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The Famous Unrequited Love Scenes from Movies

Some of the most memorable scenes from movies tackle the topic of unrequited love. It’s painful, but it could be funny and adorable. However, one thing is for sure. The famous unrequited love scenes from movies  give us goosebumps and bring back sweet memories of growing up. As it is Valentine’s weekend, allow yourself to be all addle-brained and emotional. Lay back, relax and enjoy. Above all, do not forget to enter our Valentine’s blog promotion and get 100 free spins.

Crazy Stupid Love (Robbie & Jessica)

This movie is basically a whole chain of unrequited loves. Our choice for today is the adolescent love Robbie Weaver shows for Jessica Riley. Have you ever experienced a love like this one?


The Lord of the Rings (Eowyn & Aragorn)  

The unrequited love that sadness, inspires, empowers and drives to action, eventually leading to finding true love.


500 Days of Summer (Tom Hansen & Summer Finn)

You know the feeling when you are trying to convince yourself that your partner is so into you, while at the same time anyone can see that he or she is not committed the same way? This is another realistic, emotional story about falling madly in love and getting over it eventually, just so new love can enter your life.


Love Actually (Mark & Juliet)

Mark has finally found the guts to express his love for Juliet, although the moment he chose could not have been worse. Juliet is already married to his best friend. The movie depicts intertwined love stories, and you must have seen it. This is a reminder about one of the legendary bittersweet scenes.

Do you have the favorite movie about unrequited love?


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