, and some wouldn’t. Gambling superstitions are different from culture to culture, but some of them are universal. This is the list of the most popular acts that gamblers must or shouldn’t do if they want to win.

Good luck

  1. Sitting on a handkerchief will bring you good luck, but it’s very important that you fold it in the shape of a square.
  2. Wash your hands when you start losing money. Superstition about that states that you will wash away your bad luck.
  3. Some gamblers have dice in their pocket always because they think that it will bring them luck when they start playing.
  4. Most superstitions are in a relationship with numbers and colors. Regardless, it is is very personal, some numbers are considered to bring good luck and that is number 7. Red color, especially in Chinese culture is a lucky color and some gamblers when playing without fail wear something red.
  5. Some people believe in lucky coins in their pockets or shoe. This thing is especially successful if the coin minted in the year you were born.

Bad luck

  1. Very often widespread superstition is that you never cross a leg when you sit to play games. It is very bad luck!
  2. American gamblers often refuse to pay in $50 because they believe in urban legend according to which when mobsters murder someone they put a $50 bill in his pocket.
  3. When you start playing don’t allow your dog to sit near your chair. According to one superstition, this brings you a bad luck.
  4. Never sing or whistle when playing games because some believe that in that way you invite bad luck.
  5. Chinese thinking that you shouldn’t have sex before you start gambling. They believe you can’t be lucky in love and in gamble at the same time.

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