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Most Popular Royal Wedding Bets

The most anticipated royal wedding this year will be tomorrow in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry. This important royal event is a big story for all world media since Kensington Palace confirmed via Twitter on December 15 couple’s decision to wed. For the beginning, some part of the organization was against tradition, such as the day of the ceremony. Royal weddings usually take place on Friday and Thursday, but Harry and Meghan decided that it will be Saturday.

Approaching of the wedding day, the British have really gambling fever. All around the island people betting on very different bets and some of it is very weird. Those who want to play safe are betting on whether Prince Harry will marry wearing a uniform, but gamblers who want to win big are betting on a more unlikely scenario, such as the possibility of Meghan not showing up at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. We present you a list of most popular royal wedding bets, according to the site

  1. Colour of Queens hat
  2. Artist of 1st dance song
  3. Who will walk Meghan down the Aisle
  4. Manufacturer of brides arrival vehicle
  5. Prince Harry medals
  6. What tiara will Meghan wear
  7. What meat will be served for the main course
  8. Who will attend the wedding ceremony
  9. Will Prince Harry be cleanly shaven
  10. What titles will the couple take
  11. Whether it will rain during the wedding procession

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