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Mother Figure: The Gatekeeper of Our Life

There are people who have been blessed to have mothers guide them and fight for them through their entire growing up. And then, there are people who have been deprived of this relationship. There are those who have been given a replacement relationship, and those who have suffered a lot without anyone to offer them a helping hand. The thing is that whatever the role you were offered in this lifecasting, either presence or absence of a mother is the defining aspect of your life.

So, we can all agree that mothers are or should be the most important figures in our lives. However, if this simply did not happen for you, which is the case with many people we know, we can only call you out to take the role of this ultimate gatekeeper and be that figure for someone else. In case you have experienced motherly love, find a reason to make that love reciprocal, or to simply spread the circles of that special bond. “Be the change you wish to see”, as Gandhi said.

This is the day when we are honoring our mother figures and we have thought a lot about what their love entails. Yes, we know it is gentle, kind, and immense. Nevertheless, the more we thought about it, the clearer the answer was imposing itself: motherly love is above all – ready to combat and sacrifice.

A person can be a mother figure if ready to provide:

  • a sense of belonging and dignity
  • a sense of pride in the family spirit and mutual respect
  • an endless patience
  • the most important life lessons in being kind-hearted, wise and giving
  • incomparable advices on how to deal with challenges that inevitably await around every corner
  • belief in ones strength, reasoning and beauty
  • lessons in how to choose which battles to fight
  • lessons on how sometimes battles are won without the fight
  • solution to every possible problem
  • a shoulder to cry on
  • the best care in the world
  • a roof above the heads
  • the tastiest meals ever
  • the real knowledge about opposite sex (or the same one for that matter)
  • unconditional support

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Being in a position to have that strong arm that lifts you when you are drowning is a true blessing. Being that same arm is even a bigger deal. By taking the role of a mother, a person makes the world sustainable. No matter how tough the times, how strong the enemy, or how short the resources, mother figures go against all odds. They roar and sing and fight till the end. Let us keep their battle hymn alive!

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