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The magic of smells

How many times have you passed someone in the hallway, for example, and turned around to get a better look at that person because something other than eye connection happened right there? Has it ever happened to you to sniff almost every item you wish to buy? Well, there is a large community of people who actually do this and many other more strange and unimaginable things, believe it or not. As well as to sounds and visuals, our brains also react to smells.

The term “body odor” usually bears a negative connotation. However, scientists say that in reality all of us react to body odors in the most extreme ways. We either love them or hate them. If we were to ask our noses for opinion, we would be attracted to someone sexually more often than we think. This is also one of the first, although overlooked, primary features that attract us to someone.

Everyone falls for a person he or she is chemically compatible with. It is a natural thing, and it is a reflection of primary urges. Scientists debate over the way people release hormones, and whether we do it in the same way animals do. In that respect, the exploration of pheromones is developing rapidly.

Did you know that based on this science, certain companies placed odorless “perfumes” on the market? The secret of these, so-to-speak, fragrances is the fact they were made to mix with the natural hormones each person releases. Then, the molecules from the bottle intertwine with organic, chemically induced scents of our bodies, and the mixture becomes unique for each individual.

Some researchers claim that it is not actually our smell receptors that react to smells and raise sexual interest, but our immune system.  Either way, we cannot overlook the sensation caused by a pleasant smell. It can be an expensive perfume, the smell of shampoo, body lotion or our clothes. Or the smell of our favorite food, for example.    

Having said that, I must admit the logical question which comes to mind is: to what extent humans are drawn to other humans based on primal instincts?

While we leave you with that thought, we also remind you that we all love the smell of money. So, do not hesitate. Go, get some!

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