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The Phenomenon of Coachella

Remember Woodstock?  Well, a new phenomenon has grown in Indio, CA, and it is called Coachella. You know how old people like to say: “Back in my day…”? Coachella is definitely something that you will talk about with your kids, reminiscing about the days when music integrated other art forms and made a comprehensive phenomenon in the California desert.

Many of you have probably heard about this festival. However, if the featured type of music is not your cup of tea, the chances are you skipped the entire story. We are here to point out the importance of the event itself and the meaning it holds, especially among the younger audience.

Festivities like this one are quite often in different parts of the world, but when they are organized in the US, the impact they have on other similar events is massive. Coachella itself has evolved from 1999 festival to the global event it is today, showing the need for counter-culture and setting the rules of their own. It has been devised from the concept of comprehensive sensation, meaning it should activate all of your senses and then let you indulge in the experience. The organizers took care that the audience that stays there is kept entertained during the day as well, and they are now offering camping, shopping and fun activities. You can play ping-pong, twister, giant Jenga, engage in art workshops or early bird raffle, practice pilates, yoga, “unleash your inner ‘Crazy Legs’ at the all-styles dance sessions”, play foosball, snookball, go shopping for your favorite merchandise – just to name a few.

Fashion industry has also acknowledged the importance of Coachella and the influence it has on generations of young people. So, there are brands that developed the special clothing line to incorporate in the style which Coachella promotes. Apparently, the event goes boho! Sounds familiar? We think it is a nice homage to the previously mentioned gigantic event that paved the way for all future festivals of this kind.

Without intent to sound disrespectful to the music, maybe the most notable feature of Coachella is in its visuals, combining music with art and technology. This year Childish Gambino and Google Pixel 3 will take care of your overwhelming experience, between Mojave and Gobi stages.

There are five main stages: The Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theater, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent. Headliners include Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Ariana Grande. Additionally, there will be many other quality entertainers to chill with. Coachella has already become one of the most influential festivals in the world. Are you a part of it?

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