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Self-Care Tips You Should Do During Winter

Ok, winter is on its way and it’s time to bright out those wool sweaters. Although you probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere and would prefer to bury yourself under a soft warm blanket,  unfortunately, our daily routines do not stop just because it’s cold outside. However, this is the time of the year we should be extra careful and pay close attention to our self-care. It should be priority number one for all of us. We have compiled a list of some self-care tips that you can do right at home and in just a few minutes a day combat the winter blues.


Your muscles tense up more in the colder temperatures and that is the reason you should never forget to stretch.  Five minutes a day in the morning and before you go to bed will make a huge difference to your body’s immune system.

Guided meditation

If you have never tried meditation before, winter is a great time to start. We recommend you do your guided meditation with some of this app to help you find that inner peace.  Five-minute relaxing meditation a day will do wonders to your nervous system and have you in better prepared for some of those cold rainy days ahead.

Essential oils

Most of us have fought an agonizing battle with winter’s dark soldier the stuffy nose which can make all other activities you have to do a nightmare from the start. To try and solve this try some essential oils. They will help open up your sinuses and help you take those deep breaths that are needed to meditate in peace. 🙂 The most powerful remedy is the blend of eucalyptus and sage. When you find it’s impossible to wake up on those dark winter’s morning,  why not try mixing lemongrass or grapefruit essential oil with warm water and spraying it with your hot shower. It will bring back the energy you so desperately need to tackle another gloomy dark cold winter day.

Warm bath

At the end of a hard, frustrating and cold winter day, there’s nothing better than slipping into a hot bubble bath. The silents of a locked, don’t disturb, the warm bathroom will not only warm you right up from the cold, but is sure to help you find that peace and tranquility you have been searching for all day. While you are relaxing in your little safe haven and bringing back the feeling in your frozen toes,  remember that Casino Extreme is just a mouse click away and maybe just maybe today is that day, the day when you hit the BIG Jackpot and escape this winter’s worries on some of the world most exotic beaches.

We are sure that if you try some of our self-care tips every day your winter won’t be so blue. There is one tip we did not add to our list, but it sure will make you forget the winter cold. Play at Casino Extreme and enjoy our great daily bonuses!



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