Largest land-based casinos

Largest land-based casinos

Two of the Largest Land-Based Casinos

Las Vegas has been the center of fun and cash for decades. The Strip has always favored the luxury and offered nothing less to its visitors. The magic of a gambling experience is in its possibilities. Everything is possible in a gambling world. Therefore, the casinos have long entered the race to offer the ultimate experience. The replica of Venice, the amazing swimming pools, the French atmosphere…. Join us for a stroll through two of the largest land-based casinos.

Venetian Macau, Macau, China

Venetian Macau was originally established as part of the Las Vegas Sands Company. It was opened in 2007 at the area covering 10,500.000 square feet.

Venetian Macau is by far, the largest casino in the world. The selection of slots is extremely wide. Namely, it features 3,000 slot machines. Additionally, Venetian Macau prides itself with 870 table games. When its time to take a rest, the players can choose among 3,000 hotel rooms that Venetian Macau has in offer.

Venetian Macau features 4 themed gaming areas: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon, Phoenix. The evening shows include Cirque du Soleil, for example, among many other prominent acts.

All in all, there are visitors who do not even gamble. They come to see what the famous Venetian has to offer. Whether you are into tasty meals or fun evening shows, top-notch shopping experience or you simply like to gamble, Venetian will leave you breathless.

Ponte 16, Macau, China

Ever since its opening in 2008, Ponte 16 has quickly become one of the largest land-based casinos in the world.

Interestingly, this was originally a fisherman’s port. The gambling in this area reportedly started at the beginning of the 20th century, with grouping of the triads. Later on, the port became familiar for its economic rise.  Eventually, this led to the development of a high-class casino Ponte 16.

This casino found its place in the historic center of Macau. The area covers 270,000 square feet. It features 320 slot machines, 150 tables, a hotel with 423 rooms, 3 restaurants, etc.  Glamorous atmosphere and service at its best is available at many of the places within the complex of Ponte 16 .

Luxury hotels and shining lights everywhere you look may provide for a unique experience, we cannot argue this. However, if you had a chance to visit any of the places similar to the ones described herewith, the chances are you would wish to earn the same cash without the bother of travelling too far. This is why we are here for. To offer the ultimate experience and instant payouts 24/7. Regardless of where you find yourself at the particular moment, our bet safe online casino is always available.  As you already know, we offer one of the best services in the industry and you do not even need to get out of the bed to visit us.

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