What can you fold but not crease?

For all of you who like to play guessing with us, today we ask you: What can you fold, but not crease? If you are a true gambler, the answer will be waiting at the tip of your tongue.

To get you going, here are some thoughts to direct you to the right path.

Sometimes, giving up is a good thing to do. One of the first lessons we should learn in life, as well as in gambling, is to choose which battles to fight. Before jumping in new endeavors, projects, decisions, we should make assessments and gather the information on what our possibilities or chances are. There are situations when the picture is clear, and we feel in control. This usually happens when we have clear input into the opponents plans, resources, and can soundly assess his potential. Other times, we are left guessing.

For those among you who are good at mathematics, the equation is simple. You may even keep track of things and events no matter how quickly they are developing. Others are left with their intuition and ability to read people. When it comes to body language, things can get complicated. Sometimes, people are good at faking not just their behavior, but their entire lives as well, together with their assets and future plans. However, there are micro signs that we should watch out for and learn to detect, or – even better – adopt accordingly.

Bluffing is an art which not too many people have truly mastered. It is not just about having a stone called face. It is about giving the general impression of self-confidence and integrity. It is also about being a true player. The one with a good story and demeanor many would believe in. It is a skill which should be practiced over and over again to get you prepared not just physically, but mentally as well, so as not to give in under pressure. Combined with micro facial expressions, this skill can go a long way in the gambling world.

So, you got to know the difference between the genuine smile and the fake one, or to differentiate the glances and directions our eyes roll when we are hiding something or not telling the truth. Even better, you learned to read the lines surrounding the opponents mouth and can tell if he or she is angry, disappointed or content. And at the end, what do you do? Do you think you can make a justified decision to withdraw or to engage further?

If you are player, you will know what to do. So, let us know: What can you fold but not crease? 

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        1. Hi, Karen. A true poker player, right? Stay tuned. You never know when a reward for the right answer may pop up.

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