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Andreas Ericsson Interview: It’s Fun to Win in Crypto

You can get the best advice about responsible gambling from an online casino affiliate site. One of the fastest-growing in the industry is which features some of the absolute premier sites on the web. Their goal is to create the number 1 resource for Crypto gambling online. This is a good reason to ask them about everything players want to know regarding gambling today, especially in cryptos. Andreas Ericsson from New Crypto Casinos was very kind to answer. This is his interview for Extreme Magazine.

What do you think is the most important thing when choosing an online casino to play at?

Professional support that can help you when needed, within a reasonable time.

What are the main characteristics of a good online casino?

Great games and attractive bonuses.

What are the main advantages of using cryptos at an online casino?

Fast deposits and withdrawals, and it’s more fun to win in crypto.

Which casino bonuses are the best in your opinion?

Cashback bonuses, I like when the casino rewards loyal players.

Why players should choose to play at Casino Extreme/Casino Brango?

Both of these casinos have everything we are looking for when choosing a new casino: excellent support, great games, and very attractive bonuses. The casinos also have that modern feel and are very user friendly, basically all you need to have good gaming experience.

How do you see the online casino industry at this moment?

Right now we see the biggest changes in the online casino industry ever, and the biggest change is the new crypto casinos offering players to deposit and withdraw in multiple cryptocurrencies. The industry is about to transform from fiat to crypto.

Where is the place for affiliate sites in this industry?

We have an important role to guide a player who is looking for and wants to know more about crypto casinos, to the right place.  Sometimes you forget how many question marks players have, and we try our best to give them all the necessary information before they choose a new crypto casino.

Do you have favorite casino games and if you do, which are they?

I like slots with free spin features, its nice feeling when you hit a bonus round and you know that you most likely will hit a big win.

Do you have any advice you would like to offer for the newbies in this industry?

Gamble responsibly! If you follow this simple rule, you will have so much fun exploring the world of online casinos.

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