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The Most Expensive Countries in 2019

Whether you have high expectations from life, or you are a demanding customer exploring the best possible service in any industry, have you ever wondered which countries in the world are the most expensive, and which are the best organized and affordable and can provide the luxurious living?

CEOWORLD magazine has conducted a research to find out which countries are the most expensive to live in 2019, and the results have put Switzerland at the top of the list of the most expensive countries in the world, which does not come as a surprise, since “the land of cheese, chocolate and expensive watches” is the very synonym for luxury. The research has taken into consideration the living costs, accommodation, the prices of clothing, food, transportation, internet, utilities. The data gathered have been compiled into index, with New York being one of the very expensive cities with the index of 100.  The country which ranked 2nd, right after Switzerland is Norway, then Bahamas, Luxembourg, Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Korea, Ireland.

However, the most expensive and luxurious does not necessarily mean incomparable quality of life. Perhaps the biggest luxury today is well organized and accessible health care system. It is interesting to know that for example, there is a prejudice about the incomparability of Canadian health care system. The research has shown that there are countries which can match this very high quality offered in Canada. We explored the subject and concluded that perhaps oddly, Malaysia and France have extremely high standards when it comes to health care.

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Apart from an excellent climate and beautiful countryside, culture and traditions, France prides itself with high life expectancy of 85.7 years, partially due to its excellent healthcare system. As a quick reminder, France was ranked 5th in the world in 2018. by life expectancy standards, while the USA was ranked 34th. France supports low cost of health insurance and high quality of service which is constantly keeping them at the top of the list of the World Health Organization. It appears that the French believe that accessibility and affordability are the keys. Did you know that the government covers parts of the costs of prescription medicine, making them one of the least expensive in the world? Additionally, the patients suffering from long-term illnesses have access to the entire healthcare free of charge.

Malaysia is considered to be the world’s healthcare capital. The Joint Commission International is considered the referent body to assess the healthcare systems and they certified 4 hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and 2 in Penang. The facilities are well equipped, and almost the entire medical staff is fluent in English. The services are highly accessible, without the need to previously schedule the appointment. Above all, the prices in both private and state-owned hospitals are much lower than in the Western countries.

There you go, folks. Sometimes the cost of living is not in tune with the general quality of life. We may be living surrounded by luxury. The question is to what extent the luxury is accessible to us? And healthcare has become the luxury of its own.

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