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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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For many people, summer is the favorite period of the month. It gives many opportunities to spend fun time outdoors but it can be very hard to beat the summer heat. However, if you play at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme and follow our tips, it will be the piece of cake for you.

Avoid Cooking in the Oven During Summer Heat

If you must cook though, use a crock-pot. Turning the oven on will only make your kitchen, and your apartment, especially if it’s a small one, even hotter.

Place Frozen Water Bottles in Front of Fans

This is the easiest do-it-yourself kind of a natural air conditioner. The breeze created by the fan will be much cooler. If you add salt to the water before it freezes, it will take longer to melt.

Face the Fans Out

Most of us think that there is no better way to cool ourselves than to face the fan directly to the place where we are. But, the truth is that you have to cool all the room and you can do that facing fan out. Namely, when your fan is facing out the window, it blows hot air out of the room, which is replaced by cold air from outside.

Don’t Wipe Off the Sweat

Sweating is a natural process through which the body cools off. Each gram of sweat transitioning from liquid to gas phase absorbs energy into the air, thereby decreasing the body temperature.

Limit Workout

The more you move, the more heat your body generates. If your goal is to stay cool, try not to use your muscles more than you need to. Walk around your neighborhood instead of running. Most importantly, take plenty of breaks. Resting allows your body to dissipate some of the heat you’ve built up from exercising.

Walk on Grass

Do you know how asphalt gets very hot? Well, grass doesn’t. So go to your garden, or a park and walk barefoot on grass, preferably under trees. It is one natural way to cool off, beat the summer heat and enjoy nature.

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