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Gold is the color of luxury and success. It has always been related to wealth and money. The desire to find and possess gold is present in all nations and cultures. That is probably why the legend of the golden city of El Dorado has been popular all over the world. Well, this month El Dorado is especially popular at Casino Extreme, since there is an ongoing Road to Eldorado tournament that leads to 33k prize pool rewards! Read on to learn about the legend and win legendary prizes!

The Legend of El Dorado

The story of El Dorado begins in the 16th century. Spanish conquistadors believed that somewhere in the New World existed a land of enormous wealth, a land of gold. This story originated from the South American natives.

The legend says the king of the Muisca people, an indigenous people of Columbia, used to cover himself with gold dust as a part of the ritual. After the ritual, he would go into the lake and wash the gold from his body. When translated, the name “el dorado” means “the golden one”. Muisca people have continued to throw the gold in the lake, as a tribute to the king. In many legends, El Dorado is actually that king, and the valley and the lake are named after him.

Instead of being a specific place, El Dorado was a combination of various stories. Led by the desire to get rich, many have tried to find that valley and lake.

Attempts to Find the El Dorado Gold

First significant attempt to find the El Dorado was carried out by Spanish conquistador Gonzales Pizarro. Can you imagine how strong his desire to find the gold was, when he had chained more than 4000 natives to help him in his mission? However, his attempts remained just that- attempts.

When word of the golden country spread, more and more conquistadors tested their luck to find the treasure. They have even tried to drain the small lake of Guatavita, northeast of Bogota, which was believed to hide all that gold. The final attempt happened in 19thcentury, when Alexander Von Humboldt visited this lake and estimated that the gold inside of it is worth around 300 million.

All these searches ended up with wasted lives and resources, leaving the legend alive and still attracting hypnotized individuals to this small valley in Columbia.

Road to El Dorado Tournament at Casino Extreme

El Dorado was a legendary city. Different nations had different stories and the truth remains misty. What is crystal clear is that in Casino Extreme this month, El Dorado is real, and it can bring you gold! Amazing cash prizes, free chips, and spins is the gold we are talking about. Our Road to El Dorado tournament is open until the end of November, so be sure to join now! And since it is already the second half of the month, and you might feel like you are behind, we have an amazing ongoing Sultry November promotion with No Rules Bonus. That can for sure help you catch up and speed up your way to the prize!

Read the tournament rules below and happy playing!

Road to El Dorado Tournament Rules:


  • Leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours
  • Prizes will be credited on November 30th
  • The November Road to El Dorado Tournament runs every day from November 1st until November 30th
  • Only players who have made at least 3 deposits are able to participate in the tournament.
  • Only non-progressive slot play is being taken in the points calculation.

Reward Terms:

  • Cash prizes have no restrictions
  • Chip Prizes contain 40x wagering and 3x max cash out open for non-progressive slots play.
  • Max bet per hand is $10.

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