Bitcoin attracts

Bitcoin attracts

Bitcoin Attracts More Women Every Day

For decades there has been a prevalent opinion that women are big spenders, while men are out there to secure the money and take care of the finances. In many parts of the world, this male dominant role is still strong. However, we cannot overlook the fact that Bitcoin attracts more women every day. It is happening across the American continent, as well as in Europe, Asia…

What Do the Numbers Say?

The global pandemic took its toll and changed many of the ways people spend their funds. Nevertheless, Bitcoin seems to be holding strong and gaining new supporters constantly.

During the first quarter of this year, it has been estimated that the number of women involved in crypto one way or the other increased by 43.24%. On the other hand, some crypto exchanges saw a huge increase of 160% of women dealing with cryptos!

If we are talking about investors, Grayscale, a BTC fund operator, reportedly estimated that 43% of Bitcoin investors are women. This is a 13% increase from 2019. In general, people like to invest in real estate, gold and cryptos. It seems that investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming more convenient by the day.

The above numbers vary depending on the region and local economy. But one thing is for sure. Bitcoin proved to be the crypto of choice for many women. Let us see why.

Accessibility and Convenience

We are witnessing the wider adoption of blockchain technology around the world. We wrote about this topic in our previous posts. As blockchain is showing its advantages in many areas and making our lives more comfortable, women decided to come on board.

Analyses show that nowadays, women use Bitcoin to buy everyday goods, clothes and even coffee. Digital money has become easy to use. Moreover, the number of exchanges where you can purchase it is increasing, as well as the number of ATMs. Furthermore, many well established brands offer incentives for purchases in Bitcoin, and they reward customer’s loyalty.

On the other hand, we heard some of the analysts, such as VP of Bithumb Global, a cryptocurrency exchange, who reportedly claimed that although the number of women interested in Bitcoin increased, the women are not so pro-active. Namely, on Bithumb, women are apparently opening accounts and exploring more than actually trading.

Al in all, why Bitcoin attracts more women is most probably because of its accessibility and convenience in usage. Nowadays, you do not have to be an expert in any field to use BTC. That is why we have people of all kinds of backgrounds trading with Bitcoin and generally – using it daily, the same as fiat currencies.

Women and Bitcoin Around the World

CoinMarketCap reportedly did a research that showed the number of women who use cryptos in US increased 50% this year. This is the data recorded at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We still do not have the reliable information on how things unfolded in the last few months.

However, it would be logical to assume the this percentage increased, having in mind the fact that many men and women switched to buying online, while the value of Bitcoin went up.

The numbers are identical in Europe when it comes to women and Bitcoin. Speaking of Europe, apparently Bitcoin attracts women the most in Greece. There, the market recorded a record growth of 163.67% of women who are crypto users.

As for Asia, Indonesia is reportedly the absolute winner with an 88.92% increase in the number of women Bitcoin users.

Bitcoin attracts more women, that is for sure. And our games attract Bitcoin! In case you are looking for a place to either spend some of your cryptos or win some, visit our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme. Find your game and good luck!

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