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Reasons to Use Cryptocurrencies for Payment in 2019

A number of people who are still afraid to use crypto for payment thinking they are not safe are smaller. Cryptocurrencies are numerous, versatile and they offer a multitude of ways financial transactions which are safe and holdings on the go 24/7. It is good enough to use crypto more in 2019, but there are several main reasons to do it, according to the website


Today, bank accounts of all sorts, as well as debit and credit cards, have fees associated with them. Money that goes down the drain and provides no benefit, never mind interest earned. In comparison, using cryptocurrency as money costs absolutely nothing unless one chooses to invest in cryptocurrency hardware wallets or prepaid cards.

Personal Data

Banks and credit institutions, as well as retailers and service providers, obtain and retain too much of their customers’ personal and financial information including our name, address, employers, social security number, net worth, account balances, credit score, credit line, and transaction history.  A cryptocurrency payment processor acting as a third party will typically require your name (and shipping address for the delivery of physical goods), but the rest of your information will remain private as long as you don’t connect your bank or credit card account and transact solely in BTC and altcoins.

International Use

Cryptocurrencies are a borderless means of exchange allowing for instant and cost-effective transactions across the world. There is no waiting, no international fees and no limitations as to who can or cannot send funds to whom or when and where those funds can be accessed.


Mobile payments have become all the rage. Being able to use a smartphone in place of a credit card is awfully convenient.

Commercial Use

It has been estimated that some 20 million people worldwide own cryptocurrency. Most others have heard of Bitcoin and many plan to open their own crypto wallet. According to these facts, cryptocurrencies will become one of the most used payment methods and it will be soon.

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