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Single-Line And Multi-Lines Slots: What’s The Difference?

Let’s see the difference between different types of slots to help you chose the best. Also, check out the newest hot deals!

Since the invention of slot machines, this type of games has been entertaining players across the globe. Reasons  might be their simplicity, instant winnings they offer and higher payouts for smaller deposits. All this made slots most popular casino games of all time. One of the frequent questions related to slots is the meaning of the single-line and multi-lines slots. Lucky for you, here we are to explain the difference between these two types and help you pick the best option.

Single-Line Slots Explained

As the name suggests, single-line slots are machines with only one payline. They are some of the earliest slots designed. Due to technological limitations, there was no ability for multi-line slots.

So, these slots are very simple when it comes both to design and possibilities. The design is plain and mainly contains classic symbols, such as fruits or sevens. The grid is usually 3×3 or even 3×1 while bonus games usually don’t exist. As a result of their simplicity, single-line slots do not have many features.

It’s a common thing that some online slot machines are too complicated for many players. So, if you are one of those or are simply a fan of old-school gambling, single-line slots are probably your thing.

Meaning of Multi-Lines Slots

On the other hand, multi-lines slots have more paylines. Mostly, it’s even more than 5, up to several hundreds or thousands. They are packed with new concepts and features. You can also get numerous bonuses, free spins, free games and much more.

When it comes to the themes, they are various as well. From the common ones like fruits, there are mythology creatures or characters of popular movies. Also, symbols dedicated to various themes, so you can meet Ancient Egypt, heroes from fairy tales or cartoons.

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Single-Line And Multi-Lines Slots – Which Is Better?

Well, there is no answer to that question. It’s all about preference. The main difference is in the number of ways you can combine the symbols and win. Single-line slots are usually classic old games, where you won’t experience advanced features, so it can be frustrating for some. However, you should try both.

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    1. Hi, James. Thanks for reaching out. If I’m right this issue has already been solved with our support agent. Cheers!

  2. Personally…..when I want to take my time and play I like the story and graphics of the multi line slots. When I want to play just for money I always go back to the one line. Don’t get me wrong I’ve won and lost on both kinds of reels, but , I feel like the wins and losses are a lot higher on multi reel slots

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