Casino Extreme Now Accepts Tether

Use Tether as a deposit method and get a big casino bonus at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Extreme.

Casino Extreme is hosting some of the safest and easiest deposit methods in the industry. Now, Tether has been added to that list and we prepared a special bonus for all players using this cryptocurrency.

Tether Basics

Tether (USDt) is among the 15 most popular digital currencies. The name itself is peculiar. It suggests that something has been “tethered” with. In this context, crypto tethers or chains to the value of a US dollar in a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, USDt should have the same value as US$ in real time. Due to this feature, USDt is a stablecoin.

Currently, Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or tether the value to the price of national currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the offshore Chinese yuan.

Advantages of Using Tether

In general, USDt is very suitable for investors and there are some advantages of using it that you have to know.

First of all, this crypto is powered by bitcoin blockchain. This blockchain has proved itself as secure and very difficult to break. Consequently, Tether is in “safe hands”.

Transparency is one more advantage of USDt. People who invest like to know exactly how much something will cost  and what they can expect to gain with it. The fact that USDt is pegged to a US dollar is enough of a guarantee that the digital token cannot fluctuate in value that much.

The users can exchange the US$ directly for USDt or they can buy Tether by selling their BTC.  With other altcoins, the exchange platforms usually have requirements to first purchase either BTC or ETH and then trade it for USDt.

Special Casino Bonus

We at Casino Extreme have a special ongoing promotion for all players using Tether as a deposit method.

250% bonus + 75 free spins with 35x rollover and 30x max cashout are waiting for you! 

Just login to your casino account, go to the cashier, enter a bonus, and click on redeem code, make your deposit and get ready to win!



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